Saturday, March 5, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(I have been to the old Dubai Airport for about twenty times on transit, over the last many years, without ever leaving it to go to the city. So I am excited with the prospect of being able to return there although I may not be able to land at the same airport but at a new one early next month for a brief visit to the city and country, UAE which is the 35th country I will be visiting. I do not have a Facebook account yet. I’ll only get one when I publish the 60 titles of books I have written in Melayu and English in a special world record edition.)

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‘Zionism is against Judaism!’ and ‘No to the state of Israel!’

Who do you think always say this?

No, they are not the Arabs or Muslims. They are Jews – and they are not the ordinary Jews, but the learned Rabbis of the Naturei Karta organization and other pious Jews who know better about Judaism and the history of the Jews more than anyone else.

They demonstrate outside of the Israeli embassies in America and London, on Israel’s ‘independence day’ which they describe as a sad day for the Jews.

Some of their leaders have been invited to speak in forums in Malaysia, but they did not wear their ordinary clothes; and chose instead to wear ordinary ones without even wearing the ‘kippah’ for fear of being targeted.

Yes, they can be ‘targeted’ wearing the ‘kippah’ and their long black jacket with a black hat, if they are to walk about in Kuala Lumpur; they can be a sight for many Muslims to behold.

And they will be seen in high regard, that of a man of piety and for peace.

If there are some Muslims in Malaysia and in some other Muslim countries who take to the streets, they are to protest against Zionist brutality and Zionism and not against the Jews whom they know are their own brethren.

Because they are pious people and friends of Muslims and of Islam, and also because they are learned Rabbis, they did not exhibit other physical acts which cause harm to anyone.

They just protest to show their disdain on the Zionist elders, their Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel.

But, they have not been charged for being Anti-Semites, because they are Semites. The Arabs and Palestinians and some other Muslims, too, are Semites, yet for some strange reasons some of them have been branded as Anti-Semitic.

Branding any person for being Anti-Semitic should not cause him to be paralyzed. It is not a worse crime compared to acts of terror which causes houses and refugee camps to be flattened and even ambulances to be bombed with the injured inside of them killed even before they could get to any hospital or clinic.

Anti-Humanity is worse than Anti-Semitism, yet no charge of ‘Crimes against humanity’ has been leveled against the perpetrators even though some of them have been filed cases against them for which they are not allowed to go to England.

It is a pity how no one in the world including the learned Jewish Rabbis of the old school and other pious Muslims do not realize that, it is the Zionist elders and Zionism who are against the unity of Muslims and Jews as enshrined in our holy books.

Earlier discourse on the religions of old has all said that Muslims and Jews as well as the Christians are People of the Book; therefore they are the most blessed people who were blessed with wisdom, intelligence to create a world that is peaceful where development benefits all and not to just a few, where negative thoughts do not have any place in the daily lives of the people.

This has happened for so long until fairly recently when Zionism crept in with some smart Pseudo-Jews taking the mantle of leadership by behaving like the false prophets.

They had spelled doom for Muslim-Christian-Jewish relations.

Yet, this has happened without anyone realizing it.
How come?

How come the Jews did not realize their enemies when they see them?

And the Muslims too did not see who are those who want to break Muslim-Jewish relations that had been forged for so long?

The Zionists have their own wrong zeal; they use economic and military power to affect the change in attitude of some Jews who did not know better how to look at the bigger picture, of their future alone without their fellow brethren – amongst the Muslims and also Christians.

Yet, the Zionist elders and their major supporter and sponsor, America – the USAUnited States of America, or is it the United States of Assimilation or the United States of Animosity?

The smart politicians and military officers in America have all been blinded; they have all failed to look at the wider picture beyond hatred and blind support for a small group of people who have suffered in the past in the hands of the Nazis.

Yet, they did not care that they are now blaming the Palestinians and Arabs and other Muslims for their own crass action.

That they did not realize that Zionism has caused a severe rift between Muslims and the Jews.

That this problem cannot be allowed to sustain as it is not sustainable for more than six decades that the Zionist movement has existed.

They had not achieved much other than to create fiction between Muslims and their brethren, the Jews.

Can’t all of them see how the world needs everybody so that its natural resources that had been given to them by the Higher Being be used for the betterment of mankind?

Has the Devil really forced them to think otherwise, and to reject peace overtures and use the strong-arm tactics to push for their unwritten plans to dominate the world, which they know can never happen?

And their actions have also caused repercussions in the forms of terrorist acts on the innocent and the destruction of the family institution and everyday life for many in the world.

And as a direct result there are many countries especially those in Africa and South America and some others in Asia which have failed to develop.

If this is what the Zionists and their supporters want, they have got it.

But what they wanted is truly not written in any of the Holy Books of the Muslims, Christians and Jews.

They can only be written in the secret text of the Zionists, whom the learned Rabbis of the old school disdain and who also do not consider Israel to be a legitimate state.

So beware of the enemies, Muslims and Jews. They are not people from amongst you; they are the Zionist elders.

The Zionists are the ones who want to create a wedge between the Muslims and Jews. They do so by coming up with their own interpretation of history.

And they use it to stake a claim on lands which they and their ancestors did not own anymore as they had been surrendered to the new owners who had toiled them for generations.

What sort of logic did they have in wanting this to happen? What benefits do they get from this setup?

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