Sunday, September 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

How can any non-Muslim reject Hudud Law, even if they are mostly meant for Muslims? And how can the same non-Muslims reject Law even if they are used on them?

Hudud Law forms an integral part of the Islamic System and way of life.

No other religion has such laws or ways of life that their founders and preachers could go up to the pulpit to espouse.

This is their problem, which has caused their brethren to be left behind with no system to follow and be part of.

No wonder most of them who profess the other religions or beliefs have gone astray without proper guidance by their books and leaders, who have all lost whatever credibility and respect they should get, but since their system did not insist on them having it, they simply had to forgo it.

So in the end, even the Pope could be belittled. And regular prayer services too not taken seriously, with Sunday Mass not well attended.

In the end many of the old churches are left to decay with some of them converted to hotels, hostels, restaurants and discotheques.

Those which are still standing only represent relics of an ancient past, with irregular services attended by those who are retired and old, with the young making themselves scarce.

Worse, they seem to have returned to where their ancestors had started from – accepting Paganism and Atheistism as their new way of life, with no care for the Hereafter and the Higher Being. They only care for the here and now.

So they ended up performing certain duties which show how much they are believers of those other religions or beliefs.

No wonder, they are passive believers of those beliefs, who can even cross-practice other beliefs including incorporating the early pagan practices of their ancestors, without the religious elders feel aghast at their behavior.

But this cannot be tolerated in Islam, as Islamic practices and way of life cannot be blended and incorporated with earlier pre-Islamic and Pagan beliefs.

No wonder, the other religions or beliefs do not have their own special way for their believers and brethren to prepare the food they eat, and how they should manage their finances and money.

Worse, they do not have a legal system for their brethren to abide to.

Unlike Islam which has all of these and more. And they are roughly divided into three categories – Halal Industry, Banking and Finance System and also Hudud Law, all of which help to create a more conducive atmosphere for Muslims to prevail.

Unfortunately, the non-Muslims seem to be able to accept Halal Practices and Banking and Financing System, but not Hudud.

And unfortunately, too, there are just so few non-Muslims who are not comfortable with the implementation of Hudud Law in the country. They allege that they are inferior compared to Civil Law.

And they need to be re-educated so that they can be further enlightened to accept facts related to Islam and how Muslims should behave in order that they can become better Muslims.

The small number of non-Muslims in Malaysia who have different views on Hudud, strangely, are mostly lawyers who have a scant idea of Hudud. To them Hudud is anathema to their existence, so it has to be rejected, objected and removed from the thinking of the Muslims in Malaysia.

But Muslims have all along been allowed to practice Islam the way they were supposed to do.

And unbeknownst to the non-Muslims in Malaysia, they too have been accepting them knowingly and willingly.

In fact, some of them have benefited tremendously from Islam, despite them not being Muslims themselves.

They practice Islam more than they do. And they can be described as Half-hearted or Part-Muslims too. How?

Here’s how!

There are many non-Muslims, especially the Chinese who are involved in the Halal Industry.

And more and more non-Muslim business entities are trading in Islamic Banking and Financing, knowingly and willingly.

None of them including the vocal anti-Hudud non-Muslims have any disagreement with that.

And it is also strange how the vocal anti-Hudud non-Muslims can even dare to oppose such a law in the first place when they are not Muslims, and who do not have any business disagreeing to whatever that is prescribed for Muslims.

This is tantamount to interfering into the affairs of Muslims and Islam.

If they can say they are against Hudud, then they might as well say that Muslims must not be allowed not to consume pork or to perform their daily obligations.

Worse, they could even say Muslims need to be Muslims at all, if we can go on and use the same logic that they are using to oppose Hudud.

And the same persons too should say that non-Muslims must not involve themselves in the Halal Industry and they did not need to practice or use the Islamic Banking and Finance System, as these are instruments and practices for Muslims only.

Many non-Muslims especially the Chinese in Malaysia will cry foul if they are not allowed to conduct business with Halal certification.

Many non-Muslim countries will also cry foul if they are not allowed to establish their own versions of Islamic Banks.

And all those who are involved in such enterprises do not oppose the implementation of Hudud on Muslims and on themselves too, because they know they can benefit from it, as much as they had benefited from being involved in the Halal Industry and Islamic Banking and Financing System.

It’s only those vocal non-Muslim lawyers who are aloof to the daily lives and activities of other non-Muslims who can say negative things about Hudud.

In fact, they too cannot say that they are not totally aloof to Islamic ways, if they are Malaysians living in the country and abroad, as Islamic influences in food preparation and the trading and movement of money have become more and more Islamic influences today than they were before.

Implementing Hudud in Malaysia and also in other non-Muslim countries can do wonders to their legal system and in the conduct of the societies there as Hudud is far more superior in that legal decisions and expectations were all drawn up by non-humans who did not have biases other than to offer justice to all.

And even if we were to look at the issue of Hudud in the context of the states, one can say that Arab and Muslim countries are some of the more peaceful in the world, with the percentage of its people suffering from major lifestyle diseases including AIDS to be low.

They are only prevalent in non-Muslim countries.

And if there is militancy in some of the Arab countries, one can expect it to happen as a natural reaction to the discrimination and abuse by some of the major Pseudo-Christian states which have veto power in the United Nations Security Council and nuclear power.

Criminal activities in true Muslim countries are low, compared to those in the non-Muslim countries.

If there are criminal activities in some Muslim countries, this could be due to them having a sizeable non-Muslim communities, who have their own way of conducting their daily business and activities.

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