Wednesday, November 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It is strange how the British do things. They are aghast when one of their own kind had committed defamation against a mere individual who happens to be titled, yet, turned around to the other side, when one of their own kind has been charged by many to have lied to the whole country and the so-called ‘international community’ that helped to launch merciless attacks using the latest weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the Arabs and other Muslims.
          Alas the individual who has been defamed is British, while the many who had died or badly injured are mere Arabs or other Muslims, so the person who was responsible for the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan must be allowed to go scot-free.
          So George was not lucky, but Tony was…
          George Entwistle, the former director-general of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was forced to resign his post, because a producer had broadcast a confession by a man who alleged to have been sexually abused as a child by someone who is now a well-known personality in England. Entwistle said he had to bear the responsibility as he was also the editor-in-chief, meaning that he was responsible for anything that is broadcast by the television station.
          This is certainly what the English or British would have asked him to do, as the perfect English gentleman, to resign before he is forced to do so, by other means that they may have in their system.
          But, for a British prime minister, to take the whole of Britain to war against Iraq in support of America, on false charges, he can get away with it.
          Tony Blair had told not only the British but the whole world how Iraq then was on the verge of being able to produce weapons of mass destructions (WMD) and chemical bombs, which allowed America to launch their destruction of Iraq.
          Yet, then none of the WMD and chemical weapons were found in Iraq after the country was totally devastated, Tony Blair was not fazed. He continued to become prime minister. And till today no action has been taken against him by the international community other than by some well-meaning groups who had found him guilty in their courts.
          But they were all for show, as Tony Blair continued to transverse the world appearing in speaking engagements even when he was heckled by some people in the audience. He was not fazed.
          Even American president George W. Bush, too, is not fazed. And he seems to be able to lead fairly normal lives, compared to Tony Blair whose activities seem to have taken him further than George W. Bush’s.
          So far George has made just one trip outside of America, which was to go to a state in Africa where human rights groups there had tried in vain to have him arrested.
          However, since the government there said they had not got a warrant to do that, George was allowed into the country and attend the function he was invited to, and leave to return to America.
          So basically George is a pariah, an unconvicted war criminal as much as Tony is.
          Coming back to the other George – Entwistle, and comparing his fate to that of the American George, the former president and former British prime minister, Tony, one can see how flawed the system they have in England.
          Entwistle had to resign on his own accord simply because his television station where he was director-general had made a mistake, and apologized for it, before he was forced to do so by the system that they have in England.
          However, as with their former prime minister, Tony, who was found to have lied to everybody in his country and the world, yet, he is able to live freely as a member of the public and getting recognition even by the United Nations (UN) and other international bodies.
          The American George, however, can be said to be suffering from his misjudgment by taking his country into the war against Iraq, when his activities are curtailed. He is also not seen that much even in America, and much less in the world, where former American presidents often start to establish their own charity groups to help those in the poor countries as what The Carter Center is doing, with former president Billy Carter and his wife, Roselyn are currently doing.  
          Even another former American president, Bill Clinton, has his own organization which does almost the same things as The Carter Center.
          But so far there is no George W. Bush Center for anything.
          It would be an irony if George W. Bush establishes his own charity center to help the needy and to help those poor countries develop a bit more.
          How could a person want to do that when he had destroyed many countries when he was president? And they were not just ordinary countries, but Arab and Muslim ones?
          George and the Americans would not have destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and the other Arab and Muslim countries if they were poor ones with no natural resources especially oil.
          They wanted to destroy them because with their oil wealth, those countries were able to develop, economically.
          And Iraq was one of the most developed Arab countries in the Middle East. Libya, too, was developed. And they had to be destroyed.
          Any Arab or Muslim country which is developed is bad for America and their master state, the Zionist state of Israel.
          America and the Zionist state themselves knew if the Arab and Muslim countries are developed, the existence of the Zionist state would not be tenable. And America also know developed Arab and Muslim countries will not make America to be what they want it to be.
          America must be seen to be developed, and the other countries especially the Arab and Muslim ones, less so and totally destroyed.
          Superpower and nuclear-power states have to get other countries which they can destroy whenever they like. They do not like competition, even if the other countries are not militarily strong, but economically, socially, culturally and religiously, since American values are against all these.

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