Friday, November 2, 2012


By Mansor Puteh


America should now know that their veto power is totally useless when faced with natural disasters of this nature; Superstom Sandy could not have any of it.

America and its cohort, the Zionist state of Israel which have been giving Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and also Pakistan and some other Arab and Muslim countries a fair share of their evil deeds, and anytime they wished, when they realize how vulnerable they can be too, when the Higher Being decides to teach them a little lesson.

For so long, the America and the Zionist state did not know how those Arabs and other Muslims had had it from the power of man-made weapons of mass destructions (WMD) cause them to suffer, with many of their houses and buildings razed to the ground and the Arabs and Muslims totally annihilated with the press of the button and the drop of drones and other mid-range missiles fired from the Zionist state, or from American warships.

They were not natural disasters, which could not be avoided, but unnatural disasters caused by men who were supposed to come from countries and civilizations which were superior to those of the Arabs and Muslims.

Yet, these they could not avoid, but which they would create just to thrill themselves again and again, when all else did could not distract them.

And such ‘natural disasters’ which America seems to be getting quite often these days in different forms, can also happen at anytime.

The Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims, especially the Afghans and Pakistanis, just could not do much, other than to surrender their lives and land and properties at the mercy of the American and Zionist forces.

They only had prayers to say everyday, hoping that there could be some Divine Intervention, to stop their antagonists to stop the carnage that they had done on them for so many decades.

So no wonder till now no Arab and Muslim leader has tried to convey their sadness at what is happening in America now.

They may secretly say, how thrilled they are at being able to show how what they have been doing to the Arab and Muslim countries can also happen to them sooner or later and in almost the same form and style as well as in intensity.

Some of it happened through the acts of nature. One of which was in the form of Hurricane Katrina of 2005, and Hurricane Irene of 2008. Now it is in the form of Superstorm Sandy.

Why the authorities didn’t call them by other non-Western names is a cause of some interesting speculation, when they could have just called them Hurricane Muhammad and Superstorm Osama.

It could very well be Superstorm Osama bin Laden, whose body is laid in the Indian Ocean, whose element of water is now what’s hurting much of America with.

It is also ironic how it is happening not in other cities, but in New York City itself, and not so long after the eleventh anniversary of 911.

Hurricane Katrina of 2008 brought out Barack Hussein Obama back in his elements. Superstorm Sandy, will cause his re-election, with Mitt Romney’s challenge on him being wiped out altogether, taking with him his staunch Zionist supporters.

And the stoning of the Devil by four million Muslims who were performing their annual Haj pilgrimage, must have said it, in their hearts, happened four days before Superstorm Sandy happened, wiping much of the East Coast of America, did not help Mitt either.

There are scientific excuses for Superstorm Sandy to come by, even though in most probability, it should not have happened.

But it did.

So why can’t anyone suggest it happened because of Divine Retribution too?

Since Arabs and other Muslims cannot retaliate against America and the Zionists using physical means, as their acts are often paid in kind many times over, with drones flying and annihilating other individuals who they thought would harm them.

Suspicions alone could cause them to react and over-react.

So what was there for Arabs and Muslims to do other than to pray hard for some form of Divine Intervention, so there could be some Divine Retribution, which can only appear in the forms of natural calamity and disaster?

Other than that, America and the Zionists can target and repay the deeds of Arabs and other Muslims.

But they cannot blame them if the retribution comes in the form of natural calamities or natural disasters such as in the form of earthquakes, sandstorms, hurricanes or superstorms, flooding, etc.

Hurricane Katrina happened, which caused America to become crazy. But they were not able to do much as it was deemed to be a natural disaster.

They could blame their political leaders for not acting swiftly, to save live. The then President George W. Bush got the worst from the Americans.

Now, the incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama has to deal with Superstorm Sandy carefully or he might not be re-elected.

Maybe Superstorm Sandy happened as a sign for America to give him another chance, and not to turn in Mitt Romney, or else greater natural calamities would happen anywhere in America, on his beat.

The power of the prayers by four million Muslims during the last Hajj pilgrimage season therefore cannot be discounted.

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