Wednesday, August 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There is no need for anyone to be angry with the Chinese Left and other misplaced and confused Chinese Chauvinists in Malaysia. Just feel sorry for them.

They did not mean to be so. They are just confused. And the Melayu are to be blamed for making them feel so.

The locals in other countries in Southeast Asia or Nusantara Melayu region and in the other countries, because they did not give any chance for any Chinese to be confused, by forcing their views on them, which did not allow any of them to have their own grand illusions on how they too could run the country.

In Malaysia, the Melayu, being kind as Melayu and pity as Muslim allowed them to have their way in many ways.

This has allowed some of them to become confused, so a fewer number of them feeling empowered by their own stupidity.

And the Indians, too, having been left alone to their own device, too, felt that they could also exert themselves, with them being misled by a small number who are vocal to the point of being irritating.

The Chinese Chauvinists and also Confused Indians are irritating more than a threat to the Melayu Might.

Therefore, it is not a political issue as such, but a purely psychological one, involving just a small fraction of Chinese and Indians.

They realize how many of their brethren had long ago left the flock to embrace a Melayu life and reverting to Islam.

And how they are also slowly being forced to leave their recluse life hidden in the ‘new villages’ created by the British colonists and other rubber estates, where the Indians especially were forced to live in for a long time.

Now they are forced to mix with more and more Melayu, that they feel they too deserve not respect as such, but sympathy.

The Chinese Chauvinists in Malaysia are small, but they are noisy. The Indian Chauvinists are mostly lawyers who did not gain much prominence until they go into politics or shall we say – pseudo-political activitism.

Fortunately, there are more and more Chinese and Indians who are not Chauvinists; they have embraced Malaysianism.

And they are also seen as a threat to the Chinese and Indian chauvinists who fear that their communities are slowly being eroded of their identities, by the Melayu.

But alas, if their communities’ identities are being eroded, it was not due to the Melayu and Islam, but because of the English, as most of them have become or are trying to become Anglicized.

There are more and more Chinese who have English names, which they created for themselves, when their parents had given them typical Chinese names which they are not so happy to use in public. And most of them are not able to speak in English at all.

If Islam is a threat to them, it is because they see many of their brethren have reverted to the religion, not by force, but by their own initiative.

They try to blame Islamization in the public schools, but they did not fear Christian missionary activities in those Christian missionary schools which were established purely to convert the Chinese and Indians to Christianity.

Maybe the Chinese and Indian elders and other chauvinists amongst them fear, without them realizing it, is how the country has been Malaysianized more now than it was before, as more and more Chinese and Indians and the others are forced to mix with the majority Melayu.

They are not forced to mix more with the Melayu, but the development of the country is such that more and more land is developed leaving with no area where there is a majority Melayu population.

In fact, the Chinese conduct their business using the Melayu consumer base to develop, for without which, their businesses would not work.

Yet, the Chinese traders and other businessmen did not realize how the Melayu have all along supported their enterprises.

In fact, the Melayu can bankrupt the Chinese business activities if the Melayu simply refuse to go to any of their shops to buy things.

The Chauvinists also blame the public schools for being too Melayu and too Islam.

But they do not blame the schools in other countries especially those in the west which is too American or western, which they readily accepted as being part of the system in those countries.

In fact, all the countries in Nusantara Melayu do not care for vernacular education other than in Malaysia. And the use of their national languages supersede whatever demands that they have personally. Their own mother tongue languages can only be used amongst themselves, but not in public.

So this is one more reason why the Chinese and Indian chauvinists feel aghast that they are not able to do much in those countries, so they vent their anger and frustration in Malaysia, where they are given the space to show their outburst, in their pseudo-political and media activities.

These really do not help their cause, as their cause is not a realistic one.

Those who are vocal amongst them, especially the Chauvinists are the ones who are lost. And their numbers are diminishing. This forces them to shout even louder in order to be heard, before their own voices are dampened by the other members in their own communities.

The truth is at least about thirty percent of the Melayu in Malaysia have Chinese ancestry, with most of whom who had rejected it, preferring to be described as Melayu true and true.

This is a painful fact for the Chinese Chauvinists to realize. It is made even worse when more and more Melayu men and women who now look Chinese or Oriental, so much so that the Chinese feel alien like they are recent immigrants to the country.

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