Friday, August 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

‘Buddhism teaches it’s inherent a lot of things that are good, but their believers, do something else… But there’s no need to blame the religion but its so-called believers who are not doing the religion a favor. Blame should be on the Myanmar regime and some Rakhine Buddhists.’ This is a quote from someone who did not wish to be identified.

Buddhists and Zionists are lucky; they are not charged for being militant or terrorists. But Muslims are not so lucky; they are charged so, blatantly and crudely by the Pseudo-Christian westerners whose ancestors had done a lot of damage to their religion by invading countries across the world.

Yet, they were never charged for being militant or terrorists that they were. They were accorded the title of the Discoverers of those countries! The truth is that they were the Destroyers of those countries that they had pillaged and colonized and forcing their religion on the others.  

Aung San Suu Kyi, is no freedom fighter of Myanmar – or Burma according to her. The only reason she was given the Nobel Prize for Peace was for the western countries to confront the Myanmar regime, using her, and the stature of her late father, Aung Sang.

It is a Buddhist regime. It is ruthless not only to the other Myanmars, but mostly to the Muslims whose land they had seized control and want to displace.

They are the Rohingyas, who had a state of their own sitting between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Yet, the Rohingyas who are Muslims were forced to flee their land. Many found temporary shelter in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

Some have managed to flee Myanmar or Rohingya to come to Malaysia where they eke a living doing a host of things, living as refugees and protected by the United Nations (UNHCR).

So few have been relocated to America, Sweden or New Zealand.

It is ironic how the UN prefers to relocate Myanmars who are Buddhist or Christians over the Rohingyas who are Muslims.

One can easily distinguish the Rohingyas to the Myanmars; one are Muslims, the other Buddhists.

In fact, most of the Buddhists and also Hindus and Christians from Myanmar who fled from the country did not wish to go to neighboring Thailand but to Malaysia, when they know that it is a Muslim country.

The reason is that they know they would be safe living and working in Malaysia because it is a Muslim country.

They can’t even go to Singapore who only welcomes better educated and financially those who wanted to leave their own countries for economic and other reasons.

Malaysia is a Muslim country and they know they will be accorded with dignity and respect.

Some of them have lived in Malaysia for decades, so they know their ways. And if they have a choice they would rather remain in Malaysia then to return to Myanmar, at this time, when the country is said to be more democratic, with the freeing of their ‘freedom fighter’ Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

She is no freedom fighter. She is just a vocal woman who had family ties to the earlier government of the country with her father who was said to be a freedom fighter. Yes, he was a freedom fighter. And he died because of that.

The truth is the Buddhist regimes and countries of Myanmar are not doing Buddhism a favor. No wonder many young Buddhists are not practicing Buddhists, but mere token Buddhists. They would revert to other religions particularly Islam when they get the chance to do it.

They see how their government and military are treating the hapless Rohinygas in their own country who have been prosecuted by them and also by the Rakhine people who are Buddhist.

The reason for this mistreatment by the Myanmar regime on the Rohingyas is because they claimed the Rohingyas are not Myanmars. And they are sitting on land that they do not own.

They wanted to expel the Rohingyas to Bangladesh.

But they are not from Bangladesh. Rohinygas do not speak Urdu or Bengali like the Bangladeshis do.

They may practice Islam, but they are living in their own state which had been annexed by Myanmar.

The recent attack by the Rakine Buddhists on the Rohingyas has caused scores of Rohingyas dead, and their houses and masjid burnt.

This happened with the collusion of the military who are Buddhists.

Yet, all this continues to happen while the Buddhist elders and leaders look elsewhere, looking at their own salvation, begging in the streets for alms and food.

The Rohingyas cannot depend on the support of the Buddhist elders and leaders. They cannot depend on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and even the United Nations (UN) which have not been known to be supportive of the plight of the Muslims.

The UN is just an extension of America, and America doesn’t care with the so-called ethnic strive in Myanmar.

And no one knows what the OIC is cooperating with fellow Muslim countries on. Each Muslim country which is a member of the OIC has their own personal economic agenda; they do not have the time to entertain the problems of the Rohingyas.

This is despite the fact that they are compelled to help fellow Muslims who are in dire straits.

Yes, Malaysia has offered temporary shelter to some Rohingyas, but this is not enough. What it can do is to take up the matter with the OIC and the UN, even if this world body is useless to the cause of Islam, but at least the matter concerning the Rohingyas is debated, which can draw some attention to their plight.

But this is not done.

Malaysia is only willing to offer some Rohingyas a place to stay at.

It is too bad, Muslims cannot depend on the charity of the Buddhists, Christians and Catholics, who all have common goals.

The Buddhists and people of other faiths in Malaysia are given preferential treatment. They were allowed all sorts of facilities, with some of them who have become so brash that they seem to want to create their own colonies in Malaysia, by demanding the unimaginable.

They are mostly the Chinese who demand such things, which their brethren in other countries especially in the west where they like to go to for resettlement; yet, in these countries they are not able to gain much, but to fully assimilate with the local population, speaking in English and did not dare to demand land or money to build their vernacular schools.

But the Muslims are also at fault; they are too charitable and accommodative by even neglecting their own kind.

Muslims must change their attitude and treat those who do not deserve any respect accordingly.

When this happens, the Muslims will be given respect.

Some few hundred Rohingyas living as refugees in Malaysia organized a protest in front of the Myanmar embassy on 3 August, 2012, but they failed to hand the memorandum of protest to their officials.

This is how crass the Buddhists of Myanmar are; they who blatantly disregard the true teachings of Buddha, and who went on a rampage to disparage innocent souls simply because they are Muslims, whose land they want to seize control of.

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