Sunday, November 2, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

No wonder the Arabs and Muslims in the world could be considered to be nothing but slaves and inferior to those in the west, because the pious and ‘famous’ and ‘important’ Muslim scholars and clerics are just selfish and who do not know how to find ways to promote the unity of Muslims and who only know how to find ways to create fiction among themselves each time they try to exert themselves to show to everybody how pious and knowledgeable on Islam that they think they are.  

In the end, instead of benefiting Islam, they did not benefit the religion and Muslims; but on the other hand, benefit the non-Muslim parties who enjoy looking at the Arabs and Muslims squabble amongst themselves, so they needed to spend a lot less to cause them to suffer indignities and self-destruction by just provoking them into misbehaving themselves.   

It is therefore ironic that the people who have spent many years learning about Islam and who should be the very persons who could bridge the divide amongst the Arabs and Muslims had eventually became the real sources on the division amongst the Arabs and Muslims that we see today. They have made a mockery of themselves.  

The reason is that they got lost and forget what roles they should play to promote Islam amongst the Muslims and to the others who may benefit from the religion, even though they may not wish to profess the religion which has many values that they can appreciate.

They all have failed to play a role to strengthen the unity amongst the Arabs and Muslims in their own country and throughout the Muslim world, by thinking of effective ways that can lead to the unity of the Ummah or Muslim People.  

Instead, they are proud to find a wide variety of ways and means to divide the Muslims in their country which resulted in the entire Muslim world becoming fragmented and on the verge of destruction and collapse.

The problem is that people who studied Islam have lost their way and forgotten their true roles in Islam; they do not know to find the ways to promote unity amongst Muslims, because they have become totally ignorant, too conceited and too self-important and utterly confused with what little knowledge on Islam that they had managed to acquire in their years and years of self-study so much so that they thought they were able to self-appoint themselves as the unofficial spokesmen for Islam and all Muslims. Yes, they are that conceited and arrogant and also dumb, to say the least.  

So, they want to portray themselves as acclaimed Islamic scholars and tell everybody how educated they are on Islam, but without realizing that they had caused the Muslims to be divided by the controversial and even scandalous edicts they pass at their whims and fancies to entertain themselves and their small band of followers, without even daring to establish their own faith.

Yes, they feel proud when they can cause discord among Muslims and worse than that, they are willing to encourage the clashing of the Arabs and Muslims by colluding with the very people who are here only to destroy Islam and the Muslim countries.

This is very sad indeed. They are willing to destroy the unity of the Arabs and Muslims in order to get support from those who do not support their desire to further aggrandize themselves or to help create an artificial image of them selves as the ‘true defender of the faith’ when what they are doing is the opposite.

The saddest part of all is that such so-called Islamic scholars take so much pride in what they have to do without realizing it that it has caused the Muslims to be further divided the Muslims in their own country and abuse the religion of Islam that they like to say they are proud to knowledgeable of so that they can issue 'fatwas' or edicts on their own, although they do not have any credentials to do so.

They are not afraid of the Hereafter or Hell; they are only concerned with what they can do in the world now which is to get support and praise from their small group of supporters by insisting that they are more knowledgeable on Islam and who are more pious than the others.

In fact, Malaysia does not have any Islamic scholar of distinction. Indeed, the whole world does not have eminent Islamic scholars.

Those who claim to be such are mere students of Islam and who have not yet fully grasp the full understanding of Islam, to allow any one person to act alone on behalf of the religion.  

Some people like to claim that they are great Islamic scholars or experts. This is a big lie.

If there were eminent Islamic scholars in the world today, the person can certainly influence the development of the Arab World and in the Entire Muslim world.

But until now no one has any such influence to be able to do much.

That there are some people who stand out not because they are clever about the religion of Islam, but who know how to manipulate the verses in the Holy Koran and Hadiths as well as the Deeds or Sunnah of the Prophet, which all have managed to bring calamity to the Muslims in their own countries and in the Arab world and the Muslim world generally.

In the past, it was difficult for any Muslim to be recognized as Clerics or Ustaz or scholars of Islam, and much less those who are fondly remembered for having brought glory to the religion.

Many of them are still remembered and appreciated as well as admired for being scientists and a mathematicians and theologians which even the Catholic west admitted to having been influenced by their intense research and scholarship.

They influence the development of science and technology that the world today still recognizes, so much so that experts in the West were forced to kneel in front of them to seek knowledge and intellectual enlightenment, which they in the west are able to use which has allowed them to continue to prosper and progress so that the Arab world and the Muslim world is left to be backward and in poverty without it having anymore smart men and women like they had in the past.

That's why many third rate Muslims scholars and intellectuals like to mention the names of past Arab and Muslim scientists and mathematicians all the time without them ever knowing what else that they can do with the knowledge that they had created because they do not know how to strive to achieve perfection and intellectual enlightenment like those Arab and Muslim scholars in the past who they admire wholeheartedly without knowing to benefit from their wisdom so they can become better known Muslim scholars of today much like those that they have in the west now.

This is indeed very sad.

That is why many people prefer to become scholars and religious teachers who only know to find fault with other Muslims, who they charge for not siding with them on everything they say and who they like to charge for being ignorant of Islam.  

They eventually will not be recognized as a useful Muslims leaders to Islam, who can on the other hand cause Muslims to be disunited as can be seen today.

They like to divide Muslims by issuing various fatwas and to ensure that they are heard above the loud din of bombs and missiles that they had caused to be released.

Yet, they do not want to admit that they were the real cause of why Muslims are divided and their countries destroyed.  

There is really no important and influential Muslim scholar in the world today that there are only a few people of Arab descent who only know how to issue one fatwa and the other which does not benefit the Muslims.

They do not have sharp minds and know how to give suggestions that can be implemented by political leaders, who just love to hear them speak in general terms on the same issues concerning the morals of the believers who mostly sound as though they are recent reverts to the religion, when they are not.  

That's why all the Arab countries are still backward and almost destroyed in more ways than one.

That is why the Muslim world in backward in many ways, with no progress that they can be proud of; with the Muslims behaving like they are slaves to the western experts who have managed to use science and technologies to create products that are used everyday that the Arabs and Muslims only know how to buy to support the economy of those countries that had those scientific and technological advancement that they do not have.

Unfortunately, in the end, Muslims around the world would eventually become slaves to those in the west, who generally are not Muslims; they are not professing true Christianity either and are mostly Pseudo-Christians, i.e. Christians who mixed atheism and paganism.

Muslim scholars are only proud if they have the capability to split the people in their own country like it is an achievement that they are happy to see happen like this is what their God had ordered them to do.  

Most of the time, the way they would use to achieve this end is to establish an 'Islamic party', to enable them to ridicule and get still support from people who are mostly like them, who want to create problems with other Muslims who have done a lot to empower and strengthen the position of the Malays and Islam in their country, by creating mischief and raising irrelevant issues.  

They also know that they can escape from punishment or persecution and court action because they hide behind politics.

The problem is that the leaders of the Islamic countries in the past were not aware of the presence of 'political Islam' which does not have any relevance in the religion of Islam itself.

Is there such a thing as an ‘Islamic political party’ in Islam? What does that mean?

The irony is that when they decided to establish their so-called Islamic political parties, they create the assumption that the other parties are 'non-Islamic party' or the political party of the Infidels that it is not.

This is not true and should not be allowed to happen in any Muslim country.

The establishment of the so-called Islamic political parties should not be encouraged because they can cause harm to the religion of Islam itself as it has proven.

That is why the Arab countries do not have any Islamic political party although some may have Islamic ideals that they want to highlight in their political struggle.

There are only normal political parties that fight or champion the plight of the Muslims. That's it. There is no 'Islamic political parties.’

In Malaysia there is a so-called Islamic political party. Who gave them the recognition that their party is an Islamic political party in the first place? And what is the structure of the Islamic political party and what are the means that they can use to champion the cause of Islam?

Do they do it by ridiculing and chiding the other Muslims who do not share their personal sentiments?

The Melayu in Malaysia have not benefited from the establishment of the only so-called Islamic political party. It has proven to be harmful to the unity of the Melayu and Muslims in the country and benefited the non-Melayu and non-Muslims more.  

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