Friday, January 11, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article was written when it was announced that American president Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

So far he has carried the award well, not causing America more problems than it had before he went to the White House.

He could have done better in his first term, but he didn’t. He now has a better chance of doing it in his second term when he does not need to impress anyone, particularly the Zionist Lobby who lost the White House race when their man (What’s his name?) lost last November.

I can’t believe I have totally forgotten the name of this White House hopeful so soon after the last presidential re-election of Barack Obama, when he has yet to be inaugurated later in January.

I am sure many Americans, too, have forgotten the name of this Republican loser.)

Now US President, Barack Hussein Obama is stuck – in the peace-train heading on ahead, while the Hawks in Washington, DC, who crave for the blood of Muslims, start to feel they are being shot at.  

I was surprised when I read in the internet how he had been given the Nobel Peace Prize, barely nine months into his presidency, as many others probably did including himself, too, even if he sounds like he is mocking himself.

And those who had commented how he was not deserving to get such an award, they are wrong on some points.

To me, it is such a novel way for the Nobel Prize Committee to offer a sitting American president such an award, simply because they wanted to ensure that he toes the peace-train line.

So far he has been doing okay not ordering more Muslim countries to be attacked.

But from past experiences, most recent American presidents are good for their first year in office. One by one, they succumbed to temptation to press the button and exert themselves and that’s when they start to show the worse color.

President George Bush was described by the American media as a wimp, who liked to travel abroad. So they coined a term derived from the rock concerts, ‘Anywhere but America Tour’. The same media had prodded George to do something to prove that he was not a wimp, and he did, by starting to be agitated and expressed it by ordering the attack on few Muslim countries.

His son, George W or W, who took over the White House not too long later, was also a quiet person whose only crime was to commit verbal and grammatical errors and sometimes social ones, too.

He, too, was prodded by the American media, who had earlier prodded his father to do something to prove that he was not a wimp, also ended up ordering the attack on some Muslim countries and behaving like a lunatic in the process.

To many Muslims, W was a far worse president compared to his father. But the two of them are the worst possible father-and-son presidential team that America had ever produced.

Now comes Obama’s turn. So far he has been saying and doing pretty much what his predecessors had said and done in their first year at president. But chances are he might be forced to stray and become no different than his immediate predecessors who craved for Muslim blood.  

But now Obama is stuck. For winning and accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, he is forced to stay on the line and do what he had pledged to do, without being harassed by the American media and other unseen and powerful lobby groups in Washington DC and other hawks, to start to go crazy.

The Nobel Prize had put a damper to his more sinister side, which might have not emerged yet, but which could easily show up more openly in the near future, especially after he passes the ‘honeymoon’ period of his first year in office.

Yet, working and living in the White House can be such a daunting and frightening experience. The land is sitting on land that had been seized from the Native Americans, whose blood had been spilled by the invaders to their land, and who now lords or them.

They had come from all corners of the globe, including many from Africa, where the Obamas were originally from.

Maybe by offering the Nobel Prize is good. The Committee had made a wise decision to offer it to him barely nine months into his presidency, so that he is stuck in the rut, so to speak, so that he cannot shirk his duties to uphold the lofty ideals of the Prize and what it stands for, so that Obama, as president, cannot later on be condemned to be truly unworthy to receive the award.

Let’s see what he will say in his acceptance speech in Stockholm, Sweden later in the year, when he is officially given the award, so we know what new directions he is promising to take now as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that he has not said before he got it, and when he was running for elections to be come the new president of his country.

Has he become a better person? Is he going to allow the American media to prod him to wage new wars on other Muslim countries?

Or better still, what can the lobbyists in Washington DC do to ensure that Obama continues on the trend of doing the bidding for the unseen forces and evil groups that had lorded over the White House, Capitol Hill, Pentagon and even the CIA for far too long now?

Will they also now want to think that their time has come? That their backstage acts can never be tolerated anymore by Obama and how Obama can and must be allowed, as president, to lead the country and not be used by those groups to mislead their country, the United Nations and the rest of the world like what his predecessors had unashamedly done?

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