Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

I feel sorry for Uncle Sam – for having pointed his finger at an unseen person for too long that he does not realize that he has failed to look into the mirror to realize that the person or persons he had been pointing for too long has grown up, while he remains still and unchanged in all ways.

And I am sorrier for the Americans voters and the others, especially the so-called smart Americans. Are they really smart? They may not be so.

If they are all smart, then why are they creating unnecessary enemies, while they claim to be eliminating them, feeling proud that they had kept America safe?

But if America is safe, then why the extraordinary ways they do to ensure that it remains so? It proves that America is still not safe. And it cannot be safe as long as it does not want to be safe.

What’s wrong and what cannot be right with America is with its flawed foreign policies, from which emanates all the side problems for which America has to grapple without knowing why they had happened, all due to their flawed foreign policies siding with the Zionists and directly causing the 1.6 billion Muslims to be cast as their enemies.

But the truth is that the more they try to eliminate their ‘enemies’ that they had earlier created, the more they create more enemies, for them to try and eliminate in the future.

So there is a vicious cycle that was created by American politicians in consort with their military officers and other security and spy agencies in America and abroad, who do not know what they are dealing with.

Most Americans are narrow-minded; they can be pulled by their noses by their politicians and their politicians, too, are not smart because they too can be easily pulled by their noses by the Zionist Lobbyists and other propagandists, so much so that the American politicians who are all not well-educated, had no choice but to fashion themselves on the Zionist Lobbyists.

This is despite the Zionist Lobbyists and Zionist Supporters had supported a pro-Zionist called Mitt Romney, yet, who lost. But Barack Obama, the president, too, has to toe the line if he does not want his second and last term as president to be an eventful – or should we say an eventless one.

Most American politicians and other leaders are not well-educated. They may have studied at some of the most prestigious universities in America. But this still does not make them ‘educated’.

Being educated means that a person has to be broad-minded and who cannot be easily swayed by sentiments, emotions and worst of all, Zionist Propaganda.

And most American politicians do not know the countries other than their own. In fact, they also do not know their own state where they were born and grew up in, much less those countries in the Middle East and Asia, for which American forces had the temerity to embark on military adventures, all of which were led by uneducated American generals, who are also much like the political leaders they were said to be taking their direct orders from.

So how could uneducated people lead America? They have led America into wars which did not have to be created in the first place, if they were smarter. They are not and they can never be smarter than they are now.

And because of that they do not what’s hurting America and Americans anymore. The more they try to understand the situation they are in, the more confused they become.

Maybe current president Barack Hussein Obama can be said to be smarter of the lot of presidents America had ever had. And chances, after he leaves the White House in four years’ time, America will be reverted to the old America again, with the person succeeding him taking the country to where it was before Barack.

And one can expect America to embark on new adventures in other Arab countries on the orders of the new president, since he would not know what else to do, besides, ordering his troops to battle.

It is too bad if it happens. Because America and Americans must know by now that they simply cannot embark on other military adventures without first solving those they are now embroiled in.

And if the American politicians are stupid, their FBI and CIA and other security officials in the respective headquarters and other operatives abroad, some of whom are in their foreign missions acting as diplomats when their real mission is to create dissent in the countries, where their leaders often meet and communicate.

Yet, their spy and security operatives can operate independently to create dissent in those countries.

I have just read a book by former prime minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, who alleged to say how the spies in the American embassy in the country had engaged or tried to engage a local dissent to create political and other issues in the country, with the intention of causing the collapse of the Kuan Yew administration.

This was happening when Kuan Yew himself was dealing directly and personally with the president and other senior officials of the White House.

How could this be; yet, it happened, that American politicians may have other issues to deal with the leaders of foreign countries, yet, their security and spy offices and officers and operatives can have their own private and personal agendas, which their own president may not know of.

And this was Singapore. But what about the other countries, especially the Arab and Muslims whose leaders are more stupid than the American ones?

And look what had happened in the Arab Spring of 2011? And also look at what they are trying to do in Malaysia – the Americans, who are said to side with the opposition to cause dissent, which are totally unnecessary as Malaysians generally know what’s hitting them and who had hurled the stones and from where they had come from.

But what must America do this to themselves? Don’t they know that the world today has changed a lot since during the Second World War?

Their methods in dealing with foreign countries have not changed; and the attitudes and preoccupations of the security and spy personnel and operatives have also not changed.

Their own assessment of the international issues are all wrong.

And the more they try to be smart, the more they act stupider and stupidest.

They can claim to have put America in total safety. But can Americans outside of America say they are safe?

They are safe only because the host countries treat them well. If they wanted to retaliate, they could have done that, like what the Indonesians had tried to do before, until they were all eaten up by secret operatives masquerading as allies to their cause, that had helped them to turn their attention to their own countries and personalities and not on American and also Zionist interests.

But the Pakistanis and other Arabs are not smart; they could not see who had caused them to fight and kill each other. They will never learn. Their leaders are dumb. And the people who have a poor grasp of Islam have become their own enemies, with the real enemies now having the last laugh.

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