Friday, November 4, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Muslims did not have the means to free the many Muslim Republics in Central Asia which were all under the dominance of the Soviet Union, so they ‘enlisted’ America and its western allies to do the bidding for them.

The Soviet Union was forced to flee from Afghanistan and created the destruction of the Union itself, forcing the Muslim republics to become independent.

Unfortunately, the Muslim leaders are not smart enough to take advantage of this to widen their market and consumer base and political and military influences. This can come later…

For now the Muslim countries have to again use America and its allies to force them into bankruptcy.

This is the only way the Muslims have of being able to free Palestinian land from Zionist control and dominance.

Using military power is out of the question.

Using American resources and those of its allies may be the only way for the Muslim countries to free Palestine.

Now the effects can be seen with the protests in America and also England.

They are not against Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange, but against Zionist dominance and control of those countries.

Sustaining the Zionist state is now causing America and its allies some disturbance. It is high-time they got a taste of their own medicine.

So now Muslim countries can just wait to see how America and its allies go, slowly into bankruptcy, just as they had watched how the Soviet Union had gone bankrupt, causing it to break.

Now it’s the Russians’ and Muslims’ turn to watch America and its allies go bankrupt.

Once this happens, the status quo of the Zionists in the Middle East will see a corresponding change.

Do America and its allies really need the Zionist state?

It is the single experiment which has caused America to lose big – in its relations with the other countries especially the Arab and Muslim ones, and resources which its citizens had managed to earn, most of which are used to sustain that entity.

Isn’t it time for the Americans to ponder and ask themselves if it is still worth it to keep the Zionist state in its present form, knowing how it has hurt the economy of America?

What does America expect to get from the Zionist state in return?

It cannot expect to gain anything from its continued existence other than despair at seeing how their leaders who are still bent on grabbing more land from the Palestinians, and taunting them while doing so, by feeling confident about it.

The Zionists know they have the full and unquestionable backing of America who has the veto power in the Security Council for without which the Zionist state would not have existed in its present form.

America has been using its veto power for the wrong reason, which is to protect an evil regime whose very existence run contrary to the basic principles of the American Constitution.

America has never once used its veto power for the good of their own citizens and for world peace.

The many times it has used its veto power, it was only to protect the interests of the Zionists who knew they could do anything they like because of that support they can continue to get from America.

But the Arab Spring has shown America and the Zionists and their allies what the Arabs are now capable of doing.

They had rejected the tyrants and dictators in their own country.

If they can do this, then surely, they can also reject the tyrants and dictators in the Arab World, too. This should very easy to do.

This is compounded by the threat of bankruptcy which America is facing when its own citizens and those of their allies who had started to feel the pinch. They are also starting to realize that sustaining the repressive Zionist regime is not doing them and their countries any good.

But there are no real brave men and women in America who could take the charge against such postures by their political leaders.

They are starting with ‘Occupy Wall Street’ which is gaining momentum. This movement can become the New American or New Western Revolution which can see the expulsion of the Zionist state which has proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to maintain peace in the Middle East or who are capable of living amongst the Arabs in the region and the other people all over the world.

For they have a different mentality altogether.

In fact, the Orthodox Jews too disdain them. They find the Zionists to be repulsive to them and to Judaism. 

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