Tuesday, November 1, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It’s so easy to make shortcut analysis on what is currently happening in America now with their ‘
Occupy Wall Street
’ movement.

It’s as though it is just a matter of domestic issues which sprung up as the unemployment rate increased so that more than sixteen million Americans are considered to be unemployed.

It is more than that.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ has its roots on other long-term issues which America had embroiled itself in for no reason other than to pry into the affairs of the others and for using their veto power wrongly.

It was sparked by the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011 which many Americans had watched and wonder, if they, too, could use some of that in their own country to press for some changes, so their lives could be better.

Americans are clearly still in self-denial. They blame Wall Street for their personal suffering. But they know America will not be the same again after the next presidential election of 2012.

Are they that dumb not to know what irks them these days?

Yes, they are; and they need someone from so far away to show it to them what they are doing and what they must do to save America from not only corporate greed, but mostly from the lobbyists in Washington DC who have been pushing for America to go bankrupt.

911, too, was a major factor which had led many Americans to be preoccupied with change.

The tough and sometimes ridiculous home security laws have caused untold damage to America’s image in the world. Tourism has taken a toll, and students from all over the world have turned their backs against America and are going to other countries including Malaysia.

So now we have less and less foreign students in America and their businesses are also affected which can result in America becoming bankrupt with no friends other than the Zionist sympathizers.

They also live in fear and not aware of the new realities they are in and especially how much the world has changed, after an era of ‘hating Islam and hating Muslims’ is passed.

The next era for America will be era of ‘hating themselves and their foreign policies.’

That could only happen if Americans start to ask the right questions and demand that they get the right answers from their leaders.

Soon they will all ask themselves: What has Wall Street go to do with America’s foreign policies?

America’s foreign policies are the real culprit and reason for the country to go bankrupt with its image in the world shattered.

Yet, all that the American Spring protesters could do is to blame Wall Street.

Wall Street, too has suffered because of those foreign policies.

If not for them, America would have its image intact and resources put to better use.

There would not be any protest in the streets for the protesters to ‘occupy’ anything.

Maybe Americans are still in self-denial; they are scared to confront the realities. They are worried about being charged for anti-Semitism.

It is a crime to be so charged. So many Americans refrain from ever saying or even insinuating that they have such thoughts.

So they end up blaming only Wall Street, like it is a person, like it can be broken down into small pieces, like if Wall Street collapses the protesters and other Americans will be better off.

They won’t be better of with Wall Street leveled to the ground. On the contrary, they will be worse off than they are now.

But I suppose the realities will soon creep into the movement when they realize how the real problem America and Americans are facing are all due to their flawed foreign policies which seem to favor the Zionists, where a lot of their resources, manpower and money had gone to support, a cause which is becoming more and more irrelevant to the average American.

They will soon realize how the continued support for the Zionist state is not in the best interest of their own country.

America has not benefited much or anything at all from the Zionist state. It is the state which had benefited much from America, for which is in dire straits now.

The former Soviet Union was rendered bankrupt and it caused the country to withdraw from Afghanistan with the many Muslim republics in Central Asia which were in their Union being freed.

It is ironic how the same Afghanistan is causing the anguish America is experiencing today.

And it is the same Afghanistan which is bankrupting America.

Worse, when America had to open more fronts in Iraq and other Arab countries where their resources are being stretched.

Soon America will snap.

The signs of this happening can be seen in the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

For now it is just a movement.

But it can expand to become a revolution – the New American Revolution.

This is the revolution which will flush America of its Zionists supporters and other lackeys all of whom had caused America to become what it is today, a country which cannot hold its high in the world like it could do before.

It is ironic how many countries in the world do not look up to America for anything anymore, much less as a beacon of democracy as it is clear how this country does not practice what it tries to preach.

One by one their model country collapses, after it was being held by the CIA.

The freeing of the repressive Arab states will see a corresponding freeing of the land belonging to the Palestinians by the Zionists, and no amount of veto power in the UN Security Council by America could stop this from happening.

It is now starting with the freeing of some 1,027 Palestinian freedom fighters in exchange of an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier called Gilad Shalit, after five years being held captive by Hamas forces.

The Zionist state could not hang on to their long-held policy of not negotiating with the Palestinians or Hamas.

Now they know they can and must do that.

Did the Wall Street protesters give the Zionist a good idea of what they could expect in the near future, especially with the presidential election in the corner?

The reason being the Americans will not want to continue to support a repressive state created by America for too long.

America needs brave men and women to confront real issues.

Those presidents they have had in the past are not real men who were dealing with real issues. They lived in a world of fantasy.

Barrack Obama who now lives in the White House knows a lot more about the reality America is in today.

Whoever succeeds him or if he still retains the presidency for another term, it can only happen if he is brave enough to hear the cries of the average Americans and not just the small number of Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC.

This is the reality America is in today.

And the reality is not on what Wall Street does, but on what their president does to continue to suppress Arabs and Palestinians whose image of people who have been persecuted for more than six decades have become clearer and clearer.

To put it simply: It was caused by the development of the internet and alternative media and social networking, just as they were used by the protesters in the Arab countries who had created the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of May, 2011.

Now, they are being used by many Americans to create their own New American Revolution of the American Fall of 2011.

After the next presidential election in 2012, America will not be the same ever again…

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