Friday, April 12, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It is amazing how the network which broadcast the Grammy Awards, NBC had to issue a stern warning to those who are attending the show soon to behave themselves, and especially those who have been nominated. This is the first time they are doing this, after a station was fined a lot of money for showing the breast of Janet Jackson in another show.

And no one had complained that they are being made to behave and wear modestly, as modesty is in fashion these days.

But Jennifer Lopez appeared wearing black and covering her entire body, except that there is a long cut on her gown which she trusted out her right leg to show most of it.

She then said she had complied with the warning except that it did not mention about not allowing the showing of legs.

This is how stupid she is. Did she have to tell everybody that she is not a well-educated person?

Besides, what thrill did she get for showing off one of her legs?

And what thrill did she think the audience in the hall and those who watched the show live get anyway?

It only proves on thing: that she might not have anything intelligent or interesting to say, so she could only show some of her flesh, when she could exhibit some of her intelligence.

American performers are generally not so well-educated, so the more outrageous they say and do, the more they get publicity in the media, especially the supermarket media, and the many entertainment gossip programs on television.

In fact, there is not one American performer who has appeared in public saying anything intelligent. They mostly talk about themselves and their friends, and not much of the world.

They also do not realize that American music and also Hollywood films are not raking in the billions of dollars at the international box offices these days.

They do not seem to care that the foreign policies of their government is what’s causing the box office collection of their films to dwindle and the record or their CDs showing poor sales.

They are lucky that they still have the many annual award shows for film and music which they can use as a platform to exhibit their outrageous behavior and antics for without which they could not do much.

In fact, Americans and the westerners and everybody else who is not well-educated are the ones who like to flaunt their body exposing skin for nothing other than to tell the whole world how uneducated they are.

Educated Americans do not do such things. It’s that obvious. It’s plain and simple.

And sooner or later, even the uneducated Americans and other westerners will also cover themselves up.

There has been no one who had been laid in the coffins stark naked; they all wear properly including those in the like of Jennifer when she passes away to go into another world.

Didn’t NBC say not to show too much skin? And if her legs are not covered with skin, then she can do what she pleased with them.

She was just being stupid.

Why didn’t she also show the other parts of her body which were not specifically mentioned in the memo?

She is also not cultured.

Cultured people in America too do not behave and talk like she does. All educated and cultured people in America and the west behave themselves better and say things intelligently.

Only the small segment of American and western societies who are crass. The reason being they all are in the small group of people who are not well-educated and not cultured.

They may be talented and could make tons of money showing their vocal and acting talents, but not much else.

But the fact remains that America is slowly adopting syariah laws. And the ruling by the American broadcasting authorities proves that this is the way to go. They cannot deny that.

Many American performers and artistes too believe so.

In fact, all Muslim countries must ban programs which have characters who exhibit strange behavior and exposing themselves, so that in time the American artistes will know they are not welcome in these countries.

It is also not shocking that when Jennifer Lopez was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to perform, she had to comply the Syariah Laws by covering herself up and not showing too much flash or outrageous behavior and also not to move or gyrate too much.

In the end, she just sang.

She was invited to sing, so this was what was expected of her to do, and not to do other things.

So she ended up having to sing and not to misbehave herself, and she left the country as quietly as she and her group had arrived.

Nobody knows when she will be able to return to Malaysia to perform.

Maria Carey too had to behave herself when she was in Malaysia to perform. She did not bare her chest like how she does it on American Idol.

In fact, she and Maria and the other American entertainers and performers should not have agreed to perform in Malaysia, if they are persons with principles. In fact, all American entertainers should also skip Malaysia if they are persons with principles, since they are not allowed to be their true selves, but pro-Muslim entertainers.

Anyway, most of those who had gone to see their performances were non-Muslims. 

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