Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The Palestinian Arabs in the Zionist state of Israel is more than one million. And the number is growing faster than the population of the Jews.

How come Israel does not want to pride itself as being a ‘multiracial’ country?

This is despite it having a sizeable Arab population, which they could not displaced because they were living deep in the country and not in Gaza or the west bank and Baitulmukaddis, who could be displaced to the neighboring Arab countries?

But somehow, the Zionists have a way of increasing the number of the Jews so that the Arabs do not become the majority in the future.

How long can this happen as the size of the World Jewry does not seem to grow as fast as that of the Arabs living around them?

So sooner or later, time will take its toll so that there are just too many Arabs living around the Zionist state.

And the trend is also happening in America and the other pro-Zionist countries where the population of the Arabs and other Muslims are also increasing by leaps and bounds, so that they can overwhelm the size of the Jews in these countries.

Can this then affect the local politics which in turn affect their foreign policies, especially those towards the Zionist state in the future?

This also forces them to displace the Arabs from their ancestral lands with their Jewish citizens grabbing their land and evicting them from their houses without being persecuted.

If there is no dabbling of the statistics in the Zionist state, chances are it will have an Arab majority in the near future.

But chances of this happening are bleak, as the Zionists have a way of dabbling with the statistics so that their own Arab population is still in the minority.

In Singapura it is no secret how many Chinese from Indonesia and other Chinese countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and China are being given permanent residents status and citizenship by the government.

This is as opposed to the other races, Indians and Melayu whose numbers seem to be stuck at the same level as they were since the country was separated from the Federation of Malaysia by Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1963.

It was a tragic mistake made by Tunku, who was straightforward who did not know how to dabble with statistics.

He could have retained Singapura and imported more Melayu from Indonesia and elsewhere so that the total population of the Federation of Malaysia – with Singapura in it, too, having a dominant Melayu majority.

And coming back to the population make-up of Malaysia today, one can easily see how in 2035 the population of the Melayu will be at seventy percent, if not more!

This is such a huge figure. Something like this has never happened before.

But its coming cannot be discounted because as what I had said earlier, the Melayu and Muslims have many ways to procreate themselves compared to the other races, particularly the Chinese who seem to be happy to have one or two children.

Western influences and their cultural backgrounds and quest for economic superiority and other short-terms goals have caused the Chinese population in Malaysia to have dwindled a lot since the country gained independence in 1957.

As it is the Chinese only represent about twenty-five percent of the total population of the country with the Indians at ten percent.

In 2035, the Chinese will only represent eighteen percent, if not less, with the Indians a mere eight percent of the total population of the country, if not less; and they are all fractured so they have to live amongst the Melayu and wherever they look at there are Melayu.

“Brain drain’ is also affecting the flowing out of the better educated Chinese and Indians from Malaysia to other countries, including to Singapura.

Some Malaysian leaders do not like this, but I doubt it if the Melayu will want to cry if this continues to happen.

Those who flee from Malaysia are smart enough to realize what they are doing, so there’s no point for anyone in the country to try and stop them.

Maybe it’s better for them to do so.

And maybe it’s also better for the Malaysian government to consider seriously whom to offer scholarships to so that those who are bent on fleeing from the country upon their graduation from university, are stopped.

Most of them are the non-Melayu anyway.

How pathetic can it be that when the students were applying for the scholarships, they claim to be patriotic and nationalistic, and wanted to return to the country to serve it?

But when they are still working on their degrees abroad, they have already started to find which country they wanted to go to work at when they graduate.

And this is happening with the authorities who do not have any fail-safe method to contain the evil deeds of those whom they offer scholarships to.

And if the percentage of the Melayu goes up to more than seventy percent of the total population of the country, then can Malaysia be described as a multiracial country like it is still today? Definitely not.

Maybe not. So the tourism campaign slogan which now is, ‘Malaysia’s truly Asia’ can be changed to ‘Malaysia, truly Melayu’ seems to be more appropriate.

Malaysia then will be like Singapura today which is a Chinese country with Melayu and Indian minorities. So Malaysia will be described as a Melayu country with Chinese and Indian minorities and not a multiracial one anymore.

And what if the Melayu gang up to form one solid political alliance like the People’s Action Party (PAP) of Singapura?

There won’t be much politicking in Malaysia like there is now, since all the parliamentary and state constituencies have Melayu majority.

This will leave the minority communities with no area to control. Their status today as the unkind kingmakers in Malaysian politics will be reduced to supporters.

And the non-Melayu political parties will easily becoming social and cultural clubs where their leaders gather every afternoon to play 'mahjong' or the 'selombong'.

Malaysia can indeed become a dominant Melayu country if the trend in population growth and expansion are what they are like today, with the Melayu procreating a lot more than the other races.

And it is merely twenty-five years from now when we are able to see the population of the Melayu at seventy percent.

Even now as we are discussing on this issue, there are more and more Melayu everywhere in the streets, driving cars, in the car parks, supermarkets, LRT, monorail and buses and other public places.

The Chinese and much less the Indians are now far in between; they look lost and behaving like aliens with the foreign laborers from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal and even Vietnam acting more like long-time residents and citizens of the country because they are adapting and assimilating very quickly with the Melayu majority and speaking in Melayu better than those non-Melayu who have the MyKads but not be able to speak Melayu well. 

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