Sunday, December 25, 2011

By Mansor Puteh

This article is basically a study on how Malaysian politics will change drastically in the future when the population of the Malaya in Malaysia increased to seventy-seven percent in 2035, and the behavior of the non-Melayu politicians and community leaders will change accordingly since they tend to behave (or misbehave!) And act according to the size of their communities.

So no wonder the Chinese and Indians in other countries especially in America, England, Australia and the other so-called more democratic countries, they tend to keep quiet and do not demand things from the respective government.

One does not need to go very far and look at Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines, Siam and Myanmar to see how the Chinese and Indians in these countries behave.

It’s only in Malaysia where we can have people like Kit Siang, Soi Lek, Karpal Singh, Guan Eng, and the others and their race-based political parties could never be created in those countries.

They don’t dare demand to be given preferential treatment and be allowed to establish their own schools or have news programs in their languages.

They did not even dare to complain when asked to have local names, so much so even the Melayu in Pattani in South Siam have Siamese names with many of the young generation of Melayu not able to speak in their mother tongue well or at all.

Singapura does not seem to pride itself as a multiracial country with its dominant Chinese population at a static seventy-seven percent. Has anyone seen any literature or promotional material that says so? I haven’t.

The population of the Melayu in Singapura seems to have been ‘fixed’ at fourteen percent.

And since the non-Melayu Muslims are not classified as Melayu, so it means that the Muslim population is more than fourteen percent.

Do they really practice meritocracy?

If they do not allow the laws of nature to decide the racial composition of their country by ‘importing’ Chinese from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China to ensure that it’s Chinese population remains at seventy-seven percent?

Isn’t this playing ‘god’?

If that has been the case, then the percentage of the population of the Melayu in Singapura would be around thirty percent today from the fourteen it was in 1963 when the country became independent.

Because of the overwhelming Chinese population in Singapura, no wonder they do not need to say they are a multiracial country, but one that has Melayu and Indian and other minorities.

You can see it in the way they promote themselves to the world with their tourism slogan of ‘Uniquely Singapore’ which to many here sounds odd but true; they are indeed ‘unique’.

And when they have cultural shows abroad they hardly showcase the cultures of the other non-Chinese races.

They also do not need to have Melayu faces in their local television drama programs; they do away with it by creating Suria TV, where Melayu programs are broadcast for the Melayu viewers, so they can be alone with themselves.

The Melayu could never afford to establish their own television station, without government funding. In this regard they had conveniently discarded their steadfast policy on merit.

But when they have their floats to celebrate their ‘national day’ each year at Marina Bay, they never fail to show the lead float with some Melayu in it. This is followed by many floats that depict the arrival of Chinese laborers and half-dead men from South China arriving in junks to Singapura.

No-one can blame them for doing that because their Chinese population is too overwhelming and their economic hold is too dominant. They have a good reason for behaving that way and we cannot fault them.

The Melayu and Indians are happy to be ‘allocated’ some parts of the country as their little space that is uniquely theirs.

The Melayu population in Singapura is stuck at fourteen percent. This was the percentage when Singapura became a republic. But the percentage is still as it was even today.

On the other hand, earlier on, the Melayu were in the majority but not after the British established their trading post there when they started to import Chinese and some Indians from their respective countries to over-populate the island so much so that the population of the Melayu was decimated.

They did not bother to bring in more Melayu from the neighboring islands, because their intention was to displace them, so they could control the whole island and create a new colony for Britain, which they did.

The fact that the percentage of the Melayu in Singapura has not increased is stunning considering how the Melayu procreate a lot more and faster than the other races.

The other countries in the region, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Siam and Myanmar or the others including Vietnam, Kambodia and Laos, also do not consider themselves to be multiracial countries either.

This is despite the fact that they also have sizeable Chinese and Indian communities. All of them have become too assimilated to the majority race so much so that they have local names, behave like locals and whose religion are also of the majority – Catholicism and Buddhism in the non-Muslim countries.

It’s only in the Muslim countries where the Chinese and Indians do not favor assimilation too much except for those in Indonesia who have been ‘forced’ to accept local names over their racial ones.

But they should not complain; it is for their own good.

If they are in America or the west, they readily use Western names. In fact, many of their brethren in Malaysia also do the same even though they were not forced to do so.

They find having English names to be an advantage to them. But not having local names which they want to reject at all costs.

So no wonder not many of them reverted to Islam in Malaysia or Indonesia and Brunei.

There are many who had reverted to Islam; their ancestors had done that long ago so they are no more Chinese or Indians but Melayu.

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