Friday, September 19, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Too bad Joan Rivers died after saying how she supported the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Zionists, and that’s not a joke.

She did not lead a full life like many celebrities in America who are stuck doing the same things again and again who did not that there is a whole world out there beyond Hollywood Hills and even America.   

Too bad too because she could have done a lot more than she had done in all her Pre-Botox and Botox years…

The American singers and musicians are luckier that they can go to many countries to perform, but not the television celebrities.

Even American pseudo-wrestlers are now going out of the country with some wanting to perform in Malaysia to get some Malaysians to be their paymasters like their Hollywood counterparts. 

Too bad too that Joan did so few things in her eighty-one years of existence in the world, and ended up doing pretty much the same thing she had been doing all her life and not being able to travel out of America to visit many countries to broaden her horizon and to gain more experience and knowledge that way instead of just talking about petty issues on what the American celebrities wear and cracking jokes which are sometimes sick and crass.    

It was a life that she had wasted dealing with pretty much, issues which are petty while the whole world is in turmoil with many who can’t even afford to have slippers and some who could, do not have any use for them because their legs had been ripped off from their bodies by some Smart Bombs.   

The Malaysian media are excited each time someone in Hollywood dies, even when they did not know who she or he was when he was alive.

So they like to report on the death like they are people dear to them.

Despite that most Malaysians just don’t care; what is reported by the media, especially the English language newspapers, which do not attract the attention of the average Malaysians.

The same newspapers often report or carry syndicated reports on minor or small Hollywood types when they are involved in some sort of controversy however petty.

This is how inferior the Malaysian media are.

The problem is that most, if not all of their editors are people who suffer from an inferiority complex in not having lived or studied in America when they were young so they had to pretend to be ‘Americanized’ in order for them to feel belong or accepted.

And this is no joke.

When I heard on Malaysian television which reported her statement in the form of a crawl, on how she was said to support the Zionist cause and the attack on Gaza, I felt somehow her time was near, not because I knew she was already going on with her age, at eighty-one years.

Despite trying to look younger than her age, her demeanor could not hide it from many, especially me, who had grown up knowing a bit about her when she was more active on television that I had seen when I was living and studying in New York City.

But I did not think too much about her until her sudden reappearance as a much older woman who had tried to cheat on her age, by trying to work on her face and hairstyle and clothes she was wearing.

Other than that, she was the old woman that she should be, despite all these.

And most Malaysians were not fully aware of who she was, not having been a familiar personality until fairly recently when the program, ‘Fashion Police’ featuring here was shown on satellite television that many Malaysians conveniently dismiss as being irrelevant to their daily lives.

Generally, Malaysians do not brag about how much they spend on their clothes. So few do that, but it is at the insistence of the media, which tried to ape what they see on American media.

However, when Joan died, the Malaysian media tried to report it, but somehow, not many cared, since they did not know who she was in the first place; even if they knew, they would not be bothered with how she had tried to lead her life, and so on…

There was not even any call from the most vocal anti-Zionists in Malaysia for ‘Fashion Police’ to be banned from being shown on satellite television in Malaysia.

For me, the timing of Joan’s making the statement about how she supported the cause of the Zionists, did not come to any Malaysian as a shock.

Not many knew why she said so, even when they were later informed by some crawlers on the same television how Joan Rivers was originally known as Joan Alexandra Molinsky, a Russian Jew whose parents had immigrated to America, so she was a first-generation American.

What many Malaysians especially the Muslim-Malaysians wanted to know was why didn’t Joan go to the Zionist state and support the cause of the Zionists personally, instead of sitting in comfort in America and issuing the statement to support them?

Somehow I knew or felt the end was near for Joan.

And true enough few days later I read the reports in the crawlers on the same television station how Joan had been warded in the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York City for what seemed to be a minor surgery on her vocal chord that many thought she was going to be released from the hospital in no time.

But not me.

I felt somehow the end was near for her. But I did not pray for such calamity to happen to her. I just knew it would happen. And sure enough it did.

The next time I read about her was the announcement in another crawler on how she had died.

Did the prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel also offer his condolences to Joan’s family on her death or to thank her for her undivided support for the Zionist state?

If there is a country outside of America that mourns her death, it is not Malaysia, but Israel, a country she was not known to have visited when she was alive.  

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