Tuesday, September 23, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Surely there must be a reason for something of such magnitude to happen, if they had bothered to ask themselves, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’, instead of blaming the others who too have their own noble cause to fight for.  

It could not happen for no reason… Nothing happens in the world without any reason whatsoever. That’s simple common sense, and nothing profound. 

This included 911 which happened the way it did because America had not done something right over the many decades that it has not bothered to find out what they were. 

One of which is because the American government prefers to look after the interests of the Zionist lobbyists and not of its citizens by even allowing themselves to trample on the virtues inherent in the American Constitution.

The great majority of the Americans suffer as a result with the Zionists in the state of Israel now enjoying the ‘fruits of their labor’ all the years since they managed to form their country courtesy of their American supporters and backers and the United Nations, whose very existence hinges on the support from these and the Nuclear Option Israel has. 

America was not like it is today and Americans could go anywhere in the world up to the point during the Kennedy Administration which saw young Americans going all over the world to share their charity with the less endowed.

Today, Americans can’t even sit pretty in Starbucks and Hard Rock Cafes anywhere in the world, much less in the Third World and the Arab World, including in Israel itself.

And many Hollywood films do not find a ready market in many countries that America had caused to be demolished.

America in self-denial, not bothering to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve it?’ which many non-Americans were not scared to ask, ‘What did they do to deserve it?’

The then American President George W. Bush and his father, President George Bush would know why it happen. But they are not telling. They preferred to let Americans to beat around the bush.

I don’t think I like writing this. But something tells me that America is in the state of self-denial.

When in the past many Americans liked to ask, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ when they were met with some sort of calamity.

These days, they do not do that anymore. On the other hand, they ask, ‘Why did they do this to me?’ and with their leaders who are bent on seeking revenge, they failed to become truthful to their senses, and overact, and start the blame–game by finding faults with the others and not with themselves.

No one wished harm to befall on America, much less on the Twin Towers. But somehow it had to happen.

Where are the smart people in America? Have they suddenly gone missing?

They who are quick to find faults with the others and the rest of the world have suddenly become numb to the extent that they could not tell why 911 had to happen, and whoever were responsible for it to happen, could not have done it for fun.

I joined a few thousand visitors to the site of Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan on 16 April this year, to see what they had done to the Twin Towers that had come crashing down on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today, as I write this piece.

America’s vulnerability and intellectualism suddenly had also gone to pieces with many Americans suddenly feeling patriotic and unashamedly acknowledging that there was the a ‘higher order’.

Hollywood. What had Hollywood got to do with 911?

Hollywood taught the mastermind behind 911 on how to teach America a lesson. They had earlier watched at the film ‘Independence Day’ and found some inspiration from doing that.

In this film, the White House was attacked and it crashed to pieces, leaving the then American President Bill Clinton who had earlier watched the film to remark, ‘I hope it will be there when I return to the White House’.

It was there when he did that.

But the Twin Towers were not there moments after one by one the towers came crashing down leaving many Americans who were unfortunate enough to be in the two towers and the few around them, and in its vicinity to be covered by dust.

I was writing a novel set in New York City that night in Kuala Lumpur, when I had the urge to switch on the television. Something told me to do that.

I did what my instincts told me, even when it was just past midnight and there was no need to watch the late night news on TV3.

I saw a scene showing some people running with their bodies covered with dust and everywhere there seemed to be chaos.

I thought I was watching a fantastic feature film produced by Hollywood using the creative minds of its producers and directors, who could conjure up a plot showing how New York City was being attacked.

In fact, this is not a totally new plot altogether; New York City had been attacked many times in earlier Hollywood films even since the Silent Era.

I then learnt from the newsreader how the Twin Towers had come crashing down. I was stupefied. I did not know if it was true or not.

How could the Twin Towers come crashing down like that? It could only happen in the movies and produced by Hollywood and not by other producers.

I had visited the World Trade Center twice the whole time I was studying and living in New York City, to accompany some Malaysian students who were studying in other cities who wanted to visit the Twin Towers.

And in August, 1981, another group of Malaysian students came to visit me in New York City and I took them to the Twin Towers and it being summer, visitors were allowed to go to the rooftop observatory, where I could get a good and clear view of the whole city, much to my delight.

Unfortunately, the view disappeared completely on 11 September, thirteen years ago, today.

Maybe one can still get to see the same view from the US One World Trade Center tower that had risen near the Ground Zero where the former Twin Towers were at.

The next day, 12 September, I did some unofficial research amongst some Malaysians on what they thought of what had happened to the Twin Towers the day before and all – I repeat ALL – of them said they liked it.

However, they continued, if they are asked by the media, they would pretend to be sickened by what they had seen.

I am merely reporting what I had managed to get from some ordinary Malaysians from the different races.

One thing that one can cull from them is how they are not in any form of denial; they said what they felt. They did not have to beat around the bush to allow them to give me that sort of opinion.

I did not check further to find out what had caused them to feel that way. They must have their own reasons for coming to that sort of decision to applaud what had happened to the Twin Towers.

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