Sunday, August 28, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

I was under the knife three times when I was in New York City for surgeries on my left knee, and being operated by two surgeons – Dr George Unis of the St Luke’s Hospital near Columbia University where I was studying at then, and Dr Ralph C Marcove of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan.

They are Jews. I am Muslim. It was in New York City, America, where such procedures were introduced which had not been made available yet in other countries, including in Malaysia.

Here in America then, the Jews could do this to a Muslim who was in need. And there was no issue concerning race or religion.

But elsewhere in the Middle East, these were still major issues that had affected the division of people who had lived there for centuries, and even before Biblical times.

In fact, till today, there are still issues of concern and the only ones of concern, in fact as there are no other issues worthy of their consideration.

It didn’t seem that sacred text in the holy books had failed them; it’s just that those who play major roles in the political quagmire had not used them properly.

Once a sacred text from any holy book is distorted, the others will also fail. The logic used by those with evil minds will continue to eat their heart and soul and even mind, which translates into their crash action.

They will introduce new words and text which they claim to be more sacred than those that their ancestors had been prescribed to believe and obey.

So now with the United Nations into the picture, being manhandled by America and the other countries that hold veto power in the UN Security Council, havoc rules.

The end result can be seen in more land grabbing and killing of the innocent in a scenario which has not changed much since battles that happened during ancient times, and even during Biblical times.

They are all done in pursuit of some unbiblical and non-religious pronouncements made somewhere in Zurich, Switzerland in the 1930s, by some calling themselves the Elders of Zion, who have all gone six feet underground, but their philosophies are still very much entrenched in the hearts and minds as well as soul and political ideology of their current generation of supporters and leaders. 

They are the ones who claim to know better what was written in the sacred text; they only know how to belittle them and to rewrite them to suit their fancy. Yet, at the same time, they who claim to be the guardians of their ancient religion and people who have shrunk in size and who are being surrounded by far larger groups of people, whom they despise so much for being who they are and for what they had been told to do by the same holy books.

There in the Middle East, the Zionists finding it nice and interesting to severe the lives of many Muslims so they could grab more Palestinian lands.

But alas, they are not the real Jews, but the leftover Jews who became Zionists. They are people with no feeling, no heart. Therefore, they do not have a life or a real future.

And because of that they just want to ensure that the Palestinians also become like them, people with no feeling, no heart and no life and no future.

In some ways the Palestinian political leaders have become that.

So no wonder they cannot compete with the Zionist leaders because they are the creators of those things, so they know better how to outwit the Palestinians.

If the Zionists could hoodwink even the CIA and American political and military and intellectual and media leaders, who are the Palestinians whom they cannot bully so easily?

The world does not need such Zionist-influenced Jews; it needs more Jews like George and Ralph.

And the world does not need advancement in military apparatus and equipment, but in science and technological breakthroughs so that by now, we could solve all major medical problems.

So that limb transplantation can be done easily like cataract procedures which can be completed in thirty minutes in Malaysia, but only one minute in Japan.

Once in the recent past open heart surgery was only conducted in hospitals of developed countries which cost a lot for the patients to pay, today, the same procedure can be done in almost all the hospitals including many in Malaysia, where the patients can pay only RM500 or about US$170.

In fact, if there is no enmity amongst the Zionists and the Palestinians with the Zionists having been trounced and the Zionist state not allowed to be created by America and the United Nations (UN) in 1948, chances are the world can now be in peace and medical science is able to introduce procedures that allow anyone to undergo limb transplants of all types including transplanting the head if necessary.

And AIDS is just a disease which is treatable, by the person infected with the virus, having to just visit a local pharmacy to get a pack of pills or capsules that he can take and he will be completely cured in a few days.

And no one gets flu or fever anymore.

But this is not the case yet. The Zionists do not want this to happen, so that is why they are necessary to exist, in order that the whole of Africa and South America and the rest of Asia and the Arab and Muslim Worlds remain in the dark.

AIDS is necessary to contain the growing population in Africa.

Fortunately, the prevalence of this dreaded disease in Arab and Muslim countries is low. If there are Muslims who suffer from this disease, it is because the countries they are from have a large non-Muslim minority which causes many young Muslims to suffer from an identity crisis.

The end result is that some of the Muslim men and also women suffer from AIDS.

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