Wednesday, August 10, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

This has become of what the march of 2008 for Pakatan, on a road which is pave with a lot of sand and holes in it. Some may fall aside as what has happened. They have tried to make it right by joining the far right.

Some of them may have to make unnecessary detours to the courts with some who may end up stopping by at Sungai Buloh for a stopover.

The march to the left has gone astray; the NGOs have been silenced by their biases and prejudices.

The future of Pakatan whose ideals have been sodomized by an unexpected turn of events which had caused their cause to be moved backwards by many steps, will therefore not be determined
by the voters, but by the courts.

All the tricks of the trade that they had utilized to the full have been spent. It is therefore, very difficult for their leaders and their staunch supporters to find other ways to achieve their goal to reach Putrajaya in one piece.

Worse, some of their leaders who had been elected to office by a miracle had deserted them, leaving Pakatan in pieces.

Putrajaya may be a mirage. But the High Courts in Jalan Duta may be a fact. They are Pakatan’s biggest nightmare.

The states they control are in disarray with their elected officials who were not train to govern states are left befuddled not knowing what else they can do next.

They were all trained and encouraged to be noise-makers. They are not policy makers. They have not exhibited this since March, 2008. It is now more than two years since they took over Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Selangor, but they still do not know what to do with them.

They knew what to do with Perak though; they lost it by being too excited with their newfound power to control the state assembly that they did not realize that they did not have the power to control their political lust.

And the Pakatan state government of Pulau Pinang thinks they are controlling Penang.

That’s British Penang they are controlling on behalf of the British government which had been buried in history. Soon, they too will be buried in history come the thirteenth general elections which are due in 2012.

This is when Pakatan will be trounced back to the old level of the discontented lot, the noise and mischief makers that they are good at.

It’s too bad that the Pakatan Selangor government is slowly being buried by sand and their feet are slowly being sunk by quicksand until they are now knee-deep in it.

This is happening as all the garbage that had been left behind by Barisan Nasional Selangor are still not being cleaned off the streets and drains.

Maybe Pakatan Selangor wants everybody to think it is the duty of Barisan Nasional Selangor to clean them up because they were the ones who had put them there.

It’s too bad that the four Pakatan-held states could have done wonders the first few months upon seizing the states.

But they failed to do this.

This has left many in wonderment on what else that they can do besides winning the states, by default because the voters simply did not want those Barisan Nasional had put; all of whom are old goats who had grazed too much and for too long.

They can still claim to be relevant by virtue of the fact that they can still command attention in their own parties by being elected to high office.

But what they cannot claim to be able to do is that those who are not in their own parties can still trounce them in the general elections as what they had done in 2008.

So Samy Vellu, Soi Lek can still win their party presidencies, but they cannot be sure that they can win seats for Barisan Nasional in the next general elections if they still choose to run in them.

In the general elections, the Melayu and other races also vote so their future is not just in the hands of their party members, but those who are not.

And Sibu could have been lost to Pakatan because of them.

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