Sunday, August 7, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It’s too bad that the Perdana Peace Conferences that were held in Kuala Lumpur few times over the years have not managed to do much.

Many prominent persons – Muslims and non-Muslims were invited to speak in the forums during the conferences, behaving more like standup comedians than real analysts. They have all not said anything substantial.

One wonders if all the money that was spent on the conferences be channeled to buy food and clothes, at least there are many refugees in the camps in Palestine can benefit from.

One also want to wonder if the speakers were paid and how much for.

Of those who have been invited, so few are really into the issue, as they have spent much of their adult lives supporting the Palestinian Cause; the others are just general speakers who can say anything on any topic anywhere in the world.

No wonder less and less number of people attended in the subsequent conference. The inaugural one held in 2005 was well attended as it was a major event with a list of names of personalities and speakers from many countries, so it must be interesting and important.

But nothing came out of it. The problems with the Zionists continued and more Palestinians were killed since this conference.

It is therefore quite fortunate that none of them had said anything intelligent or interesting. The speakers who were invited again and again only repeated what they had earlier said. Because they were from America, Canada and England, so they were thought to be more intelligent and enlightened on the matter.

Where and how did the Perdana Peace Organization now Perdana Peace Foundation managed to seek them out?

But at least it was not difficult for anyone to guess how they managed to secure massive financial and other support from sponsors, considering how it is headed by a former prime minister of Malaysia.

One of the speakers who have been invited is Imam Faisal of the Cordova Peace Initiative of New York City. He ended up giving a sermon and not much else.

He, like the other speakers had not said much or anything at all that could be seriously considered for implementation even by the organizers, least of all by the Malaysian government which viewed the conference as a private initiative.

What have they said or done that had caused the world to change? America didn’t care. George W Bush who was asked to be dragged to the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT) is still safe.

Even if George W Bush was arrested and sent to the IWCT, what good does it do? He has already been punished by the Americans as his movements are now severely restricted.

Maybe he is hiding in his ‘cave’ in Texas, after his term at president of America expired in 2008. He has not been known to have gone anywhere outside of America to speak. His brief trip to Canada made him anxious. And his planned trip to Switzerland had to be aborted fearing arrest.

But it was not due to the demands of the Perdana Peace Conference whose war crimes tribunal was held amidst a bit of hoopla.

A lot of money had been spent to organize the conferences because they had brought many from all over the world to speak.

They also gave a lot of opportunities to the members from the floor to chip in, all of which did not make any sense.

The organizers of the peace conference and the speakers have all neglected to realize that the Zionist state of Israel could not have been allowed to exist because of the depraved nature of the thinking and attitude of all the Arab and Muslim leaders.

They, who are easily manipulated by America, into fighting with each other on the Sunni-Syiah matter and infiltration of agents into some of these countries that have caused civil wars to break out.

All this, added to the poorly developed economic state of the Arab and Muslim countries, have all contributed to the Zionist Problem to continue.

The Arab and Muslim leaders, who are not smart and narrow-minded, do not see the sand for the desert, have been forced to look elsewhere. They only glance back at the Palestinians when they re being slaughtered or killed.

That’s when they cry ‘jihad’ or complaint with the UN who cannot do much as it was also their intention to inflict damage on the Palestinians considering how they are also part of the New Crusade as much as America, its allies in Europe and NATO are.

The only good thing that the Perdana Peace Conferences had done is to at least bring out the Palestinian matters, even though only a bit of it was ever discussed in all the conferences that were held in the past, all of which dealt with theoretical issues.

So no wonder the conferences did not make any stir; it only managed to highlight matters and concerns that everybody already knew.

No new approaches had been considered or proposed.

Therefore, I do not feel excited with the invitation that had been again extended to Imam Faisal to speak in another conference recently, as he again did not say much or anything substantial.

His only claim to fame was to build the ‘Ground Zero Masjid’ in Lower Manhattan which is just a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero that had caused some Americans to say nasty things about their poor state of being.

It’s just too bad that they are not smart to be able to look at what they have done and said on the matter concerning religious freedom and who were actually behind the attack on the Twin Towers and why such an act had to happen, for the same reasons why the Zionist state also had to be unnecessarily created and how Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran and some other Arab countries had been targeted, for nothing other than to reflect America’s depraved existence. 

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