Saturday, July 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…Melaka was under Portuguese and Dutch rule for more than 130 years, but they also had to flee in shame, trampling on their religious values and pride in the process.
          The military experts in America and the Zionist state and those in Europe are so stupid that they still believe in the scorched earth policy of taking war theaters to other countries, just like what their ancestors had done in the past.
Didn’t they know how they had all failed?
Maybe America had succeeded in displacing the Native American Indians by mass killing them and importing by the shiploads Europeans and others into the country, so the Native Indians are now kept in reservations as trophies.
          So America can now claim to be the champions of democracy, where numbers count, and since the Native Indians have been decimated. Majority wins!
          But the White House sits on land that had been sprayed with the blood of the Native Indians so it is haunted; whoever inhabits it, will be hounded by ghosts, and they will crave for more blood. Now it’s Arab and Muslim blood!
          And can somebody tell Geert Wilders of Holland the ugly history of the Dutch were later-day Crusaders, who had tried to dominate some countries in Southeast Asia but which caused them to suffer indignities?
          What does the Danish government teach their students on the history of their own country and those of the others, who are former colonists?
          Geert has not got the history of many countries in Catholic and Christian Europe right. He did not know what the religious and political leaders of these countries had tried to do in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, and especially on Melaka and also Jawa.
          If he had known more on the history of his own country then he would not have any need to find faults with Islam and Muslims but at his own country and religion.
Instead, he would want to jump off the tallest building in Copenhagen, in shame, at how the early Dutch rulers were savage Christians, who had tried to fashion themselves as the Sixteenth Century Crusaders.
          Alas, they failed, and did so miserably.
          Melaka still does not have any Dutch influence, except for the few building where their dignitaries had stayed at.
They are symbols of Dutch and Christian decadence and barbarity and militancy anyway one looks at it.
But alas, their own brand of Christianity was not the right one, which did not see it wrong to dominate others and to force others to convert to their religion.
          I know the history of ancient Holland more than Geert does, because I am from Melaka in Malaysia or the former British Malacca.
          And I also know more of the ugly behaviors of the Portuguese and also the Dutch who had wanted to subjugate my city long ago, but they all failed.
          Geert and his ilk do not know Melaka was an unusual city-state, founded by an exile Hindu prince called Parameswara from the Srivijaya Kingdom in Sumatera, Indonesia.
Parameswara was the direct descendant of Alexander the Great known as Iskandar Zulkarnain by the Arabs and Melayu or Sikander by the Indians.
          Parameswara’s ancestors in India had sent their sons to each of the countries in Southeast Asia, so that was how Hinduism and also Buddhism quickly became the religion of the people here.
          But it was later rejected when Islam came with the traders, so the many puras or temples that were constructed throughout the land were demolished, leaving with just a few larger ones such as Borobudur in Jawa and Angkor Wat in Kambodia.
          There is a smaller and less significant one sitting in Kambodia but is now under dispute when the Siamese started to insist that it is their own, after UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage site.
          Now it is a site for not only dispute but skirmishes, between the two countries which have left more than a dozen soldiers from the two countries dead, with many more injured.
The two are Buddhist countries, yet, they could still fight each other over an ancient Hindu temple.
Parameswara reverted to Islam in 1400 causing the religion to spread all over the region, thus turning Melaka as the center for the spread of Islam.
          The Savage Portuguese Catholic invaders however put a stop to it when in 1511 they captured Melaka and tried to turn the city-state into the center for the spread of their religion.
They failed. They were trapped in the Fort of Melaka they had to quickly construct.
          And in 1641, the Portuguese handed authority over Melaka to the Savage Dutch invaders who stayed till 1641.
The Portuguese and the Dutch, being Savage Catholic and Christians did not know better how to conduct themselves as promoters of their culture and evangelists, by forcing the locals to convert to their religions.
          They failed in Melaka. But they were successful in Goa, India and Macau, China.
          The buck stopped for the two in Melaka, where they were not able to do much. They also did not get to leave much, except to leave a stench in the history of Melaka with the present Portuguese and Dutch suffering from some guilt as a result of the failure of their ancestors.
          But the matter I am dealing here is one that concerns the war theaters that had been created then and now, a tactic used even by today’s inferior military and political strategists, especially those in America and the Zionist state.
          These modern-day savages thought by taking wars to other countries, their own countries and peoples would be safe.
          In theory, they may be so.
          But in reality, America and the Zionist state are all stuck where they are with whatever values they tried to uphold destroyed.
The war theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Palestine are where the evil sides of them reside for a while.
          Soon, they will flee back to their own countries, especially the Americans, but not the Zionists who did not have any country to go to, as they are now sitting on lands that did not belong to them.
Time will prove the futility of their efforts.
They will become the modern-day Portuguese and Dutch Savages and Invaders who did not know better than to take their evil deeds to Melaka with the Americans and the Zionists and their allies, taking their evil deeds to some Arab countries.
          It does not matter how long those foreign forces could stay in these countries, because sooner or later, they would have to leave them.
          America tried to stay put in Vietnam. They did that for a while. But in the end, they still had to pay the price of their mistake.
          The former Soviet Union, too, had similar experiences when they invaded Afghanistan for a decade before they had to leave.
          The existing war theaters we have in the world now are those in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.
Pakistan can be said to be a minor war theater, as it involves local skirmishes which were all created by the proxy enemies which had pushed the locals to go after each other. 

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generation83 said...

You seem to be confused about Denmark and Netherland. People from Denmark is called danes and people from Netherland is called dutch. So a dutch Gert Wilder is not from Denmark, but Netherland.