Wednesday, July 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Those winners in expensive lucky draws, who got to become tenants of the White House, had only Native American blood in their minds and on their hands. Their successors wanted Japanese blood and got a lot of them.
          However, in recent times, those who take up residence in the White House now crave for Arab blood instead.
          The White House may be the problem.
          Hollywood had destroyed it in ‘Independence Day’ but what the Americans got in real life was the crash of the Twin Towers on 911 day instead.
          It is being possessed by the devils and other ghosts of early Native Americans whose land the building now sits on whose history – the History of the Red Indians – which cannot be erased.
And as long as those who have been banished to live in such a public housing are not moved to another new residence, they will exhibit the same behaviors as their predecessors.
The current tenant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama may have the guts not to exhibit similar traits as his processors, which is good, but the haunting in the house may soon get the best of him, and he will start to falter. For nothing he wanted Osama bin Laden killed.
          Maybe being a tenant with such a vast different racial background as the others before him has made the ghosts who also live in the White House to not want to disturb him as much as they had done and succeeded to cause madness in them.
          Most of the presidents of the United States of America who had lived there were possessed by the ghosts and other devils, so their actions could be seen when they started to look far away from Washington DC and America, to the Middle East to see how they could meddle in the affairs of the Arab countries.
          They do all this while holding some books on the failure of the Catholic and Christian Crusaders of old who had failed in their mission as much as the later day Crusaders of the Fourteen to Sixteenth Centuries had. The presidents of America now want to solve all that and carry on with his own crusade.
          They do not have to go very far to find some. There are aplenty. And they only needed a nudge or a hint from the Zionist leader to make them go bonkers.
America has gone bonkers in a long while because of that. And Barack has tried not to go along with his predecessors.
          The White House may be such a dominant building in Washington DC and one of the more recognizable in the whole of America.
It sits at the one end of
Pennsylvania Avenue
, Number 1600. Around it is a park and at the far end are the Obelisk and the statue of Abraham Lincoln lording in a shade nearby.
          In the park is a row of wall with more than sixty thousand names of the American soldiers who had died a miserable death in the Vietnam War of the 1960s. All of them had died a useless death. Not many knew where they were and who they were fighting.
          But all of them knew they were fighting for a lost cause, the order of which was given by the tenant of the White House, on a wall nearby where their names are now inscribed for posterity.
          Alas, with so many names, not many, if any would be remembered, except by their own next of kin who are kind enough to pay their names a visit.
The tradition, however, will only last for one generation as the next generation of the victims of the failed American policy on Vietnam would not be bothered to remember something which is so ugly as that.
          It is therefore ugly to have the Wall of Shame constructed not so far away from the White House and all of them sit on land that had been seized from the Native Americans of the First Nation.
          Unfortunately, the Wall of Shame has failed to remind the tenants of the White House of their stupid decisions that some of them had made that had caused many of the young to die a useless death; they were no heroes. Heroes don’t die in such a fashion.
          The Wall of Shame has also not taught their presidents and political leaders to move away from the desire to harm others, as in the end, they will also harm themselves, too.
          This is where a lot of Native American blood had been spilled, where many ghosts of their heroes of old now inhibit.
          Many have chosen to stay in the White House, where they lurk, and they hit at those tenants and other senior officers who now spout things which are nonsensical and idiotic. They also do things which are equally bizarre.
          So instead of them trying to find ways to make amends, and find peace and export it to the whole world, they still choose to find faults with the others, who are not of the same color and shape as them.
          They are the Arabs and other Muslims. And they are mostly those in countries which surround the Zionist state of Israel.
          As for Arab and Muslim countries elsewhere, they cannot do much other than to plant hatred amongst themselves.
          The trick is first to get some of the Arab leaders who are inherently stupid to side with them, and once they have got their confidence, America will say, you can do whatever you like – you can kill your own kind and you can grab land around your country as there is oil reserves.
          But once this is done then America now has a good and also evil excuse to persecute them.
          Saddam Hussein got caught in such a nasty trap. Gadaffi is now facing the music. The other Arab leaders have been trounced.
          Who else will face the music? Which other Muslim leader in countries far away from the Middle East and Arab World will be next in line to be targeted? Indonesia? How?
          The problem with Indonesia is that their leaders are not those who stay for long anymore like they used to before. So the voters change them every time they could find a good excuse to do so.
          So America and the Zionists have difficulty to target anyone, since there is no one person who sticks around.
          Attempts to cause friction between the Sunni and Syiah Muslims in the Muslim majority country cannot succeed.
          Other attempts to sow hatred had failed. Some fringe groups who are professional demonstrators had been paid to cause a ruckus in front of the Malaysian high commission has been quelled when their trick exposed.
          There is no Indonesian Hosni, Indonesian Gadaffi, Indonesian Yasser for America and the Zionists to target.
          Worse, the present tenant of the White House has a childhood background in Jakarta, and he is fond of the country. So Indonesia is safe for now for as long as he stays in the White House.
          But the ghosts which inhabit the White House had done a tremendous job in causing the tenants to become unbearably insane; they who do not know what they are saying or doing anymore.
          It is easy for them to be able to do unscathed as their media practitioners are equally insane.
          In other words, what I am saying here is, the President of the United States of America should move away from living in the White House, and America must build a new official residence for their presidents elsewhere.
The White House can and must be turned into a museum of American atrocities against the Native Americans and the others, and the Arabs, with each wing in its complex devoted to them.
Pennsylvania Avenue
must be renamed
Geronimo Avenue
          If this cannot be done, America can never be at peace with itself. And if America is not at peace with itself, the Arab World will be in pieces.
And this is what this piece is all about. 

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