Sunday, July 1, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

What is America up to next? They have to leave Afghanistan and Iraq in shame.

How many wars must America lose before it decides that enough is enough?

How much espionage does its spy agency wants to embark on and on which country next?

Whatever the answers they may have, the truth is such things don’t seem to work for America anymore than they did in the past when its exploits turned sour, and their invading forces were forced to return leaving the countries that had occupied in shambles.

American political leaders and their historians never learn. It has refused to learn from Vietnam, the debacle they created and the war they lost.

They have also refused to learn from the Soviet Union which collapsed. America is destined to suffer the same fate as the Soviets, because their political leaders and historians are looking elsewhere and not at their failed foreign policies and their attitude towards the Arabs and Muslims who are fast encroaching into their own turf.

Soon, much of America and the west too will have greater Muslim and Islamic presence.

This is the ‘war’ they can never win. Because they are too busy trying to dispose of their military hardware by espionage and creating new enemies and then wars.

They have engaged in countless espionage in other countries, mostly those which are harmless and without much military prowess, other than those they had bought using their hard-earned money, to purchase old-fashioned military hardware from America and sometimes the Soviet Union.

These are mostly for ceremonial purposes that they would display on the independence day of the respective countries.

They are useless in times of war.

Sometimes their air force jet-planes crash on training, and their warships fail.

The only reason why those countries had to have an army was to allow many of the uneducated men and women find employment, with some of them who are better educated being able to receive training abroad to lead it.

But they are mostly lame duck generals and field marshals.

The setup created by the two major superpowers – America and the Soviet Union – had forced the other countries to establish their armies, so the two superpowers could sell their military hardware to them.

But America never learns.

They still think they are invincible and smart.

Their historians, too, are dumb as much as their military and political leaders are.

They continue to engage themselves in espionage, turning their embassies in other countries into centers of such activities.

They then encourage their incumbent president to offer some individuals awards which are given in the White House, which then forced the recipients to pursue a course to destabilize the countries they are citizens of, in order to please the person who had given them such awards, which are meaningless ones.

America never learns from its past mistakes. And their historians, however smart, have all failed to highlight this fact, which often comes in the form of real fiction.

Don’t they know all the espionage and wars which ensued from them that America had created had all failed.

They may have been able to secure control of the few countries for a while, by military means which often-times were done with the sole intention of trying to maintain world peace.

But alas, they are the ones who had turned the countries they had attacked mercilessly into barren land with millions of its people turned to pulp.

The drones they used to strike at innocent people are said to be used for such purpose which is to ensure those who are bent on protecting their countries, be eliminated.

The other countries, therefore, cannot create heroes for themselves; the more they try to do it, the more they are deemed to be crooks and marked men, whose names often-times appear in the CIA or Interpol ‘Wanted List’.

America had put its fingers in many countries in South America, Asia, the Middle East, yet, one by one they had to withdraw.

Vietnam shamed them. Now Afghanistan and Iraq are about to do that to them too, with America pulls out its forces from these two countries.

The Arab Spring of 2011 which happened in the few Arab countries is proof that America had failed.

Its foreign policies stink to high heavens.

But do they care?

Do their historians also care?

No, they don’t.

They have military hardware to dispose of, and they also have new ones to test on people whom they consider to be useless entities – and they are mostly the Arabs and other Muslims.

Excuses can be created to turn them into America’s enemies, regardless of whether they are preposterous.

The United Nations (UN) can be manipulated by the mostly Christian Secretary-generals. No Muslim has and can ever be given such a post as he can be said to be biased – to the Muslims.

Therefore a Christian Secretary-general has to be appointed so he can be biased – to the Christians.

The UN, therefore, is a tool of American foreign policy.

The leaders of the Arab and Muslim countries who do not know better as they are not smart, allow this to continue to happen.

They trusted the UN for their future, but alas, they did not realize that the UN is nothing but a convenient tool of American foreign policy and military aggression.

America is stuck in the old plot, the old school. It can never grow out of its mentality. It only wants to be destroyed from within as what is happening now, without it realizing it.

America cannot lose in any war. They can create the Third World War, if the situation demands it.

But they can lose in the war of economy. Yes, they can be bankrupted.

And this is what is happening.

It’s too bad that they do not seem to realize this.

The Greeks are experiencing it. Soon other countries in the European Union (EU) will suffer the same fate.

Then it will be England and finally America.

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