Thursday, July 5, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The colonizers cannot use numbers to legalize their hold on lands they had stolen from the natives who were original owners of the lands.

The English colonialists normally misspelled names of islands, states, cities and towns, and countries, and wanted everybody else to think that they were new ones, which they had just discovered that never existed before, even when they were thousands of kilometers away from England.

They did not care if there were people living in them since eons ago. They are for them to stake their claim on.

So Tanah Melayu (Melayu Land) became Malaya. Singapura became Singapore. Xingkang became Hong Kong. Beijing became Peking.

Mumbai became Bombay, and Yangon became Rangoon, and so on and so forth.

However, Malvinas did not become Malvin. They introduced a new name for it – Falkland.

Malaysia and Singapore staked a claim on Pulau Batu Putih which the Portuguese and English gave names in their own languages, Pedra Branca and White Rocks, respectively.

The matter was taken to the International Court of Arbitration. Singapore won.

Maybe the Malaysian legal team had failed to locate any document which said that Pulau Batu Putih which said that the islet was part of the state of Johor in south Peninsula Malaysia.

And the dispute arose when Singapore ceded from the Malaya because of certain unrealistic deals the invaders or colonialists – British and Dutch had amongst themselves so that Singapore was given to the British and the islands in Riau-Lingga were given to the Dutch.

Like it did not matter how the Melayu there felt.

The issue concerning Malvinas, off the coast of Argentina, however, is totally different.

The British just went there and claimed the islands and gave them a name to legitimatize the theft they had done, irregardless of whether the islands had already been owned by another sovereign state.

The British wanted anything that they thought was vacant for their empire. One by one they lost it, and over the decades, the Union Jack was lowered from one country to the next until they too were not given prominence in the British Commonwealth organization which was later described as the Commonwealth organization, with it being just one of its 50 or so members.

Malvinas, too, suffer, because the British saw the islands and immediately claimed it, like they did not belong to anyone, like what they did to Australia, New Zealand and America which later became an independent state, after the English eliminated most of the Natives who had been there for eons.

Malvinas was a name given to the islands off the coast of Argentina.

Logically, there was no other country in the world which could stake a claim to it other than the Argentineans themselves. After all they had already given it a name called Malvinas.

They were not islands which were afloat in the Atlantic Ocean or anywhere near Britain.

The only thing is that the Argentineans did not have much to do with them, as they were just islands.

But as the British military and political strategists would have it, such an entity would be good and convenient for them to establish a base in the region where they did not posses any land there before.

It is like Singapore, which was then part of the Johor Sultanate in Malaysia or Tanah Melayu.

The British established a mere trading post there and later they manipulated everything until the island became a state of its own.

How cunning.

Singapore is a lost cause. The Melayu presence there is but a footnote in its history. Their population is stuck at 14% and it can never outsize the immigrant Chinese whose percentage will be fixed at 70%, with the importing of Chinese from other countries.

Here in Malvinas, there was a name given to the islands; so therefore, there was a claim to them.

The only problem with the Argentinians is that they did not develop it, as they did not see any need for them to do that, as they had vast land to do that.

So the population in Malvinas was small.

So it was easy for the British to bring in others from England which now forms the majority population on the islands.

Even if there is a referendum on the islands, the English living there which form the majority would win, leaving the Native Argentinains becoming the minority.

So where does the British stand on their claim to Falkland Islands? Nowhere. Their logic is illogical.

They had during the Margaret Thatcher regime embarked on a vicious war with the Argentineans where they won.

Now there is another dispute between Argentina and Britain, and even if the matter is taken to the United Nations (UN), Argentina will lose.

The British has veto power in the UN Security Council, so they have managed to get away with crime.

And they know they can depend on their lackeys in the Council go get away with more crimes, even if the matter was rejected by the Security Council, whose members deem that Malvinas belong to Argentina. The British don’t care.

Malvinas belongs to Argentina like Hong Kong and Macau belonged to China where the British did not dare stake a claim to these places, and only stayed for 99 years, before they returned the territories to China.

They should also leave Malvinas to allow Argentina lawful possession of it and repatriate the English who are on the islands to return to England where they belong unless if they so choose to become Argentinean citizens.

The Argentinean foreign minister said her country would take the matter up with the UN. Is this all that she could do?

Maybe she could produce documents and folklores related to Malvinas that link it to the mainland of Argentina.

Surely, after so many years, there are many of them that could be produced. But so far Argentina has failed to do this.

But I am sure Argentina has many documents to prove that Malvinas belonged to them then as it does so now, and especially the episodes related to the first arrival of the English to the islands, taking with them the language of English which was alien to Argentina and also the whole region, where Spanish was introduced which was adopted by many.

If this cannot be done, then surely Argentina’s desire to have Malvinas returned to the country would not succeed, as it now has to confront the British who has veto power in the UN Security Council and a more superior navy, including support from America that it could expect to get in exchange for the support it had given to America to invade few Arab countries in the recent past.

And Argentina could also take the matter in the high courts in England where they had caused an oil rig off the coast of England to an individual after it had been left unattended and unclaimed for so long.

This oil rig is now officially known as Sealand.

We can assume that the judges in England practice fair play compared to the British government and its allies, America and the UN which often does anything at the behest of the neo-colonialists who have found an easy way to manipulate the world body to get anything they want.

And getting Malvinas and calling it Falkland Islands would not be too difficult for them to do, except that the judges in Britain might not agree with such maneuvers, and would allow Argentina to own Malvinas, once and for all…

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