Sunday, July 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

How is Iran coming into the picture? Will they be the reincarnation of the Romans of ancient times who will create the siege on egret Israel to create the second Masada?
          And how are they being fashioned by their adversaries and other traditional foes to be the modern-day version of the ancient Romans.
          Can they stop what history has decided, and what they want the Iranians to do for them?
          Iran is not backing off from being a nuclear state so that it is at par with the other nuclear states, including those who did not disclose their nuclear capability and continue to lie to the world, as if it is not against their religion to do so.
          Can a country and their leaders exist in such a lying situation and not brave enough to admit it?
          They are not even brave enough to admit to what they have. So how can the rest of the world trust them for anything?
          This is yet another clear sign of the coming of the Second Masada.
          And what an eerie description, considering how Iran is physically encircling Israel together with Iraq and the other Arab countries in the Middle East.
          How could the Zionist elders not realize this when they decided to choose land in Palestine as their new Egret Israel?
          Didn’t they also realize how stark the similarities the Jews of Biblical times who were surrounded by the Romans and perched on top of the plateau and fortified by the fortress they could build to stave off whatever attacks that the Romans then were capable of doing, until they succeeded after three years of trying?
          The resemblances between the Ancient Masada and the Second Modern-day Masada are so striking.
          I don’t think anyone likes it if he is given this sort of inspiration to write. Many, who might have been given it, have not dared to put down their thoughts and inspiration in this fashion as they are scary.
The Jews need to be saved from the SECOND MASADA. It is here; with the construction of the ZIONIST WALL, the Second Masada is taking shape right before our very eyes.
          And it won’t be long before it happens. 
          Is a chilling scenario happening right before our very eyes; and for the last six decades it is what was happening, and unbeknownst to the Zionists themselves, they are getting massive support from America and most of the countries in Europe and the west to help them create Egret Israel, the land for all Jews to converge – which will eventually become their Second Masada?
The first Masada happened in the Year 73 CE after making a few failed attempts over a period of three years, to ram down the fortress, despite the Romans having an army of 10,000 soldiers.
“Since          we long ago resolved never to be servants to the Romans, nor to any other than to God Himself, Who alone is the true and just Lord of mankind, the time is now come that obliges us to make that resolution true in practice...We were the very first that revolted, and we are the last to fight against them; and I cannot but esteem it as a favor that God has granted us, that it is still in our power to die bravely, and in a state of freedom,” said Elazar ben Yair, the leader of the Jews, before he and the other Jews who were in the Masada committed mass suicide.
Yet, despite this, the Zionists and Jews never have any anger towards the Romans as they do the Palestinians.  
          For those who are not familiar with the Masada, here is a quick and brief run-through of it.
          It is where the less than 1,000 Jews who had fled Israel were trapped or had trapped themselves on a hill where they created a fortress which they thought was a formidable one, so that after the FIRST JEWISH-ROMAN WAR, the Romans who were running after them would not dare to find them there as the trip to the top of the hill on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the DEAD SEA was difficult to transverse, and laying a siege on them. 
But what the extremist Jews known as the ZEALOTS as they were described didn’t think of is if they could find themselves perched on top of the hill, surely and surely, the Romans who were desperate to get them, could also do the same eventually.
And the worst that could happen to the Jews then was how by constructing the fortress on top of the hill; they had also by default and directly or indirectly created a trap so that they would not be able to go anywhere if the Romans could come near them, as what had finally happened.
          So what did the Jews do? They simply decided to go against the teachings in the Torah and Talmud which forbid suicide, and did just that. And their leaders thought they were smart enough to ask those who were going to commit suicide, not to destroy the food they had then.
Why is this so? Were they so charitable to their enemies who were pursuing them so if they finally got into the fortress, they would not only find dead bodies of the Jews but also food so they could take it to survive.
          More than 900 Jews committed suicide at the Masada. And those who did not want to commit suicide were also trapped there, and no thanks to their ingenious way to protect themselves which was to construct the fortress. It proved to be the fortress that had also trapped them.
And come back to the present time.
          The Zionists and Jews who support Zionism who have returned to Egret Israel think they are smart in coming together from all over the world, and for also constructing the GREAT ZIONIST WALL surrounding the land belonging to the Palestinians.
Their logic is this would keep them from harm, from being attacked by the Palestinians even though they are armed with stones and small rocks.
          But what the Zionists did not realize is how the same wall or fortress has created the NEW MASADA which has also trapped all the Jews who are hiding behind it.
          The scenario which has been created by the construction of the wall is chillingly similar to what the Jews in the years BCE.
          So one does not need to be a seer, to find the two incidents which are separated by more than a few thousand years to think how the fate of the Jews is now sealed, that they cannot escape persecution. Only this time, it is of their own doing.
The Zionist elders have been misled into thinking they are the saviors or NEW MESSIAHS of the Jews, despite them spouting nothing but Zionist propaganda.
          And they have taken many of the Jews who had unknowingly become the new generation of victims like those more than 900 Jews who had to commit suicide at the Masada.
What have led the Zionists to think they were saving the Jews and Judaism by insisting on the creation of Egret Israel and forming their own separate state, when it was not supposed to be?
          What had driven the Zionist leaders to think they are the modern-day Messiahs whose only existence on this earth was to save the Jews and Judaism from extinction if the Jews continued to live amongst those who are not of the same religion as theirs?
          Six decades since the formation of the Zionist state and we have already come to this! It is the part which saw the construction of the ZIONIST WALL around Egret Israel, which to many reminds them of the fortress of Masada in Biblical times.
          The similarities to the story surrounding the expulsion of the Jews and the small group of extremists called Zealots to the present day Zionists and their state are too striking to ignore. 

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