Thursday, November 21, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Tomorrow, 22 November, is the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Let everybody else still wonder who killed him, was it Lee Harvey Oswald or some other persons in America or elsewhere who might have got him to do the bidding for them with the controversy theorists still at a loss as to what had actually happened.

Oswald is dead. So he could provide any lead.

But what I want to ask is: What killed John F. Kennedy? 

The American Constitution is such that it allows Americans to be Americans, people who are unlike the others around the world, which they allege it could spur them to greater heights to achieve the American Dream with all sorts of people of all strips who converge onto the country to shape it into what it is.  

So many came, stayed and realized their dream. But there are also some others who got what they had not bargained for. The American Dream that they had wanted to get, had become a nightmare for some others.

It’s true; many Americans had aspired to achieve wonders in all fields, with some of them having gone to the Moon, achieving notoriety along the way, creating some of the most marvelous creatures ever to walk on this earth.

They are so many of them, who had excelled in all the fields of endeavor known to man.

And this unfortunately, also included the people who had killed their presidents, and the others who had tried to do the same to the others.

They too had achieved notoriety, which unfortunately is not of the sane kind.

America embraces all of them. The American Constitution created them.

It is the same American Constitution that was created long ago, which cannot be faulted; it must be defended at all cost.

It is also the same American Constitution that had created Lee Harvey Oswald and the other wonderful creatures ever to walk on the ‘Land of the Free’. 

So who killed John F. Kennedy and the other American presidents? The American Constitution and what it stands for.

No other country in the world has the same type of constitution which can be described as comparable with the American Constitution, so no wonder no president in the other countries had been so mercilessly killed by their own kind in such a dramatic way.

It even left the whole country numb and a trail of uncertainties as to what had caused it to happen, leaving the controversy theorists in the country breathless as they try to figure out what had happened; did Oswald do it alone or was he just a lackey who was doing the job of the unknown and unseen others.

Who really killed Kennedy? This question still rings in the air even fifty years after the shots were fired. 

And each time the political analysts and thinkers and conspiracy theorists try to make a guess their views ring hollow, simply because they are not targeting the right source of the scourge – the American Constitution, and the very basis for the formation of their country as proposed by their founding fathers in 1776 who drafted the document.

They were the persons who had no idea that what they were proposing was offering to the Americans a double-edge sword that could go either way.    

But there are some who are just doing it the wrong way, using the same Constitution to kill their own presidents, with the many others who tried but failed; they were condemned to be mentally unstable, the sort of characters which only America can create, for they are not found in other countries including from its immediate neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

Yes, America and their Constitution created heroes and also crooks, and the lose gunmen and other mentally disturbed individuals, the like the rest of the world had not seen before, and in which no other country in the world can create.

America’s presidential assassins are thus created not out of thin air; they are created by the whole system which was created under the purview of their Constitution, no less.

Therefore, it is ‘permissible’ for any American to own a gun, and to aim it at whatever he thinks is good target practice, including clay birds, irregardless of the impact and after effects.   

The availability of guns for the use and display by every American citizen and the opening up of their untamed desires, had side negative effects in that it encourages some to pursue a different course of action using the gun as a tool of his or her assumed power, and to be able to change the course of the history of his or her country. 

President John F. Kennedy was not the first victim of the excesses of America and their Constitution.

He was but the third in the line of presidents of America who had suffered from Americans and their Constitution which allows its citizens to carry arms.

Abraham Lincoln, too suffered the same fate earlier to create history of sorts by being assassinated in cold blood by a fellow American.

Gerald Ford and also Ronald Reagan too came in close to being killed by gunmen who are Americans.

But the gunmen are not to be blamed. America and their Constitution are to be targeted; there is something gravely wrong with these especially the founding fathers who had devised the Constitution for which all Americans and especially the judiciary holds dear to the very word that is said in it by the judges even able to sideline and push aside any religious sentiments.

Non-Americans often find America and their Constitution to be strange; one can carry arms and buy them in stores that stock them like they buy candy at the corner store, but one cannot smoke anywhere one wants to; more and more places in America are barred to smokers.

Areas where vice activities are present were closed down.

Why can’t they all be allowed, for American smokers to puff away wherever they want and for those who are involved in vice to continue with their trade?

The American Constitution allows for such freedoms, as much as it also allows for Americans to sell and own arms of all sorts, with the larger companies manufacturing the more massive weapons of mass destruction or WMDs that must be used somehow, somewhere, where it is convenient where retaliation cannot be expected, signed and approved by the president, no less.

Yet, Americans are also not allowed to consume certain kinds of drugs or to grow them, so much so that they had to depend on the charity of some enterprising Mexicans to feed them with such substances.

Why are cigarettes and drugs harmful to Americans and not guns?

The American Constitution does not care to debate on this. And Americans are coy enough not to touch on those issues related to why Americans must still be allowed to carry arms.

And what killed Kennedy? And for that matter, his younger brother, Robert whose life was robbed as he was making his way to the White House, and the few others who had managed to get there, but whose tenure was shortened.  

Guns? Hired assassins? No. The American Constitution and the American Dream gone awry…

Was Oswald then taking full advantage in being a true-blooded American who believed in the freedom of expression, as enshrined in the American Constitution?

But to what effect and consequence? He did not care.  

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