Thursday, October 27, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Most of the Americans can be taken for a ride for so long. They who are not aware of what has been happening in their country all this while; they who think if they are okay, personally, the whole of America are okay too.

Now, they know that things are not as okay as they had thought it to be. That their media has been used or misused to sow hatred of some people while protecting the interests of a tiny minority in the country; they who control the media; they who have evil intentions who do not care for the well-being of the majority – the average Americans who didn’t care less…whose American Dream has turned to their nightmare!

For too long their leaders and other propagandists thought if they could turn the lives of the others, elsewhere especially in the Middle East and in the Arab and Muslim Worlds, they are okay.

Now they know that that is not okay. That the nightmare has come full circle, that they, too, can feel a bit of it.

They now know America dreams are nightmares for the others.

There is no point for the American voters to think they are getting what they had voted for, a president who could do the bidding for them, who could serve the cause of the American people and who could safeguard the sanctity of their Constitution.

The American presidential election is a total farce. The voters only got the person whom they had voted as their president, but they are not getting the person to do the bidding for them. He is still a lackey of the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC, in more ways than one.

And he is also the person in America who will continue to cause damage to the reputation of the country and destruction of its economy. America is going bankrupt and many more Americans will go on the dole.

Yes, the American voters are free to vote for anyone they like. They know how free their presidential elections in the past have been.

They were happy that the person of their choice was elected president.

But what they do not know is the persons they had voted in as their presidents had all been negligent. They who had become pawns in a bigger game, being controlled and dominated by the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC.

So the American voters do not realize no matter who they voted as their president, who they want to do the bidding for them, all ended up being lackeys of the lobbyists.

This is how the American presidential elections had been reduced to.

So what’s the point for them to vote for their president in the first place? It is just to satisfy a piece of legislation and also to prove to the whole world how free their elections have been.

Yes, they were free, but to a certain extent only. Beyond the election, the electoral process is mired in scandal which the majority of the Americans have never bothered to investigate.

No American voter has ever wondered why their president whom they had voted for to do their bidding, to serve America and the cause they believed in, had become tools for the Zionists.

This has been happening since 1948, since their then president saw the creation of the Zionist state, which set a circle of confusion which favored them over everybody else in the world, especially the Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims all who have to suffer, just because of the biases and prejudices that the creation of this state had caused America to behave erratically, by even trampling on their own Constitution.

Martin Luther King’s speeches do not mean anything on the Palestinians. They had saved the African-Americans in America to their salvation, after forcing the White Americans who were no more immigrants to the country as those with African ancestries, but his speeches do not deal with the quagmire the Palestinians and Arabs are in.

The Palestinians are the New Blacks. And no one can be faulted if he says that the Zionists are the New Nazis, they who had acquired all the tricks used by the Nazis on the Jews, who have perfected them to be used on the Palestinians.

The American voters still do not realize that they have never ever voted in anyone as president of their country who occupied the White House who ended up being their elected president, since 1948, since their president then allowed the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Since then American voters had been cheated the due electoral process, from the primaries on and on, till someone is sent to the White House.

Here they did not lead their country, but were all misled by the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC who dictated terms and controlled their president.

The worse creature that was created was George W. Bush.

Barack Obama is doing okay. But he is still not 100% president of the United States of America. He is still very much under the grips of the lobbyists.

Americans must realize it fast, the more they ignore this, the more their country would slide backwards.

No wonder ‘Occupy Wall Street’ had to happen.

It is not Wall Street which is the problem, but
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

American voters must realize and insist that they vote in their president of their choice and they must insist that the person who occupies the White House is given full rein to fulfill the pledge they had made for which the voters had agreed to vote for him as president.

There is no point for them to forget this and allow their elected president to be swayed by the demands and dictates of the lobbyists who had all caused America and Americans to suffer much.

America must serve Americans and not the Zionists who have caused the American constitution to be trampled on, resulting in the lives of many Americans to suffer.

‘Occupy Wall Street’ was totally unnecessary. But it had to happen because many Americans are still confused with what they are facing with.

It’s not Wall Street. It is
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
. Later they will find out and admit that it is also not
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
but the Zionist Lobbyists in Washington DC.

‘Occupy Zionist Lobbyists’! This is the ultimate goal that the protesters should strive for.

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