Saturday, October 8, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The New American Revolution will be the New American Revulsion to tiny minority Zionist-controlled America.

It is when the majority will rise to express their revulsion of these Zionists who have caused a lot of consternation to the majority who do not share their mission in life.

They and their Zionist state of Israel have only caused America to go bankrupt, with many Americans who can’t go anywhere in the world without being the target of scorn and contempt.

It will take a long while before America reverts to the Kennedy Era. The Bushes Eras have been a blow to all of America and many Americans, which the Obama America is striving hard to take to.

America cannot be great anymore and take itself out of its present stage of economic disparity if it does not change its ways.

The voters can do so much. The Zionist lobbyists can still do more damage post-presidential election.

In Malaysia, the Spring will happen in the next general election which is expected to happen next year, 2012.

Unfortunately, it is a Spring of the different kind. The Malaysian Spring will see the loose opposition coalition calling themselves Pakatan Rakyat losing even the states they had managed to wrest from the government coalition called Barisan Nasional.

Blame it on the Pakatan politicians who have not used the opportunity to prove their mettle. Instead they went on a rampage to show how arrogant they are.

Even from earlier on, moments after the results of the election, the Chinese politicians in the DAP faction of Pakatan had started to show their true colors – literally speaking, too, when they repainted the Perak assembly hall and the walls of the office of the ‘menteri besar’ of the state, red.

They made them look like stylized Chinese temples for better fung-shui. Alas, this gave them bad luck, as they found that they had indeed painted their own faces, instead. 

They also tried to rewrite the signs of some roads, by adding Mandarin names to it. this was done even without them having taken the motion to the parliament or state assemblies, as the names had to be endorsed first and allocations made to get contractors to create those road signs.

The only sign they had given to the voters comprising of the Melayu was how they could not be trusted with their votes, which they had given them simply because they only wanted to get rid of some Barisan members of parliament and state assemblypersons.

They had not meant to actually give their votes to Pakatan; but that’s how the system works in Malaysia that one has to vote either way, for Barisan or Pakatan.

The voters and supporters of Barisan did not know that they had the option of not voting for anyone if they had chosen not to vote for Barisan.

If this was done, then surely, Pakatan would not have got many of their candidates to parliament and the state assemblies.

Unfortunately, none of them had used the opportunity to do good to the voters in the sittings of parliament and the state assemblies.

So instead of having five states for themselves, they chose to lose one of them, Perak, back to Barisan, because of the greed and not knowing how to count.

They won Perak by such a slim margin, yet, they tried to behave as though they had full support of the people in the state.

They created a new state assembly under a tree outside of the state assembly building, then moved it to a hotel, which made them look even stupider.

They gave land for 999 years’ tenure to some Chinese, but they lost the turf they were given by the voters.

Now they are dreaming of seizing the state in the forthcoming election, which they may not get.

They are set to suffer in the New Malaysian Spring of 2012 by losing big throughout the country.

They do not deserve to win any seat in parliament or the state assembly for their crass behavior and also for the behavior and other private activities of some of their senior leaders which courted danger after they were exposed.

The twelfth general election in Malaysia of 8 March, 2008 had proven that there is no opposition in Malaysia. What we have are noisy people who do not know how to articulate dissent in the right places.

They took it to the streets of Kuala Lumpur which was not built for such purposes, and they lost whatever goodwill they had managed to get from the people in 2008, by having the people pouring scorn on them.

And from the mouth of some of the more uncouth Pakatan politicians, came out words which many law respecting citizens of the country to feel bad.

PAS’ politician, Mat Sabu has sabotaged his own party and Pakatan’s future in the next general election.

PAS is really not a political party; they are just a social group which organizes talks in the villages on a host of issues and non-issues, so the speakers are nothing more than standup comedians who make fun of themselves and their own parties and coalition.

As for Singapore, despite the PAP having got only sixty percent of the voters in their last general election, yet, they only lost six seats in their parliament.

For such a country which is compact, how on earth could there be such disparity where the constituencies cannot have equal voters so that the percentage of the voters matches with the number of seats in which case the PAP could only have got not more than fifty seats with their opposition taking the rest?

So it is quite tough for the voters in Singapore to tame the lions of PAP, even if they can get seventy percent of the votes in their next general election which is expected to take place four or five years from now.

When can we see the New American Revolution?

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