Wednesday, October 5, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

In Indonesia it was the Clove Revolution (or the Revolusi Bunga Cengkeh) which saw the fall of Suharto in the 1990s.

In the Arab countries, it is called the Jasmine Revolution…of the Arab Spring of 2011.

In Singapore it was the Orchid Revolution of the Singapore Spring of 2011. In Malaysia it will be the Bunga Raya Revolution of the Malaysian Spring of 2012.

In the Arab countries, it revolves on how much the American-backed and Zionist supporting regimes could suppress their people and religion.

In Singapore it revolved on how much the PAP government could suppress dissent and on how long the government has been aloof to the needs of the ordinary citizens as opposed to the needs of their newly imported Chinese citizens who are mostly those from Indonesia and China, and other issues which no one knows what, since the Singaporeans were trained not to express their feelings or protest.

So the average Singaporeans choose to ‘play dead’ and politically inactive, and now only want to inflict their venom come election time.

The next one will be more brutal after they have seen how their protest at the ballot box in May had caused the PAP to be alarmed.

It is strange in Malaysia, however, as is revolves on how much the Opposition could suppress civil rule and trample on democracy and how many times their senior leaders are allowed to make their court appearances and for what reasons.

Now, they can add yet another reason which is how much their leaders can rewrite certain aspects of the history of the country.  

Of course, they do it differently in the Arab countries compared to how they can do it in Singapore and Malaysia.

Theirs was like the orchid flower, that does not have any distinct smell, yet, their revolution is no less revulsion to the PAP government as it was not done in the streets with crude talk, but in the ballot boxes, where they expressed and remorselessly showed their contempt for that sort of repression which they had to bear since 1963 since the country was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia.

Did the Singaporean voters also show their contempt for their leaders for cheating them, by engaging the Zionist security experts whom they brought into the country by claiming them to be Mexicans in the 1960s?

A lie is still a lie, no matter who did it and for whatever reason.

And did the voters in Singapore also show their contempt for the PAP government and their leaders for amassing wealth by giving themselves huge salaries which American and other leaders in more developed countries could never ever dream of?

The prime minister is reported to receive S$100,000 or almost US$90,000 a month in salary.

Nobody knows why the voters in Singapore in their last general election had given the PAP government only sixty percent of the votes with the opposition taking the balance.

Despite this, they only got six seats in parliament.

In other words, for the opposition in Singapore to get fifty seats, they have to get eighty percent of the votes, which is highly impossible for them to do.

In the Arab countries, the way they got rid of their repressive regimes is to do it physically, with a lot of gusto, guns and NATO and strangely, CIA backing.

NATO and the CIA do not seem to realize how they are the ones who have caused the creation of the many New Islamic Republics. The CIA and America are also fervently trying to change Indonesia into the Islamic Republic of Indonesia.

This can happen so the ‘Muslim militants’ the Indonesian security had gunned down, whom America had charged for trying to turn Indonesia into an Islamic Republic will be hailed as heroes of this new republic, a move which they thought was bad for Muslims to aspire to.

Is this the first step they are taking of getting rid of the most repressive regimes in the Arab World – the Zionist regime, which is yet to happen?

They are signs that this could happen. They started by taking over the Zionist embassy in Kaherah, and taking the Star of David down.

They have also chased the staff of the Zionist embassy in Amman, Jordan out of the country, in shame. Can they return to their embassy building, anytime soon?

What more can we expect for the brave men and women of the New Egypt to do next?

Their temporary government tries to scare them by telling them that the authorities could crush them. Isn’t this a big joke?

They are there because of the brave men and women of Egypt, and they are now telling the ‘mobs’ to stop mobilizing themselves for their much bigger assault to get rid of the scourge in the whole of the Arab world? Who are they?

Well, we have seen how the Spring in the Arab World happened, although there does not seem to be any finality in Yemen and Syria yet.

But at least we can see some of that in the Spring in Singapore recently.

The way the Singaporeans had done was totally different than the Arabs do; they use the last general election to show their contempt for dissent, by getting rid of some of the governing PAP candidates and lessening the support for some others.

This caused (forced!) former long-time Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew and his successor, Goh Chok Tong to retire from the cabinet, a move which seemed highly impossible for them to do before, as they seemed bent on staying in the cabinet for life.

The presidential election just held there also saw a marked reduction in support for the PAP government when their candidate, former deputy prime minister, Tony Tan only won by more than seven thousand votes. And this it was only on a second count.

In some other countries, especially in Malaysia, the loser would definitely try to seek a court order to have another recount with some groups charging the election commission to be biased.

There in Singapore they do not do such things. They just wait for the next presidential election slated in four to five years’ time.

Will Kuan Yew still be around? Will the PAP still be around?

The thirteenth general election of Malaysia which is expected to take place in 2012 will see the opposition losing big. They had failed to be the opposition that the voters had wanted them to be.

They only became loud-mouths and people who care only to represent their own selves and parties.

There is no real opposition in Malaysia as such, because of that.

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