Monday, October 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If the Arabs could show the world that they could easily get rid of the tyrants and dictators in their own countries, so surely, they, too, can get rid of the far worse tyrants in the Arab World and Middle East.

Will the Arabs be able to finally unite to achieve this one goal which is to get rid of the scourge in their world? This is the scourge which had been put in place by artificial means by the United Nations for seventy years.

Surely, its time has come.

The Jasmine Revolution is not only about replacing the tyrants and dictators in their own countries, most of whom had the backing of America.

It is more than that. It is also about how the Arabs just could not take it anymore and they want to impose their own will on their own lives.

This includes expanding their democratic space within their own countries, and also within their own world, which has been affected by the creation of the Zionist state, which even the Orthodox Jews frowned up. They felt ashamed with the existence of such a state.

Yet, the Orthodox Jews or the Hasidic Jews were never charged by the Zionists for traitors to the cause, as they believe in the bigger and holier cause which the Zionists cannot claim to do.

The collapse of the tyrants in some of the Arab states clearly shows that the time for the end of the Zionist state is ticking.

Ghadaffi’s death in the hands of the freedom fighters of Libya shows to the Zionists that their existence in the Middle East is not tenable.

Now the world waits the next move by the Arab freedom fighters in the countries that had just seen change in recent times in the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011, when they will move on to next and in what ways.

The Zionist state sits in the Arab World in the Middle East. Its existence is dependent on their charity and not that of America which can pump US$16 billion in funds every year.

This amount is not enough to sustain it and it will soon show.

First this will cause America will go bankrupt.

If the former Soviet Union became bankrupt because of Afghanistan, then it is the same Afghanistan which will cause the bankruptcy of America.

Worse, with Iraq and other Arab countries America now has its feet in, surely, it will be much easier for America to go bankrupt.

And it’s not only that, Soviet Union collapse, so will Americanism.

The only reason why the Zionist state and American presence in the Arab countries and also the world could be sustained was based purely on the premise that they could cheat them in bright day light.

That America could use their veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

That America could impose economic sanctions on any country that it does not favor.

But somehow along the way the Arabs and Muslims and other Third World countries had become smarter by looking at the whole issue in a new light that they could determine if America’s position could be shaken by them refusing to submit to its will.

911 was one of the reasons why American influence in the world had become weak. Its intense and strict security laws are also one other reason why America is keeping itself by not relating to the others.

This is a short-term thrill that they could get.

In the end, they lose whatever good relations that they could get from their relations with the other countries, and this can affect their economic growth and political influence without which their country cannot be said to exist in the thinking of the others.

America, like the Zionist state is sitting in such a precarious state at this time, with the Arabs who had suffered a lot by their political and military aggression in the past like they did not know one day soon the Arabs would rise and rise until they achieve triumph.

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