Sunday, March 4, 2012


by Mansor Puteh

I have to sound crude. On matters such as these, one can be mean especially those who think they are the kind-hearted and who have the Palestinians' interests.

The truth is that their meddling on their issues has caused the Palestinians to suffer even more.

The ways these stupid people with means have been using which are also stupid as they are, had not done much or anything to cause Palestine to be free, while they are seen by some and by themselves, each time they take a good look at themselves in the mirror how heroic they are and how they thought they are doing the Palestinians a service.

On the contrary, what they had done is to make the matters worse.

Palestinian land is still being eroded even as they claim to be doing justice by highlighting the evil deeds of the Zionists.

The Middle East Problem is worse today than it was when it first appeared in 1948 and later after the Six Day War of 1967.

The problem is the Arab and Muslim leaders had never conducted any real or serious research on how the Zionists started to wrest control of the strategic industries in America until they could control the whole country, including the White House and whoever that lives in it.

The only thing that the so-called supporters of the Palestinians had done is to organize forums and conferences by inviting individuals from various countries who pretty much talk about the ugliness of the Zionist regime, and nothing else.

There was one speaker from Canada who thought he was intelligent by 'exposing' the massive military industrial complex in America and how the CIA and Pentagon had agendas to cause the continued existence of the Zionist state.

He could very well be the public relations officer for the CIA and Pentagon, for bragging about what they could do and had done.

If not, he could very well be a stand-up comedian who was out to get a cheap applause while the Palestinians were being displaced and some of them killed.

One can be sure he would be back in Kuala Lumpur for another round of conference where he and the other speakers would repeat pretty much the same things that they had said the first time they came to the city for the first conference on Palestine.  

How on earth could he think he could say something which could cause the CIA and Pentagon to feel sorry for themselves, so that they could repent? They did not.

The reason being what the Canadian 'smart-ass' had done was just to repeat himself and get some applause which is good enough for the organizers of the conference to want to invite him to attend new conferences again and again where he could repeat his statements which had by now become stale.

Unfortunately, Palestine is now in a worse state than it was before.

So what else can we say of the stupid men and their stupid ideas?

These stupid men and women are mostly the old ones who had not done much when they were much younger; so in their age of retirement, they can afford to busy themselves by taking up on the issues concerning the Palestinians.

So no wonder, the Palestinian leaders have never acknowledged their presence.

If these stupid men and women want to know Palestine can only be freed if they can get someone to conduct a thorough research on how the Zionists started their campaign to displace the Palestinians from their land and how could they succeed without even shouting about it.

They were able to change the perception of the Americans who decried their presence and considered the Zionists who were then just innocent Jews as being impure and worse than the Blacks.

Yet, in less than a generation, the Zionists could change all that and they are now the 'blue-eyed boys and men' of America, who did not even have their own leaders who are in the same stature as Martin Luther King Jr.

They did not need to have such a leader, because they act clandestinely to achieve their goals and they have managed to enlist the support of most of the Jews in America who are now Zionist supporters, while only a small group of them who are the Orthodox Jews who oppose the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

Can't the stupid men and women of Malaysia realize that they are not doing the Palestinians a service?

Can’t they accept the fact that their stupid ways can never help to free Palestine from Zionist control?

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