Monday, March 12, 2012


By Mansor bin Puteh

Where are the smart persons and political commentators of Malaysia?

Don’t they know what America and the White House and their diplomatic missions are doing all these years?

It seems that their attitude and postures have not changed a bit, as does those of the smart persons and political commentators.

And I want to add, the intelligence personnel of Malaysia and of the other countries who could not see what they are being shown by America and the White House by the acts they are committing all the time, so much so that the Malaysian media has become tools for America to use. 

America needs such people whom they have ‘placed’ in those places to do their bidding.

Isn’t it time for the whole world to realize what America and the White House are doing?

Isn’t it also time for the Muslim World to have special awards for women who stand against the tide of Americanism in their own countries and who dare to make a difference?

When will the whole world realize the awards given by America and the White House to some women to be nothing but their propaganda campaign and to create heroes out of nothing?

There was one Malaysian woman, who happens to be of Tamil origin, who was also given such a recognition.

But generally, the recognition only makes it known to one and all in Malaysia and the rest of the world and also to India how she has been used by America and the White House.

It is also ironic how America and the White House can be so brash to think that their ploy could not be exposed.

Because they know their assets in Malaysia and other countries would not be frozen, and Americans can still move about freely, although they may not be able to shout about how they are Americans like they could before.

So most Americans in Malaysia go about quietly.

This is what America and Americans have been reduced to and it is all due to the foreign policies of their country which were so shaped by the poor quality politicians, diplomats and spies who had fed their political leaders with wrong information, due to their poor quality education and training.

Yes, most American diplomats and spies are not properly trained. They were sent to represent their country not to establish better relations but to find ways on how to cause its collapse i.e. by siding with the opposition and anti-government NGOs.

Maybe the rest of the world and also Americans are not aware of it, but someone now does, that America and the White House aim to sow hatred of the people of some countries they target for which they claim to want to establish cordial relations with.

Isn’t it so stupid of them to think how Malaysians and the rest of the world would not know this that America and the White House do not wish to see Malaysia prosper as it will be bad for the non-Muslims?

And giving the recognition to the Hindu Malaysian at the White House exposes this ploy more than the recognition it claims to be offering.

Nobody knows why she was singled out, since her deeds are mostly negative in nature, to the overall prosperity of the country.

America wants to see Muslim-Malaysia suffer, and go down the road of Afghanistan and Iraq. But America does not have any legitimate or illegitimate excuse to harm it.

For now they only have some individuals in some of the NGOs and opposition politicians whom they think can be of some use for them.

It is okay for America to have campaigns to oust legitimate government in countries all over the world. Yet, they claim to be promoting democracy.

Unfortunately, the only type of democracy they want to promote is American democracy which is an alien political philosophy which can gain credence and support from the opposition groups in every country since there will be many of them, whose parties and leaders are constantly on the lookout for the chance to rule those countries.

And America busies itself by supporting them in the hope that they can directly cause the collapse of those countries which they, ironically, have friendly relations with, where they also have their embassies in, whose diplomats are supposed to be on the constant lookout to promote bilateral ties with the country they are servicing.

Unfortunately, most of these American diplomatic missions do not serve such a purpose as they act more like spy agencies, which fronts as friendly missions but whose real mission is to sow hatred of the reigning government.

And each year, the American first lady, now Michelle Obama offers special awards to women who America and/or the White House considers to be exemplary women.

But alas, they are just women who serve the cause of America. They might as well admit to being agents of America whose mission is to sow hatred and discontent amongst the people in the country they are in.

So no wonder, all of these women are from countries that are in turmoil with some which are not so.

And they are mostly Arab and Muslim ones. There is no woman in America which worthy to be given such a recognition by the American government or the White House, especially the brave women who had stood before the White House and also in front of Wall Street and slept in the parks where they were hounded by the local authorities for exercising their democratic rights to be heard.

The reason being, America does not consider them to be heroes. Heroes from amongst the men and also women according to America are those who challenge the status quo in other countries, even when their acts go against democracy.

America seems to think they can create heroes, by providing the opportunity for them to appear in the limelight, shouting slogans which Americans of an earlier age had shouted before, to force America to leave Vietnam and other countries where it did not have any business to be in the first place.

Now America is focused on the Arab and Muslim countries, so it is no surprise that most of the women who were given recognition by the White House are women from those countries. 

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