Monday, April 11, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Investing in war, will create wars; investing in peace will create peace! America and the Zionist state of Israel have opted to invest in war; so they are getting it when they want and to achieve more evil ends.

Now America knows with Hosni Mubarak thrown out of the presidential palace in Kaherah.

The average American tax-payers have not taken to the streets in a long time since the Vietnam War or since Louis Farrakhan brought one million African-Americans to Washington DC in his one million-man march.

Who will spark the flames for the dawn of the New America?

It took just so few Arab men to burn the fires of dissent in the Arab world that seems to have spread to Armenia and Ukraine. When will it arrive in America next?

Are the Arab and Muslim population of America still too small for such an act to happen? Six million of them are American citizens now and the number is fast expanding.

Are there no such persons in the whole of America who can do that to the country from amongst them and also the others?

Does America not have pressing issues anymore?

Yes, it has and it’s got to do with the annual grant or stipend their government gives to the Zionist state and other Arabs ones to sustain themselves by artificial means.

But where are the sane Americans? Haven’t they realized the folly committed by their own government? Don’t they not want to take the issues to the streets?

Where are Facebook and Twitters in this regard?

Whereas the Mesri and the Arabs in the other countries are said to have used these social networks to their advantage, yet, the Americans who created them have not done so.

It’s time for them to use Facebook and Twitter to affect and change the foreign policies of America which are inherently ruthless.

And can the Zionist elders be more reasonable and ask themselves if they were in an unusual delusion when they wanted to seize land from the Palestinians to create a country for themselves and by doing so undo the many other systems that civilization had put in place?

And they still insist that they are right when Hebrew is a language not even spoken by a vast majority of the Jews with not many Jews who can go anywhere in the world and proudly say he is so?

The Arab and burqa-clad women can go anywhere in the world and there are not Arab Towns in many major cities.

There can never be any Jewish Towns anywhere even in the west.

Maybe what America gets in return for the huge investment on the two countries is how their arms merchant could derive satisfaction in being able to manufacture weapons of mass destruction, so in the end, American interests are still looked after.

So the ‘investment’ on the two countries is still worth it. 

Maybe with the Hosni Mubarak regime gone, America can get to keep the annual stipend of US$1.5 billion a year they gave them for themselves to be used on their own needy.

America should by now be brave enough to allow the brave Zionist leaders to stand on their own feet, if they want to show their bravery and pride instead of seeking help from it like America had not done much in the last more than six decades to ensure it survives the times.

The Zionist state must exert its independence from American interference and protection. After all this is not the medieval age when small countries which are  weak seek the support and patronage of the bigger ones, as what some countries in Southeast Asia had tried to do by getting protection from Mighty China.

Israel should stop getting patronage and protection from America if it is a proud nation, and America should also allow the country to stand on its own feet and free its foreign policy from being hijacked.

Where are the smart professors of political science and of international politics and other experts and specialists in the top Ivy League and other top ten universities in America?

Where are the specialists and other experts in Pentagon, the CIA and other agencies of the American government?

Don’t they realize that by simple logic, propping up of a regime – any regime for that matter – is an act of terrorism?

By this it means that the regimes simply could not remain unless if they are propped by artificial and unusual means.

This also means that these regimes, be they in the Arab World or of the Zionists, are not fully supported by the ordinary people in their respective countries.

Look at Mesir and Libya and the few other countries in the Arab World and the Gulf and one can see how the regimes have been propped up not by the full and devoted supported of the masses, but the sheer brutal way their leaders had created systems to scare those who disagree with them.

One can also say of the Zionist regime of Israel, where the Jews who were kind folks in the past had been misled by their early founders of Zionism, so much so that many of them had started to belief them and their man-made doctrines.

Many believe Zionism in Israel cannot remain in place for long.

The reason being theirs are but man-made doctrines, much like Communism in the former Soviet Union and also in China.

While Communism in the Soviet Union could last for only seven decades, the other version in China still hangs on a bare thread. It can fall at any time.

As for Zionism, it has lasted for more than six decades, but most of the time their existence is in a balance.

Zionism can fall with the regime.

It can only happen if the people of Israel, all the peace-loving Jews start to copy what their brethren, fellow Semites from amongst the more advanced Arabs of Mesir, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and Bahrin had done or are still doing.

One therefore cannot scoff at some pundits who see how the Jews of Israel will finally rise to oust their Zionist leaders who had caused them untold misery, since the country was first created in 1947.

There has not been any peace for all the Jews who live in fear.

All this is due to the cruelty of the Zionist leaders, who do not behave like the ordinary Jews, who are kind and peace-loving.

They want to live in a peaceful coexistence with their Arab neighbors, who have been there before Biblical times and before the revelation of the three Holy Books.

One does not have to be a Seer or pretend to be one, to be able to see how the lives of the Jews in the Zionist state are constantly in danger. Their citizens cannot go anywhere they like even in their own country, within their borders.

If their economy is not propped up by the annual stipend from America, it would have long ago sunk into the desert.

Many Arabs in the Arab World and peace-loving Muslims and the others, have longed to see the day when the Jews and Arabs can live peacefully together so all of us can attain a higher level of existence.

It can only happen if everybody follows in the path of the pious; as piety can ensure that the peoples in the Middle East and the rest of the world can attain salvation.

This is something that the Zionist leaders and their Zionist doctrine do not wish for the Jews to experience.

They want to continue their charade of offering themselves as the ‘modern-day messiahs’. Alas, they are nothing but the false prophets of doom for the Jews.

So it is well and good if the Jews in Israel rise like the Arabs in those countries have done already so they can voice their discontent and oust the Zionist regime.

How could the Jews, who are People of the Book as much as the Arabs who are also Semites like them, who are also People of the Book allow themselves to be so misguided and misled by the false prophets with their man-made doctrines?

What possible benefits have Zionism given to the Jews in Israel since the Zionist state was created, or for that matter to the world?

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