Wednesday, April 20, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: I have been asked why I have been harping on the same issues. The answer is that I am representing the voices of many, most of who could not write, including those in America itself.

If there were smart political and military and intellectual leaders in America and Europe, the Middle East problems would have been solved long ago, so the whole now could live in peace.

They also could not see. And I believe in America of old, but not the America of the now, which has changed beyond recognition. And I can be of help to it, if they only care to listen.

All the Palestinian leaders are stupid. More stupid are the Zionist leaders who can’t speak English well. And all of them are people who are not well educated.

That is why we still have stupid issues on the Middle East those which should have been solved long ago in the early 1950s.)

Here are the tricks. They are plain and simple for everybody to see, but not to those who are blind, especially those in the White House, Congress and Pentagon as well as the American media and intellectual circles in America and the west.

America and the Zionist state of Israel have been using such tricks for so long and the process is repeated again and again with the Zionists’ Israel Defense Force or IDF performing acts of aggression against the Palestinians who have no means to defend themselves.

And when the Palestinians try to react, by throwing stones and occasionally small home-made bombs, they receive insurmountable over-reaction by the same IDF, which causes more damage and loss of life amongst the Palestinians.

And America will condone their action and if there is a resolution in the UN, it will use its veto power to stop the world body from doing anything harmful to the Zionist state.

This is the scenario which has been repeated since the creation of the Zionist state in 1948.

This sort of trick is still being used till today. And by doing so, the Zionist state has managed to wrest control of land owned by the Palestinians bit by bit, with the Zionist building new settlements to a new group of recent immigrants.

They also did not feel remorseful for having done similar acts and tricks, as these are the only tricks that they have up their sleeves. Yet, they behave and feel like they are victims of aggression and not the perpetrators of it, that Zionism is more superior to Judaism.

Yes, the Zionists have illogical views of everything, which they have convinced only America and their allies, but the rest of the world frown on them.

They don’t care as they believe they can live on their own with America that provides their only experience with the world for them, even when their tourists and their leaders who trample on all the lands in the world without them being targeted.

It is therefore strange that no American president had dared to make an official visit to the Zionist state. 

All this is happening while the Zionist leaders and their American backers and supporters pretend to want to drag the Palestinian leadership to the ‘peace table’, a move which is to hide their insidious acts of grabbing Palestinian land piece by piece, until there is no more left.

Only then the Zionists will feel lost, unless if they want to take their show onto lands in other neighboring Arab countries such as Lubnan, Syria and Jordan as well as Saudi Arabia, a scenario which may be too far-fetched for anyone to comprehend.

It is clearly how America are misusing the United Nations’ vetoes; installing stupid despots in some confused Arab countries neighboring Israel; offering financial aid amounting to us$15 billion a year to Israel and a few billion dollars a year to the despots with the cohorts of the third rate press in America.

Vetoes are there for the six permanent members of the UN Security Council to use to promote peace, and not to protect a renegade state which has blatantly continued to feel safe and secure to allow it to inflict destruction of property and loss of life when it feels like doing so.

American political leaders are so dumb not to know what the precious veto power can allow them to do. And they have been using it for the wrong reasons.

So America can be described as a terrorist state, for misusing the veto power that it has.

That it has never used such veto power to stop aggression or to support those who suffer in the hands of the inhuman and ruthless Zionist regime for too long now.

America therefore, cannot be entrusted with such veto powers; it should relinquish their special position in the UN Security Council.

Imagine: If America did not have veto power in the UN Security Council, the Zionist state would not be in such a despicable state all this while.

In fact, the Zionist leaders would not have dared to misbehave themselves. They could only do so with the support of America, which is seen by Muslim and non-Muslim countries as a terrorist state.

The only difference is that they are allowed to be so by the UN itself, so they being a terrorist state has legitimacy, but it cannot be condoned as it is against their own Constitution, which they didn’t realize all this while!

And how could America think that the tricks they have been using all these years to prop up a sickening Zionist regime could not be exposed?

And if there are smart Arab and Muslim leaders who care for world peace, they can look at these three simple and naïve tricks America and the Zionist leaders have been using all these while.

There are no smart Arabs or Muslims. If there are, they would have been first to say this.

Yet, even if they are told of it, they still do not know what to do with it, and will use the conventional ways to solve the Middle East problems.

They are not the Middle East problems, but America’s and the Zionists’ and UN’s problems.

The Palestinians and Middle East are at the receiving end of their aggression.

And if these Arab and Muslim leaders are smart enough they can do something with them to form some solid opinions on how to get rid of these tricks, by first exposing them to a bigger audience so they, too will know them.

However, if the Arab and Muslim and other world leaders particularly those in Cuba, Venezuela and other countries in South America, which have been at the receiving end of American and Zionist ire, they can consult me.

I know how to clear off those tricks, so the UN veto becomes useless and the despots which have one by one been disposed at the present time cannot be reinstalled in the same form and shape, from other Arab and Muslim leaders.

America and the Zionist leaders are not that smart. They are liars. They do not trust their brains; they prefer to use the bad sides of their brains.

Worse, they think they can get away with murder.

But the buck has to stop somewhere for all of them. And the tricks they have been using can be used against them.

America does not believe in the freedom of information and of free speech. How so? They did not charge the Zionist state for not allowing Vanunu to go anywhere in the world to talk about what he knows is happening deep in the Negev Desert.

So Vanunu speaking around the world is a no-no, unless if he wants to be persecuted. But where are Amnesty International and the other organizations which claim to care for refugees and those who are being persecuted?

And where are the literati and filmmakers? Why have they not bothered to write on him or to produce a feature film on him?

Amnesty International has not bothered to declare Vanunu a ‘Prisoner of Conscience’. Amnesty International is biased to the core. It likes to bully smaller countries which do not have any means to defend themselves.

And America can easily apply sanctions to these countries but not to the Zionist state, which seem to enjoy unfettered freedom to do whatever they like. Their leaders can do and say almost anything however ridiculous. America supports them, without thinking; without questioning.

America or its leaders is in such a despicable state. Its policies are shaped not by what their Constitution has stated, but by mere assumptions. They are unwritten policies, based mostly on attitudes which were formed by the early president who had endorsed the creation of the Zionist state, however, wrong it was.

Till now, no one in America dares to question the logic that their then president had used to come to that sort of agreement and approval to support the Zionist state.

America and the Zionist state have not revealed what sort of nuclear program the Zionists have in the same desert.

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