Friday, April 8, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Maybe the question that needs to be asked is: Do they want to live in peaceful coexistence with their immediate Arab and Palestinian neighbors in the first place? And what are they doing to encourage this to happen?

The power of their nuclear option has caused them to feel they are gods who can do anything unhindered. Worse, when they can stop other Arab countries from having such an option to match theirs.

They spend multi-billion American dollars a year to upkeep their nuclear facilities and to promote hatred; and the dividends are immense.

If only they could put aside a fraction of that amount to promote peace and understanding, the dividends will be far greater in the long-run.

After all, their campaign of hatred over the last six decades have failed miserably.

But they should feel shameful of the original plans of the first generation of Zionist elders, who only wanted the Jews to have a home of their own.

Did they say this must be achieved at all costs, especially by cheating and deceit, by also going against the true teaching of Judaism?

The Jews were despised for so long by the others; the Muslims accepted them like long-lost cousins. But what did the Zionists do in return?

They wanted to grab Arab land, but they got stuck by the brave Palestinians.

And where are the sane Jews who had benefited much from the Arabs and Muslims being allowed to live in their lands and to thrive?

Those who joined the Zionists are mostly those Pseudo-Jews who converted to Judaism because they were persecuted by the Communists, during which time their brethren still managed to live peacefully and being safeguarded by the Arabs.

The ‘safe heaven’ they managed to create in America is not reason for them to continue to support the Zionists for peace for the Jews can never be attained in such an artificial setup.

They have to revert to the true teachings of Judaism and be compliant to the words in the Holy Taurah.

No amount of physical threat and using of the UN Security Council vetoes can do the trick for them if they want to look at the long-term for the UN and American support are short-term advantages and benefits.

Can the status quo of the peoples and countries in the Middle East be reverted to the time when the Jews could live in peaceful coexistence with their Arab brethren, like how it was in Biblical times?

Or do they secretly want all the Arabs to live with them when they are the ones who are being surrounded by the Arabs?

So what real choice do the Zionists have? They exist only to be perished. This is their real choice which their elders could not envisage because they were all misguided by their own gut feelings which had betrayed their thinking and rational side.

There must be brave Israelis and Jews who must lead the way to oust the ruthless and unreasonable Zionist regime.

And the fires of dissent against Zionism does not have to be lit by someone immolating himself, as it had been for some who had caused many Arab countries to be in flames.

Haven’t they all learnt and seen for themselves the atrocities they had committed in the name of Judaism and in the name of all Jews, on harmless people of Palestine, who are also Semites like their fellow brethren?

The Zionist regime must be replaced like the Hosni Mubarak, Muamar Ghadaffy and the other ruthless regimes in the Arab countries.

There were many brave Arabs who had led the way to remove their regimes.

But where are the brave Israelis and Jews who can lead the way to remove the Zionist regime?

There were many Americans who were brave but had removed the Bushes Regimes, not once, but twice.

This has also resulted in the other Bush – governor of Florida, Jeb Bush to stop harboring his evil intention of joining the presidential fray by running for president, for his chances are bleak after what his elder brother and grandfather had done miserably to promote hatred of Arabs and Muslims.

Yes, it can and it must as Zionism and the Zionist elders have found out that their zeal has its limits that they could never take it any further than what they had done and achieved so far.

They wanted to reclaim all the land they said belonged to the Jews since Biblical times.

Where on earth does it say in the Holy Taurah (or Torah, as the Jews say it) that this is the duty of the Jews to do so?

The more pious Jews would never even consider such a strategy; they surrender themselves to demands of  the sacred text of their holy book, and want to live in peaceful coexistence with their Arab brethren, who are Semites like them.

Unfortunately, they would only dare to seize those lands around Baitulmukaddis and in other parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, even they were never owned by the Jews then.

But the Jews once owned much of Makkah and Madinnah in what are now Saudi Arabia or just Arabia and much of Yemen then.

Does it mean that they also want to seize these lands?

How on earth could they do that?

Enmity between the Jews and Arabs do not benefit them. They only benefit the Zionist elders who have caused so few amongst the Arabs to fashion themselves as the heroes of their own people.

But what thrill could the Zionist elders get seeing how persecuted the Jews in Israel are, not being able to lead normal lives and go anywhere they like?

What wrong had they done to deserve this by the Zionists?

Living in Israel for the Arabs and also the Jews now must be sheer hell. And who’s persecuting the Jews in Israel now, the Arabs or the Zionists?

But what do they get from Zionism anyway which was introduced by Jewish elders who did not study Judaism properly or diligently to know why the Jews were in the state they were at?

After so long experimenting with hatred and cruelty on the Palestinians who did not cause their ancestors to suffer in the hands of the Nazis, what else could they get from, which since the last more than six decades they had failed to get?

I am a non-Arab, Oriental-looking Melayu-Muslim from Malaysia, who had studied at a recognizable and noted university in America.

I got a rare opportunity to visit both Palestine and Israel in September, 1999 when some of my works were shown in a cultural center in Ramallah.

I traveled by land from Amman, Jordan to Ramallah. And along the way I got to meet many Arabs and Jews.

I enjoyed it when I bumped into them and be able to greet them. They returned my greeting in a friendly manner.

This is not the Israel that I thought of earlier; it is the real Israel and the Jews are also real. And I fear they tell me tales of their miseries, of being taken for a long ride by some Zionist elders who had convinced them that living in the state of Zionism is better than in the state of Judaism.

How false that it.

The world media seems to have a field day observing and reporting on the fall of repressive, American-supported regimes which were all friendly to the Zionist regime in Israel.

The leaders in America and other countries in the west liked to blame those Arab leaders whom they were full of praise for, when they were the most repressive.

When their fortunes changed drastically, so did their stance.

How on earth could the American and western leaders change their stance and attitude on those Arab leaders and dictators so quickly once they caught wind that their fortunes had changed?

Were they not into fully supporting the Hosni Mubarak regime by pumping into it, US$1.5 billion a year, of the American tax-payers’ money?

And they are pumping another US$16 billion to props up the Zionist regime of Israel which could not sustain on their own.

Didn’t America realize that their ‘investment of US$17.5 billion a year’ has not brought in any cent worth of dividends?

The amount of money can easily help solve most of the problems faced by the average Americans, who do not have to buy any insurance policy and can get medical aid for free for life, as well as university education for many of the American youths who could not get any of it because their parents are not financially sound!

America wants to be the champion for the cause which is lost, but not one which is closer to home.

By offering such massive amounts of annual stipend, didn’t the American voters and their political leaders realize that they are perpetuating a situation which is artificially propped up, which by their own device and according to the Natural Laws could not last or be sustained for long?

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