Friday, April 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: On 26 April, the day I posted the first part of this article, Russia again threatened to oppose any United Nations Security Council resolution on Libya which NATO has launched a campaign on.

Any attack on any NATO state is considered by them to be an attack on all the NATO states; but this attitude is not copied by Muslim countries, when they should have also done it. This is how democratic and fair they are. They know how to protect their interests, but they do not allow the other countries to protect theirs.

On 27 April, the prime minister of China, Wen Jiabao made an official visit to Malaysia to strengthen bilateral ties.

Malaysia has become China’s major trading partner so there is reason why China, too, has often used its veto powers in the UN Security Council to try and block resolutions which are against Arab and Muslim interests.

But the Russian leaders have not made any such efforts. Don’t they know they can use their veto powers to benefit their country, too, like what China has got?)

America, the New Communists has embassies which are fortified with tight security that does not encourage anyone to visit them like they wanted to do before and their ambassadors and other staff always try not to have any public profile.

They are basically not seen and not heard; they only conduct their business in the dark and present stilled views on the countries where they are posted to Washington DC, finding faults with the host countries and not knowing how to promote peace and understanding.

America is however, still fortunate, in that their unofficial arm of the State Department, their entertainment industry still allows America to have a nice and friendly face – and how their agents had managed to ‘infiltrate’ the media organizations in many countries that have turned them into agents for America who are unpaid and unrecognized.

But the editors, writers and publishers of the newspapers, magazines and also television stations are still trying to get that recognition from the White House, which they can never get, because the Americans do not want to expose their underground acts to use those organizations to serve them.

They are many television stations that show and publications that publish nothing but American stuff, so they look like they are American organs, with the owners of the organizations feeling mighty proud for doing that. 

Unfortunately, none of them had studied and lived in America, so they feel guilty for not acting like media agents for the country, so they can feel superior, when the opposite should be true.

And in the process, these media organizations have failed to highlight the real America which may not be as friendly as the face that it had created for itself, by their entertainers and entertainment products that are sold very cheaply throughout the world. 

It is quite obvious that America and the west do not care for the feelings of the Arabs and Muslims; they only care for the feelings and emotions of the Zionists.

Brainless America had made a wrong choice to side with so few of the Zionists in the world and sidelined the one billion six hundred million Muslims in the world. Their arithmetic must be so bad that they did not know how to count.

Can Smart America teach Brainless America some lessons on arithmetic or mathematic?

But why must the Arabs and Muslims still want to relate to America, which has destroyed many Arab and Muslim countries, and are not yet done with them, that they want to continue to do so until the whole of the Arab and Muslim Worlds are completely destroyed, however, impossible this can be.

America and its allies can still get away with murder because the Arab and Muslim leaders are still stupid; they are distracted by their limited concerns for their personal well-being and that of their children and cronies.

They are excited if they can copy the type of physical development that they could see in some countries in the west, such as the F1 racing, international golf and tennis tournaments and fashion shows, and sometimes American performers whom they could splurge a lot to have them come over to perform before them by offering them one million American dollars for forty-minutes of lewd behavior, while their own citizen’s welfare is neglected.

These leaders have been gotten rid of. But there are still some more who should be removed by the might of the people in their own countries.

It is time for Russia to assume a new role in world politics and economics.

Russia should insist that the Arab and Muslim countries start to show them gratitude for having tried to save them from America, which the world has seen has become the New Communists.

Isn’t it therefore time for Arab and Muslim countries to show some gratitude to the Russian Federation, by supporting it to allow it to develop?

It is not too late for Arab and Muslim countries to show some gratitude to the Russians and the other Muslim Republics in Central Asia.

The faster it is done, the better it is for the Muslim World.

This will also allow us to start using the Arab dinars and do away with the American dollars.

This will also stop us to be enamored with things American, with Hollywood and their television and media which are all part of their massive propaganda machinery anyway.

Let’s start to create a new world for ourselves from amongst with like minds who wish to live in peace and not with those who have evil intentions and who support the most ruthless regime the world has ever known, the Zionist regime of Israel.

Let’s create new knowledge so that we can better appreciate our own existence, which is not linked to America and the west, unless if we want to reflect on how they had tried to bully us and how they had tried to destroy us.

The former Soviet Union was a very good friend of the Arabs and Muslims. Their successor, the Russian Federation still does it.

Yet, Arab and Muslim countries have neglected it and not shown it any favor or help to take it out of its economic malaise.

Russia needs our help. America and its allies had tried to destroy the Arab and Muslim Worlds, yet, they are still being looked up on.

It’s time for Arab and Muslim countries to look away from America and the west, and to start to look at Russia and the other former Soviet Republics many of which are Muslim countries and also members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Russia has history, has culture and literature and stronger fascination with Muslims and Islam. It has strong ties with all its former Republics which are now Muslim Countries which are members of the OIC.

And these are not ordinary countries; they are those which early Muslim leaders and preachers and other evangelists had trampled upon the land to spread Islam.

They had left long-lasting legacy. There are many ancient masjids all over the country.

All these can become the very basis for the renewed connection and special relationship Arabs and Muslims can find easy to develop.

But there needs to be a systematic approach to this so that growth and enhancement in it can be experienced in tandem with the others.

This can happen at all levels, while at the same time ties with America and the west can slowly be severed, so in the end they can be left to their own device.

America and the west were never fascinated with Islam anyway; their ancestors had embarked on many useless Crusades to crush Islam. They had tried to force their religions – Catholicism and Christianity on the others.

They had never ever tried to be nice to those countries, including many Arab ones; they only wanted to subjugate.

It is therefore time for Arabs and Muslims cooperate even more with the Russians and the others in the Muslim Republics of Central Asia so this region can become extensions of the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

So that America and their allies can remain where they are, since they did not know how to appreciate us. They only know how to appreciate the evil cause of the Zionists.

Let the buck stops for America and their Zionist alter-ego. Let them see how far they can go with their evil intentions, especially if Arab and Muslim countries look elsewhere to conduct their daily business and activities with.

Let America stare at the Zionist state and ask: What can you now do for us in America? The only answer the Zionists will have is: We need more financial support and weapons of mass destruction. This is what they are good at. 

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