Friday, April 1, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

And where are the emancipated America women? Why are the Arab women in flowing robes taking to the streets, while their counterparts in America are not capable of doing anything like that?

Who then is liberated and who is not?

My greatest ‘mistake’ is that I had chosen to live and study in America in my early adult life.

I had deliberately not chosen to go to England to do that, as I did not want to just ‘follow the crowd’. There had been hundreds of thousands of Malaysian who had the good fortune to go there to study, with some still living there for decades.

The only good reason or excuse for the young Malaysians or Melayu to want to go there was just to study and live.

But there were so few of them who had gone there earlier in the 1920s to study at some of the more prestigious Oxbridge universities only to return to the country years later, initially behaving – or misbehaving – like the local Englishmen so much so that they were criticized quite heavily for having a Melayu flesh inside a now English skin.

Worse, they mostly brought few of the bad things from the country like drinking, socializing speaking loudly, etc.

However, over the years, they reverted to becoming Melayu. In fact, due to social pressures and the expectations forced upon them by them proceeding in their years, they became more Melayu than those who had never left their remote villages in Malaysia and become also more pious.

The only real good advantage for some of the Melayu who had gone to study and live in England is how they were able to read the minds of the English, especially Tunku Abdul Rahman who later became the Father of Independence of Malaya or Tanah Melayu.

Because of him he was able to recapture Tanah Melayu from British colonial rule after more than one hundred and seventy-six years, to declare independence for the country on 31 August, 1957,

His earlier counterpart in India, M K Gandhi also studied in England. Both of these men studied Law.

So Gandhi, like Tunku also became leaders who led their own countries on the road to independence.

And they would do it without resorting to the using of arms. They chose to use their heads instead.

Britain and the British too changed a bit so in the ensuing years, the other countries in the British Empire slowly became independent, without so much blood being shed.

Britain gave those countries up after having learnt a lesson from the experiences of the two men – Gandhi and Tunku.

I chose to study in America because going to England to study was not only passé but also not relevant to the type of study I wanted to embark on which is film directing.

And like Tunku who studied at St Catharine’s College of Cambridge University, I studied at Columbia University in New York City.

And unlike the many Melayu and Malaysians who had studied in the two countries, I, like Tunku and also Gandhi had gone there to try and see what can be done with Malaysia and America.

America was changing. But who could affect it to change and in what form?

Of course, America wants to change every other country in the world, even when they knew they did not know much of those countries they had wanted to change.

The end result in how we can see now that those few countries are Arab ones and they are all related to the penchant for America’s staunch support for the creation and continued existence of the Zionist state.

This one act of theirs had caused much of the Arab and Muslim Worlds to be in flames.

Yet, America seems to be aloof to that and didn’t realize what they had done to cause this to happen.

Worse, when they started to call the victims of their own military and political as well as economic aggression, ‘terrorists’ and ‘militants’ when in fact they are mere victims!

Yet, many of the Muslim leaders and other political scientists and analysts and media persons accept that as fact. None dares to stare at America and say, no, they are not ‘militants’ or ‘terrorists’; they are your victims. They are freedom fighters.

In the end they perpetuate this myth. But it cannot and must not be allowed to be sustained.

The real ‘terrorists’ and ‘militants’ are those who prefer to bomb villages and countries and kill innocent Arabs and other Muslims; they are those who have in their possession nuclear arms that they can use at anytime.

They are the real terrorists and militants, while those whom they had slaughtered and caused their countries to be demolished are mere victims.

And this is where Melayu and other Malaysians who had studied and lived in America can come in. they can show the America that not many other Malaysians including the political leaders know.

Whilst the American ambassador in Malaysia sometimes act as agent provocateurs in the country, by giving to Washington DC wrong information on Malaysia, and by drafting speeches by their leaders that sound like they are interfering in the domestic politics, the Malaysian ambassador in Washington DC must also do the same, i.e. if he knows how to reciprocate his counterpart in Malaysia had done.

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