Saturday, April 23, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If America practices and promotes all these freedoms, then surely, the Middle East problems would have been solved long ago by the interaction and interplay of these freedoms.

No one has ever connected these freedoms to the Middle East and other problems America has gotten itself into, because of the lacking of these freedoms in the country.

There are strong connections, as they would have been discussed, debated and profiled in plays, musicals and films as well as television drama serials with the crooked Zionists profiled in major Hollywood films and limited drama serials and shown worldwide with the Palestinians profiled as the victims of their aggression and cruelty.

The press in America is also third rate and too self-centered, too self-serving, too narrow-minded and too partisan to be fair. They publish mostly American propaganda.

There is not one American-Muslim who is a columnist of any major newspaper or an anchorman in a television station.

There is also no television drama serial that has a Muslim-American in it, or stories on their experiences.

No wonder many Americans are bigots and downright racists because their system encourages them to behave so.

All this results in occasional outbursts by some of their own kind, in the persons of Terry Jones and Peter King.

They were all following in the footsteps of some early Hollywood directors who had profiles Arabs and Muslims and other people of color to be antagonists in their films, including Steven Spielberg who made tons of money spewing hatred of them in many of his films in the Indiana Jones series.

So who can say the American press is free then? Who says there is freedom of expression in America and of assembly and also of religion?

If so, why are some Muslims not allowed to build their own Islamic Center in South Manhattan and the Holy Koran desecrated by Christian bigots of a small fringe private church in Florida?

The church is so small; it only has fifty members in the congregation; so they cannot claim to have the full and undivided support of all Americans.

Their pastor Terry Jones should burn their own church instead and revert to Islam so they can be part of a much larger group of people so they know how to feel and act better. 

Fortunately, Florida is not the ‘Mecca’ of religions dissent in America. And Florida is not the New American South of the Sixties when they frowned on the presence of the Blacks or African-Americans as being utterly offensive to the community.

And why the American government or their spy organizations should be allowed to have the upper hand to charge others when they themselves should be charged for the same offense.

They do not look within themselves and their system to see how rotten they are; because they are so busy trying to find faults with the others.

Therefore, its high-time for better educated people in America and the rest of the world to put the spotlight on the press in America and on the American government and their agencies some of which are being in full control of individuals who had been in charge of them for so long and unhindered and away from the focus of the Congress or White House.

They are the ones who are formulating the foreign policies of America and not their president who now becomes their spokesman or public relations officer.

In theory they do. But in practice, it is obvious that they don’t. But the American government and many Americans want to think they do.

The truth is that they don’t. If they do, then why are some issues of pressing concerns have not been put to debate? Why are the issues concerning to Zionist brutality not even mentioned in the American press?

The American press is no different than the presses in the repressive regimes, the American government often condemns in their annual report on human rights, when in truth, their press too is not free.

They act as the unofficial government mouthpiece which is no different than the media mouthpieces of the repressive governments that America often chides.

If there practice and promote freedom of the press, of expression and of free speech and of assembly, then the problems in the Middle East would have been solved long ago.

It is a well-known American and Zionist strategy to break up the Muslim and Third Worlds so that the countries in them do not support each other so they can get a voice of their own.

So that they are forever beholden to their masters, who can bully them. They are not the masters who provide, but that who cheat and steal their natural resources and still feel ungrateful.

Muslim countries have been providing America with cheap oil, but what do they get in return?

They get their countries bombed so that their natural resources, especially oil could be theirs for a lot cheaper or even free!

But, how come there is no literature and discourse on all these in America by their intellectuals and other analysts?

The reason being the American public has been cowed by the system that had been hijacked by their later presidents and politicians who disapprove of what the American Constitution had spelled out.

The creation of the Zionist state of Israel and the continued support for the continued existence of this state is against the American Constitution.

Yet, there is no American president or American citizen who is brave enough to seek to overturn the decision made by their former presidents.

Many novels, plays, musicals, feature films and television drama serials could have been produced during the six decades of the formation of the Zionist state, on the heroism of the Zionist leaders and their Israeli Defense Force or IDF, who had managed to demolish homes, refugee camps and caused the loss of lives of the Palestinians.

But there is none of these.

On the contrary, even a small off-Broadway play on an American woman who was mowed down by an IDF tractor was not allowed to be performed.

If the press in America is free, this and the other stories on the plight of the Palestinians would have been produced, so that the thinking of the American and their voters could be affected.

In fact, even Aljazeera was not allowed to operate in America.

No wonder most Americans do not know what the Zionist leaders and their IDF have been doing; with each aggression being suppressed.

The death of a Zionist supporter is often highlighted and given ample coverage in the American media, while Zionist and IDF aggression is stifled, like it did not matter just how many innocent Palestinians were killed mercilessly.

There was no coverage or discussion on the earlier Zionist strategy to kill young Palestinians so that they could not grow up to create more Palestinian martyrs. That was a strategy which even the Nazis had not thought of. This is a Zionist specialty.

Yet, there is no mention of it in the press in America.

The press in America dared to oust one of their presidents, Richard M Nixon. But this does not mean that they practice and promote freedom of the press.

There were more pressing issues which their press had neglected to highlight. On the contrary, they chose to ignore them and worse, to take sides.

The Middle East problems exist till today simply because the press in America had chosen to take sides and

And the American government and other so-called international human rights organizations had not dared to look at the atrocities committed by the Zionists, and always look elsewhere to charge small countries of being insensitive to the plight of their ordinary citizens.

And most of these are Arab and Muslim countries as well as the other small countries in the Third World, whose future was caused by neglect and economic as well as cultural sabotage by America and the west.

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