Monday, December 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

‘Blood relatives’, ‘Solved’, ‘I married a mobster!’, ‘Locked up abroad’, ‘I almost got away with it’, ‘Stolen voices, Buried secrets’, ‘Evil, I’ and so on.

These are some seven programs that are shown on the History and NGeo and other channels that are broadcast over Astro in Malaysia; they are almost of the same type, dealing with issues that can only happen in America and in no other country in the world, except perhaps in England.

What do they say? What do they reveal of the Americans who are involved with these programs, playing the unsuspecting main characters from amongst those who have been murdered and those who survive to relate the tales of the loss of their loved ones?


Unfortunately, none of them and especially the producers of the serials and also the stations do not realize what they are actually telling the viewers.

I am telling them now.

Many who have been watching these programs must be enthralled by them, as much as I had earlier on, until I realized that they are saying something sinister, that even the producers of the respective programs do not realize.

Now they do.

They are basically about the failure of the American constitution concerning the allowing of gun ownership, and the decadent lifestyles that many Americans seem to observe, especially those who have been murdered or involved in the cases that are highlighted in the program.

The stories are on murders committed by Americans and on Americans, with some on their close relatives or siblings. This is the most horrifying serial that is shown on television.

There has not been any recounting or recreation of murders committed in America by their Muslims citizens in the same fashion as what the others have shown. There can never be such matters.

The murders could only be committed by true-blooded non-Muslim Americans, on other individual or individuals or on their own close relatives including parents and siblings.

The hedonistic life they lead full of debauchery are what’s causing the murders to be committed.

This added to their consuming of alcohol and drugs, made their acts more potent.

Their Christian or Catholic and Pseudo-Christian and Pseudo-Catholic lifestyles are to be blamed for the scenario they have created for themselves whereby they are the main characters in the murder plots, which all seem to lead to some startling conclusion as to how they had to happen.

American psychologists will not come to this level of discourse to explain the veracity of the actions of the principal characters in all the programs. They have other issues that they want and can highlight, all of which point to the incidents per se.

They are also not able to moralize them, as they think it is the rights of the individuals to lead whatever type of life they want.

And even if it hurts them bad which caused them to die, it is also their right to be the character of the insidious plot.

They stick with the perpetrators and what had shaped their thinking and action, which are issues that appear on the surface.

They won’t go up to another level so as to blame their religion, constitution and decadent lifestyles that many non-Muslim Americans lead, as much as it is also the fault of the church whose influence in the daily lives of the inherent had waned for so long.

American or western television producers and television liked to show such programs; they think they are interesting. But what they did not know is how they are exposing their weaknesses, and that of their own society and even religion, or the lacking of it.

And such programs can only be created by the characters and scenes and incidences which can happen in America mostly, and not so much in the other countries in the west, unless if the same producers try and come up with similar programs that are set in these countries, so surely, they can find similar incidents to show.

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