Sunday, December 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Here are some of the most boring news in the world. They are boring because they are repetitive news. And repetitive news are news that are allowed to be repeated.

And the reason why the boring and repetitive news are allowed to be repeated is because the leaders of the country are boring and downright stupid that they had allowed such news to be created.

The most boring news in the world are on the Bangladeshi factories catching fire killing many, young children getting caught in spaces between buildings in china and pseudo-political discourses in Malaysia, and other man-made calamities and media excrements…

Unfortunately, such news are continued to be created because the media people like them. They are easy to package and promoted, much like the drug busting of Mexico and other South American countries, which make America big and law-abiding citizens of the world.

The fact that the Americans are the ones who had created such an industry of drug use and distribution is never discussed.

And not surprising the target are the Mexican drug lords and not the distributors and importers of the drugs in America, who are American citizens. 

Unfortunately, these are news which hog the media in Malaysia and other countries, most of which are constantly reported in the media in Malaysia.

And it is unfortunate too that these stories do not seem to have a good ending. They will continue to be repeated again and again.

The problem why this has to continue is because the countries concern do not know how to put them to a stop.

So one can go on expecting to see other factories and buildings catching fire in Bangladesh, other children getting caught in holes and between tight spaces in China and the repetitive and most boring pseudo-political activities and gatherings in Malaysia which climax in the organization of the Bersih protests.

Bangladesh, China and Malaysia definitely cannot get away from having those things to provide the world the unnecessary media attention to themselves.

And in Malaysia the types of news that are often published in the newspapers mostly are the comments and reactions of the others who are in the second or third rungs of the respective political parties and NGOs, or other individuals who like to give their two-sen worth of views on anything.

Unfortunately, and also ironically, most of the events, especially the pseudo-discourses in Malaysia are all media-prompted or media-created, for without the media supporting them, they could not have happened.

And the Malaysian Police too can be blamed for ‘encouraging’ such activities, although they may want to deny it.

For without the ‘support’ of the media, the protests and demonstrations and other snide comments on pseudo-political discourses could not have been created.

And without the ‘support’ of the police, they could also become useless as media events.

So can’t one suspect that such pseudo-political activities in Malaysia were created by the media and also the police?

What if the media and police ignore the fringe groups and allow them to do as they please without supporting them, would such protests and demonstrations happen?

Maybe not.

There will be so few who would know about these pseudo-political activities that the organizers won’t find it fun to organize more in the future.

It all boils down on how much they can get coverage in the media, and how much they can taunt the authorities especially the police to the run up on their activities, with their leaders getting the limelight that they did not deserve.

Is it also how the media wants to promote their papers?

Can one see how their circulation might have improved especially when there are heightened emotions created by the run up to any pseudo-political activities?

The Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia I know and often see, do not even squirm anymore when they read reports of yet another factory in Dhaka was razed resulting in the death of so many.

Those whose family members die in the fires will mourn, but only temporarily. And once their bodies are laid in the ground, they won’t grunt to demand greater transparency from the government and local authorities so that factory buildings adhere to stricter rules and regulations.

Their members of parliament and other leaders, too, will look elsewhere, as more and more buildings are being renovated to make way for more rooms and partitions to cramp more and more people to live inside of them.

Nothing will change in Bangladesh. The Islamic faith the people say they profess has not helped them. They have not benefited from Islam, and Islam has also not benefited from them.

And because of that they cannot be described as the best examples of a good Muslim as much as the many Malaysians who claim to be Muslims but who behave as though they are Pagans or Non-Believers.

Their bickering over petty pseudo-political matters is proof that they are indeed bad Muslims or not Muslims at all, as Muslims do not quarrel with fellow Muslims.

If they do, they must be guided or influenced by the Devils or Syaitan and Iblis.

Unfortunately, not many of them do not seem to realize this as they continue to bicker over petty pseudo-political issues and matters; the more they claim to be better Muslim and their challenger who are not – as they are Murtad or Disbeliever!   

They have accepted it as a feature in Bangladesh for such things to happen. And it will continue to happen as long as there are some people in Bangladesh who do not adhere to Islamic teachings the right way, despite them being staunch Muslims.

They claim to be staunch Muslims, but this is just their admission. Their deeds or misdeeds prove that they are not so, especially when one sees how many of them are hooked on the cigarettes.

The Bangladeshi men are like the many Indonesian men who are habitual smokers.

They are from some of the most poorest Muslim countries in the world, yet, they have not found the wisdom to choose a healthier lifestyle.

They have not come to realize how cigarette-smoking is part of a western campaign to defraud them of whatever they can earn to allow them to sustain themselves, so they are in a perennial state of poverty and uselessness.

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