Tuesday, December 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Many non-Muslims in Malaysia believe in Islam, but only if they can make money out of it. But they won’t admit to their fascination with the religion. They prefer to make money from it quietly.

And ironically, the Muslims, too, keep quiet about, when they should be highlight it everywhere and whenever they can. They do not to know what Islam is, how it benefits them as well as the non-Muslims around them.

America and the countries in the west, especially the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic ones too benefit from Islam in many ways – from the OIL they import from the Arab countries and the Arabs and Muslims who they can use for target practice to use the old military arsenal.

There are many of them who are involved in the halal industry; they operate factories or restaurants that offer halal food for Muslims and non-Muslims.

So it is not a surprised to realize that 70% of the halal industry in Malaysia is dominated by them.

There are so few non-Muslims in Malaysia who like to charge Islamic laws especially Syariah Laws to be not suitable for them.

Yet, they ignore the fact that there are many of them who are involved in the promotion of Islamic Laws themselves, by offering halal food, even to the Muslims in the country and abroad, where their products are exported to.

There are also many non-Muslims in Malaysia, especially the Chinese who observe the practice of circumcision because they know it is a healthy thing to do.

Unfortunately, the Islamic authorities in Malaysia have not found it expedient to produce filmlets to show them, especially to their brethren who always like to find faults with Islam.

They do not realize how their own kind has benefited from Islam, which has provided them with financial gain, without which they could never ever earn a tidy profit.

They know without dabbling in the halal industry, they can never ever sell their products especially foods, to the Muslims who constitute a larger portion of the population in Malaysia.

But one cannot expect the non-Muslims or Chinese themselves to admit that they are benefiting from Islam.

The Chinese media, too, do not write about it.

But the truth is Islam not only benefits the Muslims in all ways, but it also benefits the non-Muslims, too.

And in some cases, Islam also allows the non-Muslims to use it to escape persecution in the courts.

One example is when an Indian-Hindu man who was charged in court for riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

In the court, he told the magistrate that he could not wear it as he was helping his Muslim friends to carry water for the local masjid.

The magistrate thinking that the Indian-Hindu man was so kind, so he excused him and allowed him to go free.

The Indian man had found a very convenient way to escape persecution by admitting that he had tried to do a deed for his Muslim friends.

But no one knows if he was telling the truth or if he was just giving a false alibi in order that he was not fined by the court for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

One pities the magistrates and judges for having to give the benefit of the doubt to those who are spouting all those alibis which may be outright lies, in order that they are not persecuted, and if they had to be, are given from reduced sentences to a warning.

There are however, some other countries, where the judges do not take such matters lightly and do not care so much for alibis or excuses; they go by the strict enforcement of the law and do away with emotions.

So in time, those who have been charged for petty offenses in those countries know they cannot try their luck pretending to be wrongly accused or could get away with fines, by simply making up some plausible excuses.

But the magistrates and judges in Malaysia are not the ones who are being had most of the time. Islam is.

Many non-Muslims like to use Islam to escape from being persecuted, some of which have been cited earlier.

They know the magistrates and also judges tend to be sympathetic to those who are brought to answer charges in court, if the person is seen to be showing consideration and accommodation, especially if he is not a Muslim and who is seen to be serving the religion one way or the other.

So there are non-Muslims who say they are doing a civic duty to help their Muslim friends to do work in the masjid and so on.

And not only that on the other aspects, the non-Muslims particularly the Chinese also know how much they can benefit from Islam.

It was reported that 70% of those who are involved in the halal industry in Malaysia, are in fact, the non-Muslims.

What this means is that these non-Muslims are not only benefiting from Islam, but they are indirectly saying how they believe in the religion, although they may not desire to revert to the religion that they know benefits them, financially.

This is how much faith the non-Muslims in Malaysia have on Islam.

And it is also not surprising how many non-Muslims outside of Malaysia and in the world who also have similar sentiments towards Islam, when one can see how fast the speed they take to establish the Islamic banking system in their respective countries.

They know if they do not have such a financial system and also dabble in the halal industry, they would be left behind, as there are more and more Arab and other Muslim countries who trade with them, and they also have a sizeable Muslim community in their own midst that they cannot ignore completely.

And there are also many countries in the non-Muslim World which are not fashioning their legal system according to Syariah Laws, although they may not wish to admit it after they realize their own legal system is tainted that has caused their own society to slide.

Yet, there are some non-Muslims who feel fearful of the implementation of the Hudud Laws, citing how these laws do not serve them.

Did they bother to look at the so many non-Muslims who are in the halal industry, to know how many of their brethren do not support such views?

It is also strange how the proponents of the Hudud Laws have all failed to cite this as a good example of how good Hudud Laws are not only to the Muslims but to the non-Muslims, too, since the halal industry and also the Islamic banking which many non-Muslims are also involved in, cannot be sustained without the full implementation of the Hudud Laws.

The non-Muslims therefore cannot choose which aspects of Islam that benefits them without accepting the basic core in the implementation of the religion in their daily life.

So it is perhaps good if the discourse or debate on the advantages or disadvantages of the implementation of the Hudud Laws take into account these matters.

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