Friday, December 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Alas, it’s the story of how some unfortunate American kids were massacred by a mere twenty-year-old American boy who was said to have come from a ‘broken family’ and who was a ‘loner’. He won’t be charged for being a terrorist or militant, and his religion not a fanatical one. He would be excused for what he had done.

This type of boy/man or man/boy is not rare in America, as there are many more of them who also have similar backgrounds and profiles.

And they cannot mean anything unless they come up with a bang to introduce themselves to America and the world, and gain some notoriety in the process.

Mark David Chapman gained a worldwide reputation, when on 6 December, 1980 he gunned down ex-Beatle John Lennon outside of his Dakota apartment in Manhattan.

This incident happened long before Adam Lanza was born; his parents, Peter and Nancy, too, might not have got married then.  

But than that, it is also about how the many Palestinian kids in the West Bank or Gaza in Palestine, who were merely ‘decimated for their own good’.

American won’t cry for them, and the media too would not give an inch of space. They are ‘collateral damage’.

This is where the similarities start and where they end.

The only difference is that the Americans were killed by their own kind while the Palestinians were killed by the Zionists.

And the worst of all, the Americans and their political and military leaders will never learn what these signs show them. Adam Lanza had meant to teach them something, but he may have killed and died in vain, because they would not know what he was saying from his action.

Newtown, Connecticut in America has suddenly become the focus of the Americans and their media.

The then American president, George W. Bush did not cry when three thousand people, mostly Americans died in the crash of the Twin Towers in Lower Manhattan, because he was bent on taking revenge on the Arabs and Muslims in Afghanistan and he did not want to waste his energy being emotional about it.

His successor, Barack Obama had to cry, because the killer is an American boy aged about twenty years, who was supposed not to know much, other than for the others to say that he came from a broken family and was a loner.

After all there were many individuals who were from broken families and who were also loners, but who went on to win the Nobel Prizes or to invent new gadgets.

In fact, all the geniuses and other brilliant people of the world since time immemorial had been such persons.

So Americans are not able to target Adam Lanza, as much as they would like to, as they are seen to be targeting themselves, too; unless of course, if someone exposes his secret as a closeted supporter of the Al-Qaeda or a recent revert to Islam, when everything breaks loose.

Unfortunately, there won’t be anything left for American and their Zionist lackeys to do to inflict more pain on the Afghans, Palestinians and other Arabs whose countries they had completely destroyed.

The Zionists, however, can only continue to seize Palestinian land to build more houses for the recent Jewish settlers. Or, they can also destroy masjid in the West Bank and Gaza, the few which are still standing.

For those people there, it seems that these are signs of how the ancient Mayan Calendar which said how the world would come an end on 21 December, had indeed come, albeit, six days earlier.

Today Newtown, Connecticut, tomorrow Anywhere Town, USA, or anytime in the West Bank or Gaza.

The reason being it is the place where some Americans especially kids, who were schoolchildren of the Stony Hook Elementary School had been gunned down.

This is a story which has been repeated again and again. Americans, themselves are doing it. And this is sad.

If it had happened in the West Bank or Gaza in the Islamic Republic of Palestine, chances are the perpetrators of the crime would have got away, and with the American media looking elsewhere to blame those who had been killed by the Zionists.

If it had been done by other Americans and non-Americans, the issues would have become something else.

Now America and Americans are at a loss, due to the death of so many of their own kind, in the hands of one of their own kind, too.

If the gunner, had not been a Caucasian, but someone of color – say, a Black, the issues would have got a totally different twist to them.

And the house and family of the Black person would be targeted.

However, since the gunner is White, the issues now center only around the bereaved. Their president shed tears for the families of those who had lost their loved ones.

Worse, if the gunner is not only Black, but Muslim. Greater calamities would befall the family and relatives of the person, who would be targeted.

Timothy McVeigh, weighted all options when he decided to bomb a federal building in America some years ago. His family was not targeted. And his religion too was not blamed for his adventure.

In fact, they gave him the benefits of the doubt and only charged him for murder, for which he now serves a long prison terms for it, with no parole.

Adam Lanza, was the twenty-year-old gunner of the schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut.

A lot of issues around his mental and psychological profile have been brought up in an attempt to justify his actions with him having come from a broken family and with him being a loner.

Fortunately, he was also killed in the attack on the school. He had the sense to kill his own mother first before going on a rampage in the school.

It is strange how individuals who are White and loners, who often target schools to exhibit their personality disorders.

And in this context, it is also not strange to see how there is a country, which is basically suffering from the same matters, which is the Zionist state of Israel, who is also very much a loner, who often kills Palestinian children.

Yet, the Americans do not say anything, much less to want to lower their flag at half-mast.

Americans fully understand the Zionists’ stand, and they also know the Palestinian kids and also adults deserve to be so treated by the Zionists, who are essentially ‘loners’ in the Middle East.

They created a situation where they can never win, by creating a new state on stolen land, yet, from henceforth they justified their position by going on a rampage.

The Zionist state too suffers from the lone-boy syndrome. But they do not care to blame themselves for it.

American political and military strategists and madmen also did not care. They pursue the course that had been created by the Zionists, so that they can take advantage of the situation in the Middle East which is for them to allow their depleted military arsenal to be used, with the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims becoming convenient targets for them.

But what is most startling concerning the latest attack on a school in America is how, there are some Americans are telling their leaders what is happening here in the Middle East, on the Palestinians by the Zionists.

If they feel bad and sad with the killing of just so few American kids, who are too young to know what was happening around them, then they too, as adults, should know what the Palestinians have been experiencing all these seven decades, with many of their children and adult mercilessly killed by the Zionists who used American military weapons of mass destruction and with the support of their political and military leaders.

This is basically what Adam Lanza was trying to say to the Americans.

And the collateral damage is the group of twenty-eight Americans who were killed by him, including his own mother.

And for those families in Newtown, Connecticut, America, the ‘end of the world’ had come to them six days sooner than the day, the ancient Mayan Calendar had predicted for that to happen on 21 December, 2012, which is now barely five days from now.

America will never learn. Americans will never learn what signs are there in such incidents.

As long as they do not learn anything from them, other similar incidents will be repeated in the future, as there are some Americans still want their political and military leaders to learn from them, by these individuals showing them what they should have learn long ago.

The Malaysian prime minister had written a note of condolence to his counterpart in America, the President. But has the Zionist prime minister done the same?

Maybe he would not do that, as he believed that what had happened was ‘divine retribution’ against America for not doing enough to stop Palestine to get an upgrade status at the United Nations (UN) recently, so that it is now officially recognized as an official country in the world with observer status, a step closer to it from becoming a full member of the world body.

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