Friday, June 3, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(NOTE: This is an attempt to study the minds of the Zionist leaders, based on their actions and speeches and unusually erratic and inhuman behavior. And mostly on what they had managed to do and achieved, and what else do they want to do and can do with Zionism.

They are a pitiful lot, people with no future in a civilized world.

But it’s not their fault; they had bequeathed a tradition, attitude and a set of values from the founders of the Zionist state, which had tried to experiment to see if they could get a state for their own, thinking how easy that could be using devious methods.

Unfortunately, after more than six decades, they have not done much other than to make a bloody fool of themselves.

The only things that had kept the temporary existence of the land they had seized from the Palestinians are their nuclear capability and veto power of America which it uses often. Other than that, they are weak and feeble.

The Zionists have failed to contribute anything good to human kind since they created the Zionist state of Israel, or even to America.

They had only caused the death of many, and the destruction of many countries which could not develop because America and the other developed countries were distracted by their presence and support for it.

Worse of all, they had reduced the stature of World Jewry and Judaism.)  

The real victory of the Zionists and their movement, is when their leaders are able to go anywhere in the world and are feted by everybody, and there are Zionist Clubs in all the major universities in the world.

And more than that, there are also Zionist Towns in all the major cities with many youths wearing tee-shirts with the words, ‘I am a proud Zionist supporter!’ and ‘Zionism Now!’, and how Zionism will replace all the major world religions, because it is a recent invention, so therefore, it is more superior than the others which are archaic and old-fashion.

It is the Zionist world no doubt, with Zionist banking, Zionist food industry, and Zionist lifestyle…

Unfortunately, this can never happen. The reason being Zionism is not of any use to anyone else other than those who are hardcore Zionists. There is no such a thing as a soft-core Zionist.

Maybe there are; those who hide their Zionism and do not dare to tell anyone that they are these. They are the Zionist supporters, many of whom are in America.

Yet, they are not proud to admit it.

This is how depraved Zionism and the Zionists are.

On the contrary, there are now many Little Arabia or Ain Arabia, with many Arabs and other Muslims who are able to go anywhere in the world to visit and invest; they can also tell and show that they are Arab and Muslims.

They are not scared to hide their religion and identity, unlike the Zionist leaders who now can’t even go anywhere in Europe.

No groups of tourists from the Zionist state can go anywhere to enjoy the sights.

So who says the Zionist leaders are smart and brilliant? They are only smart and brilliant for doing things which are uncivilized and stupid. They can never achieve a fraction of what the Elders of Zion had set out. They can only be a nuisance to themselves and to the whole world.

Only America finds them cute. They are pathetic.

No wonder they prefer to live in an uncivilized world with their own rules which no others understand or could ever comprehend the depravity of their logic or sense.

The Zionist leaders and their supporters only believe in the filth they spout and do not suffer remorse for their action despite the insurmountable and irrefutable proof that these rules and regulations are totally without any basis for human civilization to continue to exist.

Many human lives have been destroyed, and must of the world’s natural resources had been depleted simply to satisfy the greed which the Zionists and their supporters have and want to possess.

The world had already started to become more civilized after the nasty experiences it experienced by the excursions of the shiploads of savage Catholic and Christians from Europe to the Far East, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, which had turned the world upside down.

Yet, in 1948, something nastier had to happen. And it was with the creation of the Zionist state, and fully supported by a modern-day colonists – America.

The Americans, whose ancestors in Europe had all failed in their sacred mission to oust Islam from the Middle East when their Crusades they undertook failed miserably.

But they were not deterred; they still tried to embark on more attempts to destroy whatever the countries elsewhere had achieved, simply because they did not want them to be free; they had to be dominated.

Yet, time still proved that they had failed.

Now America is using the Zionist state. America will also fail as much as their ancestors had during the Crusades and the subsequent excursions in the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Century.

America did not know better, how they are now repeating the failures of history of their ancestors.

They felt they stood a better chance with the United Nations veto power, and the nuclear arms they possess, which they had to quickly acquire to prove that they had evil intentions and reasons to use them.

Whereas, the Arabs and Muslims did not take the same evil path, to prove that they did not need to possess them.

Yet, despite that, Arabs and Muslims had been charged for being militants and terrorists, when the Americans and other Europeans and the Zionists who have such nuclear arms are considered to be peace-loving people in the world.

These are some traits of the hardcore Zionist leaders. They do not know how they are persecuting themselves by their evil and cruel actions more than the others whom they mistreat, so much so that their movements in the world are restricted.

They have treaded the wrong path to their personal salvation, which will ultimately lead to their self-annihilation – and thanks to Americans who did not know better than to mislead them all along with their false prophethood, the fake messiahs – unfortunately of self-destruction.

They can do that on their own without finding their antagonists; since they have evil and cruel traits without anyone forcing to bring these out of their hidden selves.

For they are their own worse enemies.

And for nothing the Arabs and Muslims have to become their convenient scapegoats.

So what has been happening since the creation of the Zionist state on 15 May, 1948 simply does not make any sense at all.

If the Zionist leaders are so good, so important, then how come they are not able to move about freely throughout the world? Their supporters, too, cannot move about on this planet unhindered.

This proves that they are being hounded by their own shadows more than that of the Arabs or other Muslims whom they have persecuted. They are their own worse enemies.

But because they are not so well-educated, they have failed to realize their own folly. And especially if America continues to prod them along their path of self-annihilation.

It is too bad that grown-up men with brains which are not so well developed, could inflict pain on so many, and including on themselves, yet, they still fail to realize this as they are distracted by their day-to-day activities so they miss out the bigger picture.

Basically, what is happening with the Zionist leaders is that they just want to sustain the persecution of the Palestinians as long as possible, as this is to ensure their own sustenance, especially with regard to the types and kinds of support that they can continue to get from their main sponsor, America.

If there is peace, their vision of Zionist expansionism will fail as America will then do not have to deal with them anymore as they now have the Arabs’ interests to deal with.

The Zionist state of Israel will therefore become extinct, if there is peace. Their Zionist ideals will end up in pieces.

Therefore, it is wise for the Zionist leaders to insist on inflicting harm on the Palestinians and Arabs as the Middle East in peace is bad for them but good for the Arabs.

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