Sunday, June 12, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Some Chinese in Malaysia fear Melayu and Musliim unity. They even fear hearing and seeing the 1Melayu 1Bumiputra slogan like some of them also did not fear hearing and seeing the 1Malaysia slogan, which is meaningless as it sounds.

But it is still effective in instilling fear amongst those who harbor ‘new immigrant’ values and ideals, those who behave and think like they are still immigrants in the country, by not being able to speak well or at all in the national language..

There is no 1America slogan, yet, because there is only one national schooling system, there is American unity.

In Malaysia, because there is vernacular education along with the national education system, there is no real unity. There are only these slogans and others.

Some Zionists feared Palestine unity between Fatah and Hamas. They also fear the reopening of Rafah crossing in Mesir and the import of goods to Gaza, fearing that they could be turned into weapons.

The only weapons the Palestinians in Gaza have are themselves – their ideals and their determination. So how could the Zionists erase such thoughts? Kill them when they can on whatever pretext necessary.

It is quite clear the Zionists fear their own shadows most of all. The Palestinians reflect these.

So if the Zionists are smart, they should clear their conscience first before they deal with the others, since they may have been misled by the devils and not by their ideals of wanting a separate state for themselves, using some unwritten sacred text as a pretext to achieve that end.

But alas, the ends for the Zionists are not achievable. They are stuck in the rut, with only America, NATO and the United Nations siding them. They can only make a nuisance for themselves while the Palestinians and Arabs figure out how they can unite and retaliate.

The people in some Arab countries have shown the way in the Arab Spring – they had also reopened Rafah crossing. They have not yet gone the length by insisting total Arab unity and create a common front to confront their enemies.

Muslim Unity in Malaysia and in the world is bad for those people who did not want to see the Melayu and Muslims unite under a single political party. They also fear the 1Melayu 1Bumiputera slogan.

It’s the divide and rule policy, which has caused the Melayu in Malaysia to be confused, with the Muslim World fractured.

But the blame is not on them but on the Melayu and Muslims who did not know better.

There are some Melayu political leaders who have been in politics too long; so they have tended to be insensitive. They insist on staying put at the expense of their own race and religion, while still insisting they are good for them.

They are not.

As long as they hog political traffic, they stand in the way of their race’s and religion’s development and advancement.

But do they care? They don’t.

They are all stuck in yesterday’s mentality. They are backward. They spout the same propaganda. They just do not want to be forgotten once they leave politics. So they hang on and on for as long as they can, even if they start to walk on sticks. Leaving politics will leave them with nothing. They will be totally forgotten.

So they hang on with nothing new to offer to their race and religion, which they had benefited much from.

This is what has been happening in the Melayu and Muslim Worlds.

So no wonder the Melayu in Malaysia and Muslims in the world can be easily manipulated; that some of them could be led astray so the whole community could be chastised and they be branded militants or terrorists.

Whereas, those who had put them in such a tight spot are not branded as such. Maybe they are worse than militants and terrorists, as they are all state sponsored, so they are seen to be above international law, which they use as a cover to protect them.

The truth, however, emerges, when they leave office, when they are cast aside, with some of the more prominent political leaders who could throw tantrums who are now reduced to ashes.

They do not seem to exist anymore; they cannot go anywhere as they please. George W Bush could not even go to Canada or Switzerland anymore, fearing arrest.

This is what a former American president has been reduced to, a hermit in a desert in Texas.

Divide and rule, which was a policy introduced and perfected by the savage Catholic and Christian colonists from Europe, is still being used today by the minorities in countries such as Malaysia and in the Muslim World.

So the Melayu in Malaysia are not allowed to be united. The Arabs in the Middle East are not allowed to unite.

Unity of the Melayu is bad for the minorities in Malaysia, just as unity of the Palestinians is bad for the Zionists.

And unity of the Muslims in the world is also bad for them and America.

So ways must be taken to ensure that they are not united.

This all means that if there is Melayu and Muslim unity in Malaysia, the Chinese and other minorities especially the Indians, cannot do much; they could not exert themselves, and be reduced in size and stature and become like their brethren in the other countries in the Asean regions and elsewhere in the world, where they have no choice but to keep quiet, with no political party and no school that teaches in their mother tongue languages.

And if there is Palestine unity, there is also not much that the Zionists and Americans can do.

The whole truth therefore has emerged in that, as long as the Melayu and Muslims in Malaysia are divided, the minorities can exert themselves.

And as long as there was disunity amongst the Palestinians, the Zionists and their cohorts, the Americans could do whatever they please.

This is something which has emerged from the Spring Unrest in the Arab World.

Muslim Unity is a grave threat to the existence of the Zionist state. It is also a threat to the status of America whose very existence hinges on how other countries are disunited and not developed. 

Therefore, the strategies used by the Zionist state and America is to ensure that the strategic Arab and other Muslim countries are not conjoined into an economic bloc.

They will divide them into the Sunni and Syiah division and continue the discourses on these, as long as the Arabs and Muslims are swayed by that, it is okay for America and the Zionist state.

Arabs and Muslims have not yet learnt that they have been bullied and made fools of by having the Zionist and American ‘preachers’ teach them on Islam and how they can be divided and made to fight each other by creating unnecessary enmity amongst them.

If even Ayatollah Khomeini and Saddam Hussein could be fool, then who are the other lame duck Arab leaders whose level of intellect is extremely low?

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