Monday, June 6, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Americans are their own worst enemies; the Zionists are their own worst enemies. They use the hapless Palestinians as their scapegoats to prove how depraved they are.

The Zionist state of Israel will never be able to be accorded the kind of respect that the Arab countries and their leaders can get from the others. The Zionist state will be persecuted even more during peace time. They will be enclosed in their Zionist Wall living in shame with no friends.

On the contrary, their status in the world is getting worse and worse, with their every move to deceive and to cheat. This is what they have been doing for years now since the creation of the Zionist state in 1948, yet, they are not filled with remorse.

The only energy, inspiration and strength they can get from must be from the devils and Satan, since there are no other entities which can force them to the limits of their depravity, so much so that they have indeed become these.

Whatever they have done does not have any justification in Judaism, which they had all rejected long ago.

It is therefore ironic how they fashioned themselves into the saviors of the World Jewry, yet, World Jewry has failed with Judaism much maligned by their actions.

So the only trick the Zionist leaders have is to inflict harm on the Palestinians now and again, with the most effective trick is for their prime minister to pay a visit to Masjid Al-Aqsa which will definitely inflame the Palestinians again, as what the former Zionist Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, now Vegetable Ariel had succeeded in doing.

It is therefore, very difficult for anyone to deal with the Zionist leaders, because all of them are not so well educated. They had not traveled the world to know what the rest of the world thinks of themselves and of everything, and how wide the world is.

They lived in fear when they were young, growing in their immediate neighborhoods. Only so few had managed to go abroad to study. None of them is known to be studious and religious; so no wonder they rejected Judaism and preferred Zionism instead, even though this is not a religion.

But they tended to believe that it is more superior to Judaism.

So it is very difficult for anyone to trust them or to be able to understand them because Zionism is not a known religion; it is a pseudo-religion whose values and ways are not determined by any ancient holy book.

It is based on vague ideas which are not written, or debated.

So how on earth can the Zionist leaders impress anyone with their brilliance? Their brilliance is equated with hatred, evil and cruelty.

Unfortunately, they can only impress those in America and nowhere else. They are finding it difficult now to even to go England and other countries in Europe.

The situation is not going to be any better for them in the near future, with Post-Jasmine Revolution in the Arab World.

The Zionists fear the creation of a nuclear Arab or Muslim state and America going bankrupt so their financial dependence on America will break.

America can go bankrupt, if the Arab and Muslim countries decide to do that to them as what they had done to many Arab and Muslim countries, by their expansionist tendencies and successes.

But things can change Post-Jasmine Revolution and also with greater awareness amongst fair-minded Americans as their Muslim population further increases and some of them become political and want to engage in the everyday politics of the country.

Yes, indeed, America can go bankrupt. One by one their major industry will go bust.

Haven’t we started to see this happen? More of it will happen in the near future.

The Zionist state and the Zionists cannot live in peace during Benjamin Netanyahu’s term of office of prime minister of Israel.

He cannot go anywhere in the world claiming to be a proud Zionist. He can never even go to any American university to open the Zionist Club of the university, including the Yeshiva University which is the university for Jews, but they are orthodox Jews or the Hassidic Jews, who disdain and condemn Zionism, which they say is against Judaism.

Hassidic Jews do not recognize the creation of the state of Israel. They prefer to live with the Palestinians under Palestine rule.

The Zionist prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu speaks horrible English; his vocabulary is so limited. He has not said more than what he had said earlier, when he first became prime minister of the Zionist state the first time.

So he is good for the Zionists because of that. He cannot do much except to justify past actions of his predecessors and also his own.

He, like the others before him does not care for world history and the history of Judaism and the Original Jews.

He does not care if the Zionist state has become isolated and an international pariah.

He can only take some consolation in the fact that their state is protected by their nuclear bombs, America’s financial support and America’s use of their veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

How could a country be proud to exist in such a situation?

The Zionist leaders including Benjamin himself can never trample around the world; they can only go to America and to some other countries in Europe.

Is this how proud they are as leaders? Do they still want their citizens to live in such a miserable life, being locked inside the Zionist Wall?

Don’t they read their own history of how they were being persecuted not by the Arabs or Muslims, but by the Nazis?

Don’t they remember how their ancestors had suffered in the concentration camps and the gas chambers in Auswhitz?

Don’t they remember whom their ancestors had sought help and protection when they were persecuted by the Nazis? They were the Arabs. They were the Muslims.

They were not the Americans, who only took pity for them when their ancestors pretended to be Europeans and not Jews.

And don’t they not want to remember how the Jews who had just arrived in America and were looked down upon as pariahs?

‘Hey, Jew Boy!’ Many Jews in America then were called by such descriptions.

Don’t they want to remember the sizeable Jewish populations in all the major cities around the world, including in the Arab and Muslim Worlds?

Benjamin does not remember or even know how a Jew called David Saul Marshall of Singapore had been elected chief minister of the country.

How on earth could a Jew be given such amount of respect by the voters who were mostly the non-Jews, but were also Muslims?

The reason being David was not an ordinary Jew. He was not a Zionist. He was a humanitarian.

Unlike Benjamin and his colleagues in the Zionist state today, David did not have evil plans for the people of Singapore.

David could go anywhere in the world then. Benjamin can’t even come to Singapore today. He is stuck inside the Zionist Wall.

’Tear down this wall!’ screamed the then American president Roland Reagan.

It was the wall of evil in Europe.

The Zionist Wall is the evil wall of the Middle East and also of the world.

’Tear down the wall!’

Benjamin is deaf. He hears nothing. He only hears himself, and he goes on to speak in his broken English with no sense at all, which is based on lies and deceit.

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