Sunday, January 8, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America and Americanism were good, but not after 1948, when they took sides with the Zionists and totally disregarded the rest of the world which had been providing it with natural resources and their vast markets for its products and also some humans to test their weapons of mass destruction on.

If America is a person, and if he is taken to a psychologist, and asked to lie down on his couch, what would the psychologist be able to find out from America?

America has a name and it is Uncle Sam. And Uncle Sam is old, haggard and speaking in tongues. He points his finger at someone in front of him; it is you – all the Yous in the world whom he has charged for annoying him. He wants you! Uncle Sam wants you!

But do we need him? No one needs an old man who is haggard and who spouts nonsense on democracy, who uses bombs or weapons of mass destruction to introduce it to the countries that already had them.

If indeed America is a person, many say that he is indeed sick, very sick indeed.

Any sane psychologist or psychiatrist will come to a conclusion not long after asking America or Uncle Sam few questions and be able to say how he is so very sick.

The problem is that America had been infected by the Zionist virus. And there is no medication in the world that can cure it.

The symptoms are that America needs to be vicious and ruthless while pretending to be kind.

They are fortunate that they have entertainers who can thrill the whole world while their political leaders continue to export hatred. They put women as their secretary of state, so that the whole world would think they are harmless. They are not.

And their entertainers are not harmless either. They have a veneer of harmlessness, but behind the thin veneer, they are as ruthless as their political leaders.

Therefore, America is not too big for any psychologist to psychoanalyze and study its mental state and come to the conclusion that America is now MAD.

Their actions prove that it is so.

But are they going to do with that?

America needs counseling; it needs it fast. It needs to be made sane so that if it still wants to continue to lead the world, their clear head and vision must be used.

How America can clear its head and clear its vision so it can see what it had done in the past to realize the evil that it had done on many others, so it can quickly repent before it gets any worse?

America is just one country; it needs to learn fast how to live with the rest of the world and to stop forcing the rest of the world to live with it.

America and Americanism are collapsing especially in the Arab World it had tried so much to impress with its worldly pursuits.

The only thing that the Americans can do and this is what they are trying to do very hard, is not to reintroduce Americanism, but New Americanism.

They will fail in this because New Americanism is no different than Old Americanism which had failed miserably.

Don’t bother to ask the brave Arab men and women in Mesir, Tunisia, Yemen and the other countries; just ask the Marines, they too can say that it is so, especially the American Marines who are now still in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They have all been holed in these countries with no where to go. Some are waiting for death to knock on their doors. This can happen when they least expected it.

Their parents too are waiting for the knock on the doors when some American officers will hand them the star-spangled banner all folded up nicely for them to display their pride with while the dead bodies of their children lay buried somewhere with some of them not having their heads or limbs.

For the rehabilitation process that America has to take, all it has to do is for it to first take a deep breadth and look around the world, and see who are surrounding them the most? Are they the Zionist supporters and other sympathizers or are they the ARABS and MUSLIMS?

They are not the Zionists. Those who surround America more are the Arabs and Muslims who are now in a very large number even in America. And the number is growing fast, with their main religion of Islam becoming more and more prominent and dominant which affects the thinking of its Muslims.

It doesn’t matter if they are now being surrounded by the Zionists but they are just around Washington DC and no where else.

And what America a.k.a. Uncle Sam has to do to become sane and be able to live in a civilized world now?

They have to listen to the voice of the majority Muslims. They do not have to be bullied by the Zionists who had managed to infiltrate into their system and government for too long without bringing to the country much benefits, which the Muslims can do.

The Zionists had caused America’s image as a democracy to fail.

But the Muslims who can make that happen again.

The Zionists have almost caused America to go bankrupt. The Muslims can ensure that America stay afloat.

But if America does not care for the feelings and emotions of the Muslims in their own country and in the rest of the world, then the Muslims can cause America to go bankrupt.


The Muslim market is the largest in the world. And if the Muslims boycott American products and services, the economy of America will go bankrupt very soon.

All that Muslim countries need to do is to provide themselves with everything they need. They need to manufacture commercial planes and motor vehicles and produce their own films and television programs and create their own international media organizations.

If these can be done and with verve, America and all the countries in the west including Japan and South Korea will go bust.

Their economic development and expansion depended on the charity of the Muslims in the world which provide them with the market for their products.

However, if the Muslim market does not care for their products and manufacture our own products, then they would have to sell their companies for one dollar to Muslim countries.

The companies manufacturing the Boeing and Airbus planes will go bankrupt and they can be sold to Muslim countries for one euro or dollar each.

Of course Harvard, Oxford and the London School of Economics (LSE) do not teach economists from the Muslim World this; they only teach them to be lackeys for the west by extending the economy of America and the west into the Muslim countries.

These and the other Ivy League and Oxbridge universities in America and England, respectively, do not teach academicians and intellectuals and other leaders in the Muslim World to be smart; they only teach them to be lackeys, who could only acquire stale knowledge from them.

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