Wednesday, January 4, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The American banned ‘French fries’ and started to call them ‘freedom fries’ when they disobeyed Uncle Sam to go on their useless and senseless march with them to Afghanistan and Iraq.

This resulted in the Americans getting fried in those countries for nothing.

Now the French has banned the burqa, a stylish fashion statement of many a Muslim woman in those two countries and in some others including in Malaysia where the trend has become quite fashionable to the more advanced Muslim women.

Nothing unusual has been committed by all the burqa-clad Muslim women in these countries.

In France and some other countries in Europe, it seems to have created a fear; that those women in such fashion could commit horrendous crimes.

But why do they want to do that, unless if the French authorities fail to realize that they are also a contributing factor to the women to want to do that?

The early French autocratic authorities in the countries they had colonized didn’t care for the burqa-clad women in those countries and they didn’t stop them from being fashionable then.

But why do the French government today want to do this to all the burqa-clad women in France?

Their crime it seems is that they had brought with them this fashion which the French designers had failed to create from a plain black piece of cloth that did not need to much cutting or sewing.

The ban can’t mask the resurgence of Islam in the country. It can only destroy the country’s image as the ‘fashion capital of the world’ and push the country into the Dark Age.

Few other countries in Europe are also trying to follow suit, and they will also get similar results.

It’s too late for them to now want to undress their Muslim women who should know better how to change France and Europe by a piece of cloth.

The Republique of French, like a few others in Europe, had in the past became a savage country whose armies had gone abroad to wrest control of foreign countries. They extol it in their literature and history books. They created their national heroes this way.

They had also destroyed many Muslim countries especially those in Africa and in the process forced some Muslim women to undress themselves.

Isn’t now payback time for the French and the other countries?

Blame their ancestors and their leaders of an earlier time, for what is happening in their country today. Don’t blame the burqa which came with the Arab and other Muslim women whose countries they had destroyed which forced them to flee from them to come to France and the other countries in Europe and the west today.

The French are proud of their so-called masquerade balls or parties (ball masque) where the men and also women cover their faces using masks to hide their true identity.

What are the reasons for them throwing such a bash is unclear. But it looks like fun for their society to regress since couples can copulate without knowing who they are doing that with.

And in the true style of the French high fashion, the banning of the burqa also unveils their hypocrisy as it is also a fashion statement.

Although the masquerade balls were not of French origin, but is said to be Italian, but the French embraced it even more than their founders.

That was then in the Seventeenth or Eighteenth Century. Now is the Second Millennium, and the burqa is something that the French ought to embrace it and not to exhibit their national umbrage and not to dampen the true spirit of which the French ‘republique’ was established.

True the masque is not used in public and widely in French, but they are always shielding their true colors anyway, despite them wanting to shed off their clothes in the heat of summer.

They too cover themselves up in the cold of winter when nothing is exposed. This is also the burqa of the present day.

The French surgeons also cover themselves up. Do they have anything against the burqa too?

It’s the politicians who do that. Why? Is it to cover their discrimination against a group of fashionable women who want to wear the burqa?

Many French and European as well as English women wore the veils in the past, not only when they were in mourning.

Look at the photos of Queen Victoria at the death of her husband. She started to wear nothing but black clothes since then.

It was also the trend of those who were trendy to wear black and covering themselves up as a fashion statement.

Yoko Ono covered herself in black and walked about in the streets in London when she wanted to create a statement of sorts.

Just because the French women especially had lost control of the exclusive use of the burqa does not mean that this style of fashion should be banned.

And Paris, which was touted as the ‘fashion capital of the world’ is no more so. It is the anti-fashion capital of the world now since it can’t tolerate someone who wants to exhibit such a style.

The openness of the French has therefore been undermined by a mere piece of cloth.

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