Saturday, January 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The problem with the diplomats and spies of America is that they are not well-educated or well-trained. They only go out of their country on official missions.

They never lived anywhere outside of America and thought Cambridge University is a fake university named after Cambridge town where their Harvard University is in Massachusetts.

They hardly ever meet non-Americans or even those who are not white. They frown on those who are of different colors and shapes as they are.

Yet, when they go out to work, some of them serve in their government and also the military or diplomatic service.

And this is where they falter.

They falter, and America suffers.

They are the ones who have been providing their country with wrong intelligence reports and their assessment of the other countries are often wrong.

They do not mix around; they stick in their offices in their heavily fortified embassies. They look sacred to say they are Americans.

They do things quietly. They end up getting wrong information on the countries where they are posted, because they follow the leftists who have a lot of nice and juicy things to tell them.

They are the root cause of America’s failures in their conduct of world affairs. They are the ones who had caused America to suffer and other Americans to be fearful of their lives.

So no wonder one sees less and less Americans loitering around the world, much less in the remote areas.

No wonder, the American Peace Corps that used to send hundreds of thousands of young Americans to live for a few years in their formative lives abroad, deep in the countryside, has been shut down.

Not many American dares to sit in their Starbucks Café or Hard Rock Café much less in the food stalls in the rural areas.

And just where did the American diplomats and CIA agents and other operatives get their training at and how were they thought to believe and behave?

America’s experience ii dealing with the former Communist Soviet Union, had caused the whole generation of American ambassadors, diplomats and CIA spies and other operatives including their politicians and type of politicking and internal bickering to be so shaped.

It is difficult for America to change their ways in one generation after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is with this experience in dealing with them that they are using against the Arabs and Muslims, the handbooks of expediency, without scant regard to the differences there are between the Communists and the Muslims.

America’s ambassadors, diplomatic and the CIA spies and other secret operatives, therefore, have all failed their country.

In fact, even their political analysts have also failed it.

And the American press, too, can be blamed for joining in the fray without reshaping itself to suit the times which had changed, so that new ways of reporting on the Arabs and Muslims can be used instead.

America is not flexible; it is rigid.

As a result, their politicians’ mentality also suffer, as it is also third rate.

As a result, the Zionist Lobby in Washington DC continue to rule, from the back, by them still being able to provide wrong information on themselves and on America, too; never mind on the Palestinians and the Arabs and other Muslims.

It is so easy for the Zionists who had infiltrated into the American systems and the psyche of the Americans to do what they want to do and achieve.

It is also very easy for them to continue to do so as the American mentality is still the same; they had a new bogey, the Communist Soviets. Now they are the Arabs and Muslims.

As long as America can be made to feel threatened with the emergence of Islam and Muslims, the Zionists, do not have to do much else to get what they want in order to allow their Zionist state to prosper even if they know they can only exist being surrounded by more and more enemies from amongst the Arabs and Muslims. 

Living in America is too rigid; it is difficult for most Americans to adapt well in the changing political environments, especially with the New Dawn of Islam. 

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