Saturday, February 23, 2013


By Mansor Puteh          

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and his wife, Jehan Sadat were invited to the White House when Ronald Reagan Carter was president, and he was given a ball where he was seen dancing in an embrace with Nancy Reagan.

It was supposed to signify the special and cordial relations America was having with Egypt, and especially with its then President Sadat.

Unfortunately, it could also mean to be a sort of insidious effort to belittle him in the eyes of the ordinary Egyptians, like it was pre-planned, so that Sadat could be eliminated somehow, without anyone else doing the deed.

Yet, when the funeral was held on the next day, all the former presidents of America attended it and they also walked in the procession with the other Egyptians even though it was a security nightmare for the Secret Service which could not ensure the safety of the former presidents.

But they had to be in the procession to show the cordial relations their two countries had with each other.

Photos of Sadat and Nancy dancing in the ballroom of the White House in Washington DC were splashed in the media. But it did not thrill the Egyptians.

And weeks later, Sadat was assassinated when he was inspecting the parade to commemorate the independence of his country. Few others who were in the grandstand were also killed with many more seriously injured.

Till now no such balls have been organized to honor Arab and other Muslim leaders where the wives of the president and the Arab and Muslim leaders are seen dancing together in an embrace, which could embarrass the people back in their own countries.

An Egyptian soldier who was part of the parade jumped from the jeep he and his colleagues were traveling in, and moved towards the presidential grandstand, with Sadat standing to receive him, because he thought the soldier was coming towards him to salute him, as part of the show.

Unfortunately, the soldier did not do that, and as he got to the grandstand, he started to fire his rifle at Sadat who slumped and died. He then shot aimlessly at the others around him, with many of them and the others trying to flee from their seats, with some who could not had no choice but to try and cover themselves with the seats they were sitting on.

Egyptians did not like the idea of their president dancing with another woman and in public.

This and other factors were the main reasons why Sadat died the way he did.

And if one were to look at the Arab Spring which sprang up in 2011, one could also see similar trends, when wives of the leaders of the Arab countries who did not care to dress up properly in the Islamic way, had to suffer being thrown out of office and also killed in the process.

Muamar Ghadaffy’s wife did not dress in the unIslamic way, but his fault laid with the behavior of his sons and also himself, for their crass behavior or misbehavior spending millions to get entertainment from American entertainers.

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, too suffered not because of his wife or daughters but because of his sons, particularly the eldest one, Uday Hussein who flaunted his power and used the guns freely, until one day he was gunned down in a busy market.

Now we are seeing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who is in dire straits. His wife, too flaunted her body, and he and the whole country have to suffer.

Where is his wife now?

And for that matter, King Abdullah of Jordan’s wife, too, had not behaved herself properly in the Islamic way, and so he too suffers. He is lucky the ‘Arab domino’ has not reached him as it is being stuck in Syria with Bashar clinging on to his poor life, and knowing when he too will have to go next.

Once Syria is done, Jordan will be the next, and King Abdullah is now happy not to show his wife, who does not behave like any Arab woman would. She too has become anonymous.

But the truth behind the Arab Spring, Part I is that it was an effort by the Arabs in the respective countries to get rid of their leaders who they saw as being Zionist and CIA lackeys, and these elements in their countries. And they did not make any effort to hide this.

In 2012, Arab Spring, Part II, wanted to be launched, and it is a revolution that would see the expulsion of Zionist and CIA elements in the entire Middle East.

But this effort was thwarted by the Zionists and CIA themselves which had caused the same Arab countries which had succeeded in overthrowing the repressive regimes, to become battlegrounds of civil unrest leading to civil war.

So Arab Spring, Part II, was thwarted in this way, with the Arabs which had installed new leaders having to find ways to evict them from office, so they are not able to focus on the Zionist state of Israel, which is now free of any serious threat of repercussion arising from Arab Spring, Part I.

The Arab revolutionaries were stupid enough not to realize this fast, and they continue to go ahead being misled into thinking that the more they destroy their own countries, the better they are, when they are not serving their own national interests, but those of the Zionists, who can now live calmly and peacefully amidst tension and confusion in the Middle East as the Arab countries continue to be set aflame and destroyed in no time.

Who could be supplying arms and destroying buildings and individuals in the Arab countries if not the enemies of the Arabs and of Islam?

But blame was always put on the other side of the conflict.

The leader of the opposition in Tunis was said to be killed by the government forces. But what good would that do to the Tunisian government?

He was assassinated by the real and hidden but clear enemies of the Arabs and Muslims, who had also done similar deeds on five Iranian scientists and who are not afraid to admit it, as they had done to admit to having killed or assassinated Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

By admitting this misdeed, the case is closed as there is no more mystery surround his death in a Paris hospital many years ago.

And why did the then Prime Minister of the Zionist state of Israel, Ariel Sharon suddenly fail to wake up during surgery? He has been in coma since.

He had earlier uttered in a press conference in Israel how he suggested that the Zionist state had no choice but to leave the West Bank and Gaza and to deal with the problems they are having with the Palestinians and to solve them, as it was not tenable anymore for them to live under Zionist repression any longer.

Benjamin Netanyahu who was in the press conference made a face, with some other Zionist supporters leaving the room.

Ariel’s last interview can still be seen in YouTube.

And not long afterwards Ariel Sharon was done and in a coma with no future of ever waking.  

But will the real Arab Spring, Part II happen? It can only if the Arabs who are in the streets in their countries turn the other way and confront their real and sworn enemies. 

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