Wednesday, February 20, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

These Arab countries and their people have not fully benefited from Islam, and Islam has not fully benefited from them either. They are not only trampling on their own countries, but on Islam itself, which they had not benefited much from. Worse, they are serving the cause of the Zionists, whose acts they are doing on their behalf.

They are still in the Age of Ignorance of ‘Zaman Jahiliyah’ in more ways than one, in that they still do not know how to choose their leaders and how to develop their potentials without being manipulated by outside forces, meaning, the Zionists and CIA to destroy each other.

This is how stupid the Arabs are. This is also how unIslamic they are. And they can never gain any advantage for being Muslims because they do not practice Islam in the way it should be practiced.

In fact many Muslims have not fully benefited from Islam, and Islam too, had not benefited fully from them.

Some of them only learnt one thing from Islam, which is for them not to eat pork; other than that they are as good or as bad as the others who are not Muslims.

It is okay for those in America who prefer to settle scores or to scare the Muslims using weapons of mass destruction because they are not Muslims and who are pork-eaters, so they have the alienable right to misbehave themselves worse than the pigs they enjoying eating their meat.

But the Muslims who suffer from the acts of those pork-eaters do not have to continue to allow themselves to be at the receiving end.

But what choice have they got? They are totally brainless and who do not practice Islam fully. They are the marginal Muslims who only do not consume pork.

Other than that they are as good or as bad as the other pork-eaters who aim to destroy their countries and have succeeded in doing so.

The Holy Koran that was given to the Arabs has also not done much to enlighten the Arabs, who despite being able to speak and write well in Arabic, the language used in the Holy Koran, yet, they do not seem to know what they are reading.

What was the point for the Holy Koran to be given to the Arabs? They did not know that.

Because Allah had decreed or admitted that the Arabs are one of the most backward races in the world so they could do with some education.

Unfortunately, the Arabs are beyond reproach and redemption; with their countries continue to slide into self-destruction, simply because they are not capable of logic.

They are a disgrace to Islam.

And the Holy Koran they are supposed to have read from the beginning to the end, with many being able to read it by heart, does not mean anything.

The problem being they are not capable of benefiting from the Holy Book.

Proof can be seen in the destruction that they are creating on themselves everyday now, with no end in sight.

It can only end with the total destruction of their countries, and with one regime they move to the next regime.

Islam came to Arabia. Islam united the Arabs, but only in the use of the Arabic language, when earlier the people in the Middle East were speaking in their own languages or dialects.

Later they adopted Arabic as their main language, thus creating what is generally acknowledged as the Arab World.

They may be Arabs; they may be Muslims. But they are not fully and truly united.

For they have all failed Islam.

It seems that Islam has not benefited them. And they have also benefited much from Islam either.

Initially, there was peace in the Arab World, but only when the countries did not have OIL.

When OIL was discovered in many of the countries, they created leaders who had other ambitions and who turned their countries into backward states.

Those which are successful have to become lackeys of America and also the Zionists.

Those who wanted to be left alone were dragged into the regional war theater, with the Zionists and Americans not wanting them live in peace.

So one by one, the countries are bombed to smithereens.

This was how Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and the other Arab countries have become utterly destroyed.

When in the past they were some of the most developed countries not only in the region but in the world, with Baghdad being the most modern and developed city in the Arab World and Iraq one of the wealthiest.

Today the Arab countries which are able to succeed and develop are those who have surrendered their souls to the devil cavorting with the Zionists through their proxy, America.

And they are the countries which do not seem to care about the well-being of the other Arabs.

But what has the Holy Koran done to the Arabs? Nothing. They have not benefited from what is written in the book, which asks them to change or change won’t come to them.

Yet, the only change that the Arabs in those countries know is how to destroy their countries.

The worst Arab country in the Muslim World must be Egypt followed by Tunisia, Libya, Yemen other than Afghanistan and Iraq.

All these countries lack leaders who can see beyond propaganda of the Zionists and the CIA or America in ways which are not subtle anymore, but obvious.

Yet, despite that the Arabs and other Muslims are still unaware of what is happening to them and around them, even when the whole of the Arab World and the Middle East are destroyed, they will still go on their rampage to kill whoever that is left in their land which is by now bombed back to become a desert.

The Arabs in the Middle East must surely admire the ancient Pharaohs for having done much to leave a mark till today. And the pyramids in Giza outside of Cairo must be testament to that.

But the Pharaohs were nothing compared to the New Pharaohs that exist in the Arab World today for their penchant for exhibiting opulence and the decadent lifestyles that those who have by now been eliminated by the outside forces or by their own kinds, those whom they had helped to turn into their own personal enemies.

So no wonder they react violently against themselves without knowing what had happened.

And because of that the problems in the Arab countries cannot be solved as there is no end to violence that was created by the unseen outside forces, which are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

It is therefore cheaper to destroy any Arab and other Muslim country, without creating any controversy, by getting them to do it on themselves, as what can now be seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan, Iraq and also Pakistan

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