Thursday, February 14, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

America is a threat to world peace. But they do not know this. They think anyone who wants to protect peace in the world is a threat to world peace, when they are just a threat to America and the so-called American hegemony.

America does not care the many Arab and other Muslim countries that they had caused to be destroyed, with some more which are being destroyed on their own in the aftermath of what had happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But all these could not have happened without the creation of the Zionist state.

America does not care to think that the destruction it has wrought on the Arab and Muslim countries from so far away using high-powered weapons of mass destruction, could hurt them a bit, with shrapnel flying into the country.

However, with each shrapnel that touches the Americans, they take it as a direct attack on them and their country, when they were the ones who had cause the Arab and Muslim countries to be bombed causing the shrapnel to explode into million pieces with some hitting back at them.

Iran is doing America a great big favor for going nuclear, as it can make America realize that the world is not embolden to them, and they do not own the world.

In fact, America owes much to the world, particularly to the Muslim World, which has been providing them with so much.

Yet, they do not seem to realize this. They did not want to realize this, simply because they are narrow-minded and confused.

Their support for the creation of the Zionist state in 1948 was a mistake and they had to take many decades to realize this.

But they cannot accept it as a fact and will ensure that the rest of the world, tool, is not aware of it.

America has been made confused by the continued propaganda by the Zionists, but the Iranians are the ones who are slowly making America wake up from their long and deep slumber to the new reality that the world now is not like it was before.

It is also unfortunate that the Muslim World which has helped America to develop, has also slowly waking up from their deep and long slumber.

The Arab Spring sprang from this realization.

But on the whole it’s the humankind’s mentality as a whole or collectively can be described to be no more than the level of animals.

The Muslim ones have been in peace on their own and suddenly, they are bombed which caused them to scatter, and they can now be seen in more countries in the world and in far larger numbers.

If left alone, the Muslims would still prefer to live in caves in Afghanistan and other countries, which may be described to be backward.

But being backward may be the best thing as there are no pretensions.

Being advanced and developed may not be such a good thing after all, as it could and have led some countries which are mostly the pseudo-Catholic and pseudo-Christian ones into believing that their religions or lacking of it, have caused them to be developed and more powerful.

But America and the countries of similar strip and form, can only admit that they are powerful simply because they have the nuclear option.

For without this, they are as good as the other countries.

Worse, they all have failed to realize their rejection of their religions or the religions their ancestors had at one time professed to have failed them, as they prefer atheism over those pseudo-religions, which they do not care anymore with them only preferring to celebrate Santa Claus as the ‘New Christ’.

The Muslims, on the other hand, had all along preferred not to dabble in technology much less nuclear technology because they knew this would take them on a trek of self-destruction.

But the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic countries of America and the west did not know this because their humanity and psychology is of poorer quality.

Islamic scientists had proven than gaining scientific advancement did not cause them to gain much; on the contrary, the Muslim societies and Muslim World would lose much.

But they seemed to lack foresight when they failed to realize that their enemies at that time did not harbor similar thoughts, as they quietly embarked on their nuclear trek, using science and technology that were first developed by the Muslim scientists and scholars.

And over the years, America and its allies, have started to lose their souls to the devils, and they only prefer to place their future in the hands of the nuclear option that all those countries now have.

Compared to the Muslim countries, which do not have such option, the whole Muslim community has become fearful of America and the west.

No wonder one after one Muslim country has been targeted, with the Muslims not being able to defend themselves.

Come in Iran, the new and next Superpower who can finally look after the Muslims and the Muslim World.

But what Iran also does not know is that having nuclear capability can not ensure the total destruction of the countries which had made Muslims their enemies.

The only weapon that Muslims have that the Zionists and America fear the most is – WORLD MUSLIM UNITY.

But World Muslim Unity alone does not mean much; it can remain a useless slogan which has been spouted by many a ridiculous and stupid Muslim leader anywhere he can get the platform or forum to do so.

World Muslim Unity can happen when Muslim countries strive for self-sufficiency, in all the things that we need in the world today, so in the end, countries which had developed at our expense can be rendered useless and their economies collapsing before their very eyes, and with or without their nuclear arsenal, they cannot pose a threat to anyone.

The best that the Muslim countries can do it to severe diplomatic relations to any country that has embarked on a silent campaign to destroy Arab and other Muslim countries, by using their veto in the United Nations Security Council and arbitrary, as it had happened before.

This is the only way for the pseudo-Christian and pseudo-Catholic countries of America and the west can be tamed.

Muslims cannot leave their god-given natural resources and charity to the countries which had proclaimed Muslims and Muslim countries as their sworn enemies, and chart their own course of action to ensure that the well-being of Muslims anywhere in the world is safeguarded. 

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